I did it.
I finally accomplished a Top Knot.
Don't ask me how-- it was probably a fluke but it definitely happened.
It was miniature and tiny tiny but let's call it:
Baby Top Knot

[told you I have a Harry Potter scar on my forehead]

I was elated when this shindig happened.
My first thought was about blogging it and telling all you short haired ladies--
there is hope.
I'm thinking I'll bust out the good ole extensions soon and attempt to make it fuller.
but for now...
Baby Top Knot-- I love you.
On a different note... Wednesdays are Kidtastic days with Elle .

Yeah, she's weird.
But it just so happens one of my besties works as a nanny for a cutie patootie, Christian, that lives in the neighborhood right next to mine so we hit the park for a few hours so the kiddos can play.
She also happens to be blessed enough to bring her own babes with her which means...
I see my bestie & Goddaughter weekly.
Who could ask for more??
You met Peyton here.
Cutest baby ever, right?
I think so.
Actually-- I KNOW SO.
& these kids sure do love each other.

I guess even when I'm having a trying day where Elle is testing me, you can always look back at those amazing moments captured in still form.
Who could bring me down now though, I mean I can finally rock a Baby Top Knot! ;)

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