Photo Editing Apps: Edition No. 2

July 30, 2013

I've written about this before and I'm still getting questions all the time so here's a slightly updated edition with some other apps and a little more in detail of what each one does. Every photo of mine goes through at least 3 of these before hitting my feed and it really only takes 2-3 minutes to get them looking fab so trust me, it's worth it! Not much detail to go into and you can read the first edition here, but I feel when your images are a better reflection of you, you're welcoming people more into who you are by being transparent. All I want with my insta feed is to leave someone feeling inspired or happy after viewing something light and bright and I'm sure that's what some of you are wanting too, right?

Happy editing!

Graphic Tees

Today, I'm having my implant removed and I'm stoked to get back to feeling myself again!
Read more in depth about the journey, here.

top | Forever 21
jeans | Joe Jeans
sandals (option) | Lulu's
clutch | Sammy Dress
jewelry | Forever 21
watch | Fossil

Twenty Six

July 29, 2013

Andrew, where do I even begin? From someone I saw often when growing up, to the guy who I lusted over at sleep overs with your sister, to now the man I call my husband and lover. I never thought I'd be spending your birthday with you every year for all eternity but isn't God funny that way? I can't thank Him enough for bringing us together in the lowest of times only to have us grow close and build a foundation for a life long marriage. I also can't thank Him enough for providing me with a husband who's loyal, caring, charming, sarcastic, endearing, witty, passionate, funny.... with a touch of stubborn, too. :)

Boo, you've blessed my life in ways you don't see. You've healed my heart in times I feel like it's shattered, you've held my hand in support and encouragement while I've chased my dreams. You've listened to my rants about things you couldn't care less about but you make me feel like I have every right to feel as I do. You've molded me into a woman of God and a mother and you've been there to uplift me as your wife and best friend.

It occurred to me late last night this could be the year we start a family. It could be the year that changes our whole world and it could be a year we celebrate becoming parents, together. It scares me in all the right ways and it makes my heart so warm getting to spend those moment with you.

You are something special.

Happy 26th, love. 
Let's make it a crazy one, no?

Friday Freebie!

July 26, 2013

desktop, here.
iPad, here.
phone, here.

Last week I vented a bit and gave some updates on how my implant has been doing. Well, after taking Estrogen for 2 days, it occurred to me over a down pour of sobs and tears, it's not worth it. We have made the decision to start trying in the next year for Littles (which still scares me!) and after being so easily manipulated by the Estrogen, I knew my answer wasn't to terminate one long term BC method to start another one with an IUD but it was to take some time for my body to heal, learn who it is again and start preparing for carrying a child. If it were completely up to me, I'd be prescription free altogether but that's wishful thinking from a girl who suffers from migraines too frequently. I will still be on a daily preventative for those and I'm sure the occasional hospital visit will happen but as far as anything else, it's time to stop. I've prayed and prayed about this decision because what if that times comes when we plan to start trying and we feel it really isn't the right time? What if I have even worse side effects coming off of the BC than I did while on it? What's the removal going to entail? There are so many questions up in the air but I've always known from a little girl I wanted to be a mom and if God let's me when the time comes, what a blessing. I feel now, it's time to take a breather and let my body do it's own thing.

Why "Elegance"? I guess I feel like I've put up with my fair share of trying to do things people were telling me with contraceptive and what would work. I feel I've gracefully accepted opinions and suggestions only to find it's something that doesn't quite click with me. Hence, elegance. I plan to elegantly take a step back, remove myself from what's clouding my natural instinct and embrace what God places before me. 

T H I S   W E E K :
wednesday | Leopard + Lace
thursday | Back in Black

Back in Black

July 25, 2013

What's so ironic to me is I used to hate black. I thought it looked terrible on me and it just wasn't something I could get into. It's exactly like my love for gold now. Never did I own or ever want to own anything in gold. I was a girl after white gold, silver or platinum. But never will I wear either of those over yellow gold these days. 

I have so many variations of black tanks and cute tops and I always find myself going back to this number and always popping with a great heel. You can't see them here but I'm rockin' some great cobalt pumps which are also a new favorite of mine to keep in rotation.

Is black over rated or am I completely just loving it?

Casa Kinch: Home Tour!

July 24, 2013

It's been some time since I've shared Casa Kinch with you on the blog so I thought it was time to get a little home tour going again. I've done a simple home tour through pictures before, here and that was before we've made a few updates but it's easier for me just walking your through the house versus a million pictures so let's walk, yes?
Our humble little space is perfect for us. We don't have gorgeous expensive furniture or a million things children can break. We've adapted our home and lifestyle to Drake and having a big dog and we've always wanted it to be welcoming to all types of friends and family so comfort and functionality is key! Most of our items are from IKEA and Target and most knick knack items are Marshall's or Home Goods. Again, inexpensive can be trendy so it's all about finding those pieces you love that will add a touch of personality and something you can see yourself reusing many years to come.

O T H E R   H O M E   P O S T S :
DIY Ottoman
Home Tour No. 1
Office Reveal

Leopard + Lace

July 23, 2013

Today, I don't have much for you. Although I can say I can't get enough leopard and cobalt lately. It's sort of everything in my life right now along with my gold obsession and pink. Holllla at your girly girl. 

Also, my sweet friend Stesha (also an AZ blogger!) recently opened her new online shop Classic & Bubbly and has the cutest products! I snagged this neon necklace a while back and had to share it with you. Along with the gorgeous items she has, she packages her product so sweet with custom handmade notes and branding elements I'm smitten for. Visit her shop here! A few of my favorites items of hers can be found here, here and here.

Happy Tuesday, beauties!

dress | Forever 21
blazer (option) | Marshall's
necklace | Classic & Bubbly
watch | Fossil
bracelet (option) | Windsor
belt | Asos

How To: Top Knot

July 22, 2013

Hello friends! I've had quite the questions about my volumptuous top knots lately and all I can say is I'm happy I'm not faking it like this anymore. In all honesty, I've just resorted to keeping my hair up constantly lately because 1) I'm lazy and don't feel like washing it and 2) it's freaking hot in Phoenix so I sweat balls. But really, I've been pleasantly surprised each morning I throw it up and how easily it's accomplished without much hassle and it's right on trend with all your fashion-y people and looking chic. Hellllllo favorite hair style! Let's get this happening for you too, yes?

You can see other beauty tutorials, here. Happy top knotting!

Friday Freebie + Updates

July 19, 2013

click here to download phone background

I feel like it's time to share some things happening in my life lately all going back to my implant that was inserted in March. I've blogged about it here, here and here if you'd like to get caught up. Well, the last time I blogged about it, things were looking up and it seemed we had a break through. Unfortunately, a couple days after things went back to where they had been for a few months. I was lucky enough to have a week or so without bleeding but here we are 4 months later and that's one week out of 16 not bleeding. That's right, I'm back to the daily bleeding and it doesn't seem to want to subside. 

When it comes to the side effects of the emotions and nausea I was having, I still feel pretty good about feeling myself again and haven't had much of those issues which I'm so grateful for! My only issue now is the bleeding. I finally broke down and called my dr again and visited with her Wednesday. I had the intention of just pulling the plug and removing it but after seeing her, we've started a new regimen which should hopefully help this out! Back when I was first tested for this BC, I was told my uterus lining is very thin; this is also something that could cause problems in the future when trying to start our family and this BC is only making that worse. It seems all the bleeding is happening because of my uterus being so thin so we've now started a daily dose of Estrogen to counteract the BC. The Estrogen is to help thicken the lining in my uterus which should in theory stop my bleeding. Side effects? Well let's talk about hormone crazy! Estrogen never has agreed with my body having an extra dose so I'm told I will be quite the emotional lady going through these pills. My dr recommended taking them at night before bed so I can hopefully sleep through the side effects of tears and up and downs so that's what I've started as of lately.

Altogether, we're going to try this for 2 months if I can handle it emotionally and we should be able to potentially take me off the Estrogen after that time frame, with my cycles back to normal. Worst case scenario, I hate how I react and we will then remove the implant. That being said, what's our next option for contraceptive? I've reevaluated Mirena (IUD) and my dr thinks my body could adapt better to that so if we get to the point of removing the implant, our next steps will be that.

Honestly, over the last 4 months of having this, I think we've changed our timing on trying to start also. Going into this 3 year implant, we thought when the time was up, we'd start trying then. Now, we've talked about finances and being stable and feel in the next year when we have everything paid off (hubs vehicle is the only thing we have left) we would consider trying then. Ultimately, I feel a little silly getting a long term BC inserted now when we're playing with the idea of conceiving sooner than later. It also feels like it's pointless to throw my body into even more unknowns for such a short time frame. I guess all we can do right now is see how this new option works and go from there.

This is seriously personal and I understand that but I simply hope to educate you about my experience to potentially help you with your decision. Either way, I've had to remind myself over and over not to dwell on these negative side effects. I've had to focus my mind on what's positive and remember all the amazing things I've learned through this and about my body. Hence the freebie quote. Enjoy it pretties, see you Monday with a top knot hair tutorial.

Neon Pops + Chambray

July 18, 2013

Who's ready for another collaboration post with Becky from Cella Jane? This month we chose chambray and how we each style is differently. I chose to pop it a bit with some brights and gold accessories. Another little fun note, I just redid Becky's blog for her and installed it yesterday so she has a pretty new look. Head over to give her some love and make sure you tell her you came from here!

top | Target
skirt (option) | Forever 21
sandals (option) | Old Navy
clutch (option) | Target
necklace (option) | Forever 21
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Etsy
lipstick | Loreal Fuchsia Fever

Budget Meets Trendy

July 16, 2013

I can't get enough pink and chambray lately. It's funny thinking I never thought I'd be on the trend with those items and now I can't get over it. I recently snagged the infamous neon pink Target crossbody and have worn it daily since. Also, I found a skinny neon pink belt from Asos and it's the perfect thing to pair with my normal mundane and neutral looks. Honestly, it's just the right touch.

Okay, real talk time. I've become quite the luster over other blogs and their always perfect outfits and always expensive touches. It's a little irritating to me always seeing "that" bag I've been dying for only to click and link to a bag for $8,000. I mean, really? Even if that was in my budget, I don't think I could justify spending that amount of money on a material item. Some items shown above are things I can't justify spending the money on. I want to give you a few options at a great chambray top, wedges, tulle skirt, Clare Viver inspired clutch and necklace that won't cost you an arm and leg. Shall we?

S A V E :
Chambray // Target
Wedges // Windsor
Clutch // Target
Skirt // Therapy
Necklace // Etsy

S P L U R G E :
Chambray // Madewell
Wedges // DVF
Clutch // Clare Viver
Skirt // Free People
Necklace // J Crew

P.S. Come back Thursday for some more Chambray loooove!

How To: Dry Shampoo

July 15, 2013

shop dry shampoo, here.

Friday Freebie!

July 12, 2013

Okay, I just need to clarify, this isn't actually a freebie this week. Something happened last week, I finally got my step-mommy butt in gear and made Drake a custom chore chart. I decided to tweet it and it seems many of you would like a custom little chore printable also! Who knew? So today, I've decided I'll be offering a custom printable including 10 items to bullet, a custom title and custom colors all for the low price of $10. Ya'll get the design file and print it weekly to keep it on the fridge or counter....whatever works for you. The best part? This doesn't have to only be for kiddos, you can create a house duty list if that suits the phase of life you're in. Oh, and there's an optional tag line at the bottom to either motivate or give thanks!

So what's next? I need you to look here for 4 colors you'd like your print to be. Don't come to me saying, I think this will work...or you can adjust..blah blah blah. Sorry friends, please pick your 4 colors and send me the color codes. In the same email, include the 10 duties you'd like listed and the title you'd like it to read. The fonts will be as shown here simply customized to your personal needs with a list and colors. Make sure to include the PayPal email you'd like the invoice sent to and once it's paid, you'll get your design file a couple days later to print at your leisure!

R E C A P :
+ pick your colors
+ pick your title
+ pick your 10 duties
+ email me with the deets and your PayPal email

Simple as that friends! Sorry for those of you who swung by today hoping for a freebie. I was just too excited people actually wanted this print so I had to make a whole post dedicated to it. You can snag other freebies, here.

T H I S   W E E K :
thursday | Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

July 11, 2013

I knew coming into my marriage and accepting a son, I'd have to take on the "stepmom" role and we've had a pretty seamless bond growing. He's trusted and respected me and shown me love beyond words. My heart has grown 100 times learning to love this child. It's been a learning process having Drake for 7 days at a time now every other week. It's been such a blessing to Andrew and myself and for our little family unit and it's something we've been dying for. It's also something that brings trials and bad days because guess what.... he's 7 and testing boundaries at our home and trying to get away with things we know aren't acceptable with his mama.

My first moment of truly punishing him set in this past week. I was in tears after giving him his consequence and it hurt my heart so.freaking.much watching him bawl begging for forgiveness. He looked me in the face, lied and thought I wouldn't catch it and when I did, my heart dropped knowing I'd have to punish him. 

In theory, it's easy to tell yourself you'll be strong and stand your grand when discipling. In my mind I thought it would just be as simple as saying no to TV or denying some time on the iPad but lawwwwd, it was brutal. Never did I think I'd be so emotional and feel so bad for having to give a severe consequence so he could learn his lesson. I've prayed and prayed for wisdom and comfort for finding my voice with him. How I can be a great stepmom and role model while also connecting and becoming close to him. Along with all those duties I realize I have to put on the ugly hat sometimes to show some tough love but I wasn't prepared for how trying it would be on my heart.

jeans | Old Navy
top (option) | Forever 21
sandals (option) | Target
purse (option) | TJ Maxx // Steve Madden
watch | Fossil
sunnies (option) | Old Navy
necklace (option) | Forever 21

Playlist: Inner Diva

July 9, 2013


This playlist is loooong overdue and I send my apologies for keeping it away for this long. Truthfully, I haven't made it to the gym too often lately and it's a little embarrassing how quickly I've gained weight again so I was at the gym last night scrolling through my playlists thinking it's about time I shared some of my favorites with you for getting me motivated or in this case.... feeling diva-esque! These are all songs that scream girl power and I just can't seem to smile....and run when I hear them. So enjoy!

you can view other playlists, here.

July Beauty Faves

July 8, 2013

Friday Freebie!

July 5, 2013

click here to download.

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thursday | Chambray + Chiffon

Chambray + Chiffon

July 4, 2013

I'm slowly running out of ways to stay cool already this summer. It's consistently in the 120's lately and it's legitimately an oven. I dread getting in the car for anything and my grocery shopping and errand running has now taken over my early mornings and late evenings. I've also come to terms with my hair needing to be off my neck at all times or else I'll look like a drowning lion from sweat. Talk about sexy, people. So sexy.

top | Target
dress (option) | Macy's
sandals | Target
clutch (option) | Marshalls
watch | Fossil
necklace | Forever21