Microneedling with PRP // AKA Vampire Facial

September 28, 2017

About three weeks ago, I went to see Carly at Marc Malek Plastic Surgery because my skin was a nightmare and I needed help. A little back story, I've had some serious skin issues since having Hollyn 11 months ago. The breakouts are relentless and I'm constantly trying to get tiny bumps and texture off my face.

I typically would treat with microdermabrasion but it wasn't cutting it. After reaching out to Carly and telling her all about my skin woes, she recommended we do a microneedling with PRP treatment. Most people know this as a Vampire Facial. Since I thought I'd have a lot of questions about what that means, we did a short video of the process breaking it down!

While I was there, she also took some of the PRP and injected in under my eyes where I'd typically apply concealer. You can see that at the very end of the above video but doing this adds volume and helps eliminate the dark circles and bags that linger. I never look rested anymore because I'm up a lot throughout the night with Hollyn and this made me look so much more awake!

Another thing she did was Dysport between my eyebrows, up at the top of my forehead into my hairline and a little bit in my upper lip. Why there? That gives the slightest "lip flip" so instead of enhancing with filler there, it still adds curvature and volume. You can see more about Dysport in a post I wrote, here.

I talked a ton about what she did and showed my skin a touch closer on instastories last week so I saved that video for you and have it below. It's a touch longer and full disclosure, I'm terrible at video editing. Don't judge. Also ignore the end about my Kylie Jenner lips... although, it does show how the Dysport there enhances them! ;)

Verdict? I'm keeping up with having Vampire Facials done! Like I said in the video, I will do two more sessions here soon to see how it can really change my skin with a package and I'll also still be doing Dysport randomly to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Anything to stay more youthful looking but in a natural way, I'm an advocate for!
What about you? Would you do these treatments to maintain well rounded skincare routines?