Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 26, 2019

(my upline young living leader)

a gift guide for the current Young Living member who wants to give their mama the world!
or at least products you know she'll love and be grabbing at every day.

I use this every night after washing my face to sluff off the dead skin and promote soft, plump lips. I pair it with the Lavender Lip Balm for ample hydration.

This oil is in my beloved Stardust roller blend and the perfect uplifting, mood boosting, floral scent that anyone will grow fond of. Wear it over your heart and on wrists to support happy emotions.

The most luxe lotion for right after a shower or bath. Lather up to seal in the moisture from your bath or shower and create a calming, soothing environment with the lavender essential oil it's infused with.

Whether you want to lightly mist and add some moisture after cleaning your face, creating a good primer for applying your makeup or setting your makeup with this rose petal mist - you have options! It would even be a lovely room spray for a bathroom or closet.

If you're a citrus fan, this lip balm is for you! I've been a chapstick snob for years and always would go back to the plain chapstick brand but I've used YL Lip Balm almost 2 years now and it's dreamy.

Invigorating and packed with natural, good for you ingredients so washing your face is a treat. It has the tiniest beads to gently exfoliate skin and packed with peppermint to create a nice awakening sensation starting your day.

Bath Bombs (lavender or stress away)
Need I say more? Who doesn't want to spend an evening relaxing in a tub with a fizzy bath bomb?

The oil that has been my daily perfume for nearly a year! Known for emotional support and grounding - we also call it our Courage and Bravery oil. With a deep blue color, it's beautiful making any rollers with and if you have a snoring problem, put a drop on your big toe to promote restful , snore-less sleep.

Mamas with long hair - this one's for you! When I had extensions, this was applied to my ends everyday after styling to promote healthy, strong and shiny hair.

Again, I was a lip gloss and makeup snob and was hesitant making the switch to Savvy Minerals but I've never looked back. The gloss isn't sticky or heavy, but sheer, buildable and the right amount of color while hydrating and plumping lips with the peppermint oil it's infused with.

Thick, decadent and effective! It's made with wolfberries which are packed with antioxidants making it your skin's best friend. A little goes a long way and you'll love the results - or your mama will!

So what do you think? Does this give you some good ideas for gifts for mama this upcoming Mother's Day? Now that my mom is a member and digging into the products, there are definitely a few things here I know she'd love - but honestly, she always wants Blue Tansy or Eucalyptus Blue. Happy Friday, friends!


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