New Beauty Buys

September 28, 2017

lipkit - Kylie Cosmetics | clay mask- Amazon | neulash- Nordstrom | gel peel- Ulta | witch hazel- Amazon | kefir moisturizer- TULA | leopard bag- Logan & Lenora

I'm trying to share more candidly about my skin struggles and what I'm using and incorporating over time to give guidance if it's helping me. I've added a few things just for fun (like a Kylie Lipkit, lol) but others shown here are seriously amazing and have helped my skin move through some awkward transitioning with adult acne.

I recently had a microneedling with PRP treatment or commonly known as a Vampire Facial. It was well worth it and you better believe I'll keep that up with my regimen. Carly, my skincare gal, has been so open about what she feels will help my skin and combat the scarring and discoloration acne has caused so I can speak nothing but great things about the treatments she done for me. Stay tuned for more about that, working on a blog post with all the nitty gritty!

That said, here are a few other items I've added to the bunch, both practical and vain.... just to be honest!

Kylie Lipkit. Judge away, everyone. I'm judging myself too. I don't know why I get so darn sucked into the Kardashian/Jenner family but it's my guilty pleasure. I watch their trashy TV, I order makeup from Kylie Cosmetics and I follow all of them on social media. I snagged her recently launched liquid lipstick in Penelope and my thoughts are: Hiiiiii, it's like neon! It's not terrible but more of a summer color. Not something I'll be grabbing at daily.

I fell into the Amazon hole the other night looking at witch hazel and one of the recommended purchases with witch hazel was this indian healing clay. I was sucked into the hundreds of reviews and had extremely FOMO and ordered it alongside the witch hazel.

LIFE CHANGING. I really was missing out. And it's likely you are, too.

Everything the reviews say, is true. I use this weekly and instead of mixing with water, I use Apple Cider Vinegar. Try it and thank me later.

NeuLash was something I purchased about a year ago after eyelash extensions went south. It helped plump up the volume and extend the length and I've been hooked. I won't lie though, I have an appointment Friday for another set of eyelash extensions to go on. I just can't quit them. But, if you need some TLC in the lash department, NeuLash is where it's at.

The credit for this amazing product all goes to my dear friend, Jaime. She does my hair and makeup for events and shoots so when I recently had her do that for a BLANQI campaign, she had me prep with this gel peel to help remove excess skin. I was about 7 days out from my Vampire Facial at that point and was still peeling away and this was CRAZY! Rub this in and my skin just melted off in the best way! I went right out and bough myself a bottle and am using it 2-3 times a week.

Must have! I promise.

See two above. The idea of purchasing witch hazel was to help control the breakouts I've been having and using it as a toner. I loooove the smell of the rose petal and it sure does it's job. I feel clean, grim free and so refreshed when using this. I do this in the evenings after removing makeup to get every little bit off. I'll also use this on a toner pad to remove stubborn lipstick. It doubles as a carrier for some essential oils I use as well.

I've been a huge fan of TULA for a couple years now so when they launched their Kefir collection I was sent the Moisture Repair Pressed Serum and it's been so nice to top on my face morning and night. It's so soft and reminds me of butter so it's great to moisturize after a long day or to prep my skin in the morning as a primer. You can use code "AUBREYK15" for 15% off TULA site wide!