Our Potty Training Success + Tools We Used

April 28, 2017

Remember that one time I said we were starting to potty train? Like I was fully equipped and ready to tackle the task and I was committed? Well, I lied. I definitely wasn't. Somehow every time I was about to start, I didn't and my excuse was I wanted to align it with it being a day Drake went back to his mom's house so school pickup was out of the equation.

Well I finally did it, you guys! I read this book and put it down maybe 2 months ago and kept saying it was time. It got to the point Emery would potty in her diaper and immediately go grab a new diaper and wipes and lay down for me to change her. Talk about giving me all the signals. 

Having now gone through the process, I wanted to update my original post of what we were using to what we've actually used, although it's not far off.

Firstly, this potty. We also live in a 2 story house and I went ahead and got two potties so I wasn't carrying one up and down the stairs when we were going back and forth. She is quite honestly, terrified of the big toilet so this just works for us. 

Secondly, books! They don't have to be books about going potty but I filled each bathroom with books so when we were in there, she had something to flip through and distract her.

Thirdly, a probiotic. I didn't think about that detail until we were knee deep in the process and she was too scared to poop. We started on a Monday, she did poop on the potty Tuesday but immediately after told me "Mommy! So scary!!" and then she didn't poop again for days. DAYS. I picked up this probiotic and juice and started giving that to her each morning. I also used Digize EO on her tummy 3 times a day to encourage regularity.

Lastly, go with the flow but be committed. The book goes back to idea that pee and poop will be on your floor and you can't stress or react to that. Stay calm, explain next time it goes in the potty and that's that. I know a lot of people start trying and accidents happen and think "they must not be ready" but I assure you, they are so smart. Again, the book references how this is a tool they need to learn and be taught. It takes time and practice just like you and I starting a new job- which makes so much sense! Honor them and give them time to learn this tool. You'll be surprised how quickly they pick it up.


Day one: Naked babe. We focused on her being naked and had the potty in the family room for easy access. She had two accidents this day and then would say "Mommy, potty!" run right over and go. She totally got a kick out of being able to carry the bowl to the big potty to dump in and flush. That was a little reward and praise she thrived with.

Day two: Same as day one to make sure she had the recognition of needing to go and making it to the potty in time.

Day three: We added panties to the mix. She hasn't always been dressing herself and struggled a lot with getting panties up and over her booty so this element helped her learn to "hold" her pee while getting prepped and on the potty. We had one accident this day because she was having a dance party to Trolls and just couldn't leave the TV. My mistake.

Day four: Same as day three but we opted for one quick outing to Target to return an item. She did amazing!

Day five: Full outfit and small outings repeatedly throughout the day.

Day six: This is when things became painful for her because she hadn't pooped since day two. We opted to skip church and focus on getting her to poop to relieve some pain. We ended up offering a treat (mini marshmallow) for when she did poop finally. Since then, she's had it down and jumps for joy after she's gone! Again, she thinks it's so great dumping her potty in the big toilet and waves bye-bye, blows it kisses and says "goodnight poopy!". Her imagination kills me!

Overall, we've been regular and no accidents since then so I'm crossing my fingers and thinking she's good to go. We did decide to keep her in pull-ups for nap and bedtime but she hasn't been peeing during those durations and going when she gets up so I'll likely remove that factor in the next week or two.

I may have totally lucked out and she just picked it up easily but I was stressing for nothing. I kept telling Andrew how terrified I was to start trying because I am so type A and love a clean home so knowing accidents were bound to happen, stressed me out. All of that was nothing though! It was surprisingly easy and I feel good about how it's played out.

I hope some of these tips may help you if you're also in this season of life. If you've potty trained and have additional tips, do share!