Beating The Heat at Uptown Jungle

August 20, 2019

Have you been to in an indoor fun park before? I haven't ever taken the girls although they've been with family while Andrew and I have been out of town - this was our first time and we had a blast at Uptown Jungle! It's been so hot in Phoenix the last couple days so this was the perfect escape for 2 hours and wore the girls out. That's a complete parenting win.

I didn't really know what to expect but when we got there, we signed in, got some grip socks, placed our bags in a cubby and went straight for the trampolines. We had a trampoline at our old house so Emery knows the drill but Hollyn hasn't ever been on one so being a whole new experience, I was laughing so hard at how she "jumps". You have to watch the video! Since she was a little hesitant about the trampolines we spent a lot of time in the Toddler area which was much more her jam.

I'm not really a helicopter parent when it comes to stuff like this and I loved walking through and experiencing it all with them. Hanging, climbing, sliding, jumping - they keep asking to go back already. Can we also talk about how Emery was SO BRAVE and climbed the wall?! She is freaking fearless and it makes me so proud! She did two walls and was so pumped about it. I was so proud of her!

Since their birthdays are so close together and we do their party as one big event, I already told Andrew I think we should have it here. Our home has been feeling a little too tight for bigger gatherings and Uptown Jungle would be perfect to host a group of kiddos with a big range in ages. Again, parenting win!

Now that we've been and the girls won't stop talking about it, I saw they have specific days and times for discounted playing (even a special Homeschool slot!!) and I'm marking it in my calendar to take the girls the next few weeks while it's still too hot for parks outside in Arizona. Perfect way to spend some time running and getting all the wiggles out!

Thank you for hosting us, Uptown Jungle Peoria!

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