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In all seriousness I've been going about my day today thinking it was Monday. Guess what? It's Wednesday guys! WEDNESDAY. How did that happen? I have not a clue and I am seriously disturbed I've already missed two full days of my week being a sick, hot mess.

Monday I had my normal day off cranking out designs and lots of random stuff around the house. Laundry, cleaning, bathing the pooch, painting my nails...ya know, the usual. And then comes 2pm and I hit a brick wall. Like I wanted to curl up in bed and stay there until hubs rescued me with a steamy cup of tea and honey. But he didn't cause I was too much of a sour puss to speak to him. I was one grouchy, sick little lady.

So I did what any other sick girl would do: tell the boss Tuesday isn't happening.

Tuesday rolls around [which is hubs day off!] and I wouldn't even let him snuggle me in bed I was feeling so down in the dumps. Let me tell you people this doesn't happen, it just doesn't. I'm a snuggler and one hell of one if I do say so myself so me turning it down means something is not okay.

And again: 
Husband 1 | Aubrey 0

He had a scheduled appointment for his tattoo so I took that time he was away to only bury deeper into the covers with The Today Show humming in the background and my sweet Brutus camped out by the bed with me. What an angel, he is.

But hubs, my charming man...he brings Starbs home with him and all is finally right with the world. Angels were singing I tell ya, belting out sweet songs of healing in my future! A few sips later I was snuggled on the couch with hubbers watching the ACA's and then slowly after working my little heart out on designs for some of you fabulous ladies and on a gorgeous invite for my parents surprise anniversary party. But guess what? My brother decided to blow it. Good job keeping the secret Sean! So it's okay I share the invites with y'all...

HI MOM & DAD! Hope you love your party invites! ;)

I sure do love how those bad boys turned out. My apologies to my Pinterest peeps, I went on a slight pinning spree yesterday planning for their oh, so darling party in the works!

So, it's Wednesday. Just in case you didn't know.

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