Back to School Prep + Leg Update

August 2, 2016

I have a FIFTH grader as of Monday and it's blowing my mind how fast he's been growing. From entering his life at the age of 4 to the point we're at is just crazy but so fun watching him evolve and mature as a person. He's not excited to go back to school mainly because of his leg and having ended on such a bad note last year- his accident was literally the day before school got out in May! I mean, I don't blame him but he's had a good, low key summer soaking in video games and Netflix while being bound to the couch.

As for an update on his leg, 2 weeks ago he had his hard cast taken off and x-rays done to see how his healing was progressing. He's all on track and they chose to switch him to a walking boot and start physical therapy at that point. Prior to then, he was strictly to use his crutches with zero pressure on his foot/leg so he had a new found freedom when the boot came home with us. We go back mid August for another follow up on his healing with x-rays again... we're hoping if all is good at that point, they will schedule surgery to have his flexible nails taken out which are supporting the two bones he broke. Trooper, I tell ya!

We did our school shopping this last week and ended with this super cool space lunchbox and bento box from Potterybarn. Have you guys used a bento box before? It's our first time but Drake was having so much fun filling it for his first day back and already has it hanging out in the fridge, ready to go! I let him pick a few snacks grocery shopping which I think he may have been even more excited about than the lunchbox itself. Ha!

Naturally, we stocked up his clothes at our favorite Gap and Old Navy and a few new kicks from Nike and Vans. He's still only in one shoe but over time, you know he's going to be rocking these neon sneaks like it's nobody's business.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in with an update on our oldest! It's a crazy time with school starting back up, packing our house, closing on the new house and prepping for miss Hollyn so I need to keep myself accountable with documenting life and the season we're in! :)