School's in Session

August 10, 2020


top - PinkBlush (gifted), denim - Target Universal Thread

We have officially started school with the girls from home and it's been such a gift! We always talked about being a homeschool family and it's been where my heart was pulled for the last few years even more. In between all the busyness of life and working from home, now mixing in school has been an adjustment, but a great one. I'm finding it's so important to do the following things to set myself up for success so I wanted to share here, too.

  • Get ample amount of sleep each night
  • Turn off electronics and devices 60 mins before bed
  • Wake up an hour before the kids to get myself ready (instant mood boost!)
  • Spend time in the Word and praying before starting the day
  • Give grace to myself and kids while we all adjust by taking brain breaks and outdoor walks often
  • Enjoy the season as it comes

What are some things you remind yourself of each day as we've all been at home? I've been really grateful for the time spent in our four walls because it's helped me be intentional with my kids and husband but also allowed me flexibility to our daily routines.

Thank you PinkBlush for gifting this top. It's been on heavy rotation for an easy and carefree outfit to help me feel pulled together while being home.

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