My OCD self loves this product!

December 8, 2017

Okay, when do you guys think it's the right time to switch from a diaper bag to a purse? I feel like I carry about 37 things for all three of my kids and I still need an abundance of storage to tote it all around. Do you do this too?

Like what can you do without and what is totally necessary? What if there's a blow out and you use one outfit and then there's another and you don't have a second?! What if you're out longer than you anticipated and you have HANGRY babies and you are out of snacks? You obviously still need all the storage and organization you can get to make life easier.

I'm a Fawn Design diaper bag owner and lover but lately I've been wanting to switch it up. I posted this pic on instagram recently and people were dying over my Celine lookalike bag and it made me bust the baby out. It really is a stunner and a mere fraction of the cost. Score!

So because I deal with the problem above and all the WHAT IF'S you better believe I threw the queen of organization into my bag to make it a diaper bag anyway. How? ToteSavvy. That's how.

I have the ToteSavvy original and it's perfection for toting (see what I did there!) all the kid junk. A little compartment for everything to keep it all in it's place and the ease of just pulling it out and popping it into the next purse, bag, tote of my choice is ease. Ease, y'all! It's a tad squished in my Fawn Design bag so I'm ordering the Mini to use for that bag. I just find having the luxury of removing one thing from a bag instead of 37 to transfer to a new bag is worth it.

Ya feel me?

Ending my rant now about caring all my kid's stufffff. Just popping in to share my love of yet another product that's functional, thought out, and making motherhood easier!