Everyday Curls | Tutorial

June 9, 2017

curling iron- T3Micro | thickening spray- Kristin Ess | dry shampoo- Batiste | texture powder- Batiste | hairspray- Kristin Ess

It's a long time coming getting this post up and going since my last tutorial doing these curls... 4 years ago. Yikes! I get asked daily how I achieve my curls and what iron (here) and tools I'm using so I figured it was time to compile it all in one place.

I typically wear extensions but have really tried embracing my natural hair and it's length for a few months now and I think I've found the products that really give me a tousled, casual look but one I can wear for a few days before needing to wash and restyle. That's perfect for my life as a mom and makes it low maintenance. If only my hair never grew out and highlights weren't needed every 6 weeks... ;)

Shown in the video is this T3Micro curing iron but I have this entire set.