Halloween Recap

November 5, 2018

Halloween has come and gone. I saw a meme the other day how it's all about Halloween and then it jumps straight to Christmas and I'm over here biting at the bit to get Christmas decor up in our home but I'm really trying to savor the in between with Thanksgiving, food, family, memories... you know the drill.

We spent Halloween this year with our neighborhood group, which is our bible study group from church and we had so much fun! The neighborhood they're based in is about 5 minutes from us but we've connected and love getting to know them so it was a treat spending that evening with them all. We ate dinner, strolled the hood and let's just say their hood knows how to do trick or treating - full size spun cotton candy, kettle corn, bacon, ribs and jello shots all were being passed out. Perfect for the adults and the kids!!

We recycled some items we already had in the closets for costumes because I couldn't justify spending $30 on something else to pack our closets with. Personally, I freaking love how our Tinkerbell and Reindeer came together!! I only spend $3 total for the ears, wings and pompoms all from Target - everything else we had!

What's your take? Buy costumes or recycle and create your own?

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