Tuesday Thoughts

April 16, 2019

dress - PinkBlush | sandals - Nordstrom (Tory Burch Miller in Makeup) | necklace - Mickey Lynn

Mondays can either be a great day for people or a dreadful day for people. Some go into the day already with a bad mindset because the weekend is over, reality of work flows and parenting or commitments take over and it's draining. I end up being the opposite where I'm typically excited about the fresh start to the week to tackle a to-do list and get myself setup for success with systems and routines for the upcoming things I want to get done.

I came across this on Instagram probably 2 months ago but I loved it so much.

I had so much happen yesterday that was all chipping at my heart and emotions and while if it were any other day during the week I probably would've climbed back in bed and declared a do over. But after coming across this quote, it's hit me hard that I CHOOSE my mood, my impact, my intention, my words and how I put action behind all that I am doing. So even with hit after hit yesterday trying to take me down, I owned my day and made it the best fresh start to my week! And I woke up today, Tuesday, happy and feeling accomplished for pushing through the uncomfortable for the sweet relief it brings - and the self awareness it's given me.

Happy Tuesday, friends! xx

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