Strolling to the Park

October 16, 2015

Every other Thursday is when Drake comes home for the week so we normally start it off with a trip to the park before dinner. Daddy doesn't get home from work until the kids are in bed but they sure love to spend some time outside even if it's only me tagging along. And how cute is it that Drake always wants to push Emery? Anywhere we go, he's on it and gets so upset if I do it. What a good big brother!

We were using the Quinny Zapp Xtra (here, here) as our travel system when Emery was an infant and they launched their South Beach collection in the same stroller this summer so we were super excited about it and went for the Pink Pastel. It's so lovely in person and it's a great mid stroller whereas the Yezz is easy to whip in and out and the Buzz is more all terrain. Totally recommend the Zapp Xtra in one of the fun new colors if you're on the market for a new one! It's adaptable to the Maxi Cosi infant seat to use as a travel system as well which really did save us in the early months.

Hope you have a fun and safe weekend- we're having my nephews sleeping over to spend some time with Drake so we will be at the park the whole time, I'm sure! ;)

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