To LipSense or Not to LipSense...?

October 7, 2017

That is the question. I've tried it. Three times to be exact. I mean like for a week or two and then stopped and tried again and so forth. It's just something I can't quite wrap my head around yet and it's for a couple reasons.

I find the odor to just overwhelm me. I'm in the process of making our home as toxic free and I possibly can and the scent when applying LipSense seems to trigger my brain to say "chemicals!". You know how sometimes you can taste the thing you're smelling? That happens for me, too.

The color bleeds! Lip liner would be a great product to add to their list and I can't figure out why they haven't done it so far. Is that something in the works? I feel like my lips are a mess after applying, even with really light colors.

It doesn't go on evenly. At least not for me or I'm applying wrong but I can always see brush strokes. Does this happen to you?

It peels and although I hear your lips go through an exfoliation stage, I can't get past the week or two of looking like a scaly lizard.


So tell me, I'm sure someone reading this is a distributor and while I love the concept and thought being how it's so functional, what am I doing wrong? What can I do to make this work for me? Help me out because I just want to kiss my husband and babies without smearing my lips all over them.

Thank you for the insight in advance!
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