The Disney Debate

April 27, 2017

darling Minnie ears from our friend Candace from @preshtoast

The great debate going on over here lately is when is the right time to plan a Disneyland trip with little ones. My brother and I didn't go until we were 8 and 11 and it was with our grandparents the first time. I feel like Emery would have a BLAST and totally soak in all the characters and excitement but it's a bit hard to plan with Hollyn and is it worth it at this point.

Andrew's argument is we should wait until the kids really can experience and appreciate it all and I do agree with him. It seems going now would be a waste until both girls can fully grasp the fun and magic of Disney.

Do you agree or disagree?

We totally opted for sharing Minnie with Emery at her 2nd birthday party because she's fully obsessed, which I think is totally adorable! But do you make the investment now with only one kiddo that could enjoy the fun or wait 3ish more years to do a family vacation?

Similarly, we've never taken Drake! He's been once with his mom when he was itty bitty so he didn't really experience it either and hes just went to Harry Potter world last weekend- which you all know he's a huge fan. I think I'm just longing for a little family vacation doing something I love with the kids. The first trip Andrew and I took together when dating was the Calif and to Disneyland so it's a bit nostalgic for me.

Weigh in... when do you think is a good time? If at all?