Meet Bear

April 23, 2020

In August we said goodbye to our sweet Brutus baby and it felt like we'd never welcome a new puppy into our home. Thinking about how emotional and heart breaking it was to say goodbye made me feel like I'd never want to experience that again. I remember coming home and immediately deep cleaning the house so I didn't see fur balls, I threw away his dog bed and toys and then made a box of keepsakes I wanted forever to cherish him. When the holidays rolled around I dug into that box and pulled out his footprint and added ribbon to then tie it on our Christmas tree but that's the extent of how I've dealt with his lose.

As a family, we talk about him often and we spend time looking at his pictures. I always feel his absence and the silence when I'm cooking and he's not laying with me in the kitchen. I still step out of my bed thinking he'll be sleeping right next to me and our first trip without him was surreal not needing to get a dog sitter. We all miss him dearly and the kids have asked almost weekly since August when we could get a puppy. 

Fast forward to March. Quarantine happened. All our trips we had planned over the next handful of months are cancelled and Andrew randomly made a comment "now would be a great time to get a puppy to train". Yep, that's true. Then the next day he made another comment "So have you looked?" and I knew exactly what he was talking about. A few hours later he comes in the office asking me what the plans were for the day to which I replied "we're getting a puppy".

A few hours later we were out on a farm playing with 8 little Great Pyrenees babies and I was snuggling one extra close. They were 8 weeks old and he was just shy of 9 pounds. He came home with us and we named him Bear.

The name Bear just felt fitting knowing our new baby will be nearly 110 pounds and gentle giant. He was soft and cuddly, the kids flipped out and were completely taken back by his cuteness and the house again has an underlying presence of fulfillment. He had one accident inside the house the day we brought him home, otherwise he's outside for potty breaks, sleeps through the night without a peep in his crate and he's been a dream. Just recently is when he actually started digging in the yard... but puppies will be puppies! Today, he's nearly 12 weeks old, 22 pounds and more than double the size from when we brought him home and it's just the beginning.

Brutus will never be replaced or forgotten. He was our first baby together before Andrew and I even got married. We had 9 special, monumental and meaningful years with him and I look back fondly on everything we experience with him in our home. Some days I ache for him so badly but seeing Bear and his quirks brings a joy to my heart and home and I'm grateful we said yes to him joining our family.

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