House 4 | Emery's Room

November 13, 2017

Well.... Emery had her room completed and decorated the first week we were in our new home and then I suddenly became really sick of pink. Like pink was everywhere and I couldn't handle it so we switched things out with things we already had on hand and created a little bit more of an eclectic space that doesn't scream PINK.

The quilt shown is one I had in our master bedroom for extra warmth but it's the perfect marriage with the "don't grow up it's a trap" sign my sister in law made. I pulled more creams and blue tones this time around and made it extra cozy with throw blankets and pillows and of course, an abundance of Cuddle & Kind dolls.

I also moved her little craft table from the family room in her room so she has a space to sit and color and escape from her sister when she's annoying her - which happens often. 

The one thing I updated and purchased was this canopy and these lights from Amazon to create a fun little "princess" feel with twinkle lights and whimsy vibes. She adores sleeping with them on and it's just a sweet little space for her to enjoy.

I love how it all came together!