Thank You Cards

April 30, 2013

I've grown up with my dad preaching to me to have my thank you cards written the week after whatever event that requires a little snail mail. It used to be something I found a bit obnoxious and never really enjoyed taking the time to show my gratitude but over time, I've learned the meaning behind each handwritten letter and I've come to appreciate and be extremely intentional about sending a thank you for even simply spending the evening with us when it's hard to work in with schedules.

I am one who loves getting a little love in the mail so I find I get the same satisfaction knowing someone else will be also. I feel I've mastered the basic thank you card and have a few tips on places to snag inexpensive cards and a how to make it custom to your receiver. 

First off where to find some great cards. My go to place is Target, go figure. The $1 binds have some awesome and seriously cute cards to sort through. Most of them come in packs of 6-8 and they're simple but to the point. Shown above come with 4 yellow and 4 gray with all teal envelopes. Perfect for spring and summer if you ask me. 

My second favorite place to shop cards is Hallmark. They tend to have a little more pricey cards but the quality is perfection. They are more custom so you can chose a few styles that really speak to you, stock up over the year and keep them in a good place so you always have them to run to. Expect to spend $10-$15 on a pack of 20 here.

Supplies: my favorite thing to write with is my Sharpie Pen. It's fine tip is easy to read and stays bold on all colors when writing a note. Washi tape is also my best friend since it gives more of a custom look when using basic cards. If I'm really in the mood for something fun, after I write out the note, I throw in a pinch of glitter before I seal my envelope. Such a surprise for the one receiving the snail mail!

Finding the right things to say in the content is something that took me a bit to figure out but this is what I like to do:

thank them
mention the item or gesture you're thanking them for
mention something coming up you'll see them at
thank them again (if needed)
sign off

Simple and to the point.

Address the cards as needed and dress up the outside a bit with washi tape if you desire then pop it in the mail. I hope those little ways I've learned for thanking can help you. And again, anyone likes to get a little something in the mail. It's always such a nice surprise so go send some cards, stat!

Calif Snaps

April 28, 2013

We're adjusting after a crazy weekend in Calif for our friends wedding, so here are a few snaps from our trip. By the way, I brought the Canon camera fully intending to document each and every moment of the weekend but it felt quite freeing not even opening the case. The iPhone shall do the talking for you this time!

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Friday Freebie!

April 26, 2013

Right now, we're driving to Calif for our friends wedding. I'll be honest I'm not so excited about this drive because I've been a hot mess of nausea as of lately. We shall see how it goes but I don't have high hopes.

Random, Wednesday night I spent a couple hours figuring out what I wanted to make for a freebie and this week I planned on doing a phone background, an iPad background and a desktop background and right when I went to save it all, my computer froze and I lost it. All of it. Tears. Let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. So I drank some much needed wine and knocked out something completely different that I ended up liking better. So today, snag one, two or three freebies is you'd like and share with all your friends, kay?

phone background, here.
iPad background, here.
desktop background, here.

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Happy weekend!

Blog Design: Dissected

April 24, 2013

 photo Opener_zpsee37d775.png
Well hello lovelies!

I'm going to be real honest here because I've become a little discouraged by some design projects I've been working on. Why? Well, it seems like everyone who wants to blog doesn't always do the research to educate themselves on what goes along with blogging.

It's come to my attention many "newbie" bloggers who are looking for a blog design are expecting their designer (me) to explain to them all the basics of blogging and how to build a brand. I simply design blogs. I do not maintain them and it's not my responsibility to have to teach you what a sidebar is or how a navigation bar works. It's also becoming more apparent that newbie bloggers are asking established bloggers details of how blogging works. In my opinion, it's part of the journey to learn this on your own and to educate yourself.

In a perfect world, I'd love to be able to take the time to fully educate my clients because it's more of a personal experience but truth is, it takes me a hundred times longer to write an email explaining those details when I should be solely working on the aesthetics of the blog. So how do we fix that? I'm going to show a few images here dissecting a simple blog design (using Becky's as an example!) and give some details that I get a lot of questions on.

H E A D E R :
Plain and simple, the header is the main focal point of a blog design. Some times this can be alter to be on your sidebar with your navigation bar on the top or it can be even with your sidebar as mine is currently. This normally links back to your home page when clicked on unless additional coding is added for a navigation bar but it's usually always shown as above.

P O S T   A R E A :
Your date of the post published will show and the post title here. These act as details to disclose more information about your post. I have my date removed because I like the look with my design. You'll also see the post content here. You can center it, left justify or right justify. Play in your composing area to find a method and look you prefer here. Adding pictures in a blog post is always great reference also. Have fun with this content, it's what builds your blog!

S I D E B A R :
Sooooo many questions on what a sidebar is. Guess what? It's really easy.... a sidebar carries all the additional information with widgets. Each widget can be titled and Blogger gives you options to choose those widget you'd like included. The sidebar can be left or right justified depending on preference and the fonts and colors coordinate with the same as the post area.

N A V I G A T I O N   B A R :
These are the pages you have active that can be clicked to redirect you to a new page with additional content. As shown on Becky's blog, she has four additional pages to her home page so when clicked on, the page shown coordinates with the title. These pages are a bloggers responsibility! When your design is created, those titles are built custom to match the overall design but the content on those pages are to be edited and changed up by you, as the blogger. 

Where can you find those? On your Blogger dashboard, there is a little menu arrow, click on the arrow and a list of categories will show, "Pages" will be one of them. Once clicked on, you're navigated to a new page that gives you the option to create a new page or edit current ones. This is also where you can find the links for each of those pages! NOTE: this is where you need to be when I as your designer am asking for your Navigation bar links.

A B O U T   B L U R B:
A small area with an image as reference and little details of who you are. This is also created as an image and can be changed by your designer at an additional fee in the future, if you choose to. I always link this image to your "About" page so when clicked on it redirects to your page that goes a little more in depth about you. Again, not all bloggers chose to have an "About" page but if so, that's how I link it.

S O C I A L   M E D I A   S E T :
These are small icons for each social media platform you choose to have people connect with you on. When clicked, each one redirects to the site the icons corresponds with.

S I D E B A R   T I T L E S :
Remember we talked about the sidebar and widgets above? As a designer, I can removed the titles that give the option to use in the widget settings and I build a cute, custom title that matches with the blog design. As shown on Becky's, her sidebar has titles for each widget she uses on her sidebar.

F A V I C O N :
Always get questions on this! Your favicon is a little icon that shows in your browser tab. Have gmail? Notice the little red and white envelope on the browser tab? Yep, that's a favicon. In the packages I offer, I create a little favicon to coordinate with your blog design.

S I G N A T U R E :
It's common to have a post signature with a blog design. At the end of your post content, your signature is embedded into your blog coding so it will show on the end of your blog posts. 

A D   B U T T O N :
Also known as a grab button, designs include an ad button for you to use on sponsoring other blogs. You will also have the button with a "grab code" located on your blogs sidebar for readers to "grab" and put on their blog sidebar. This is great way to build more traffic to your blog and gives you a cohesive look for your brand.

Now that I've dissected the overall design I hope that gives you a better understanding with the basics of a blog design. Myself as a designer has a hard time communicating with potential clients when they aren't aware of these details. It's little things that can be learned over time but it's much easier getting started on a design process being knowledgeable and accurate in your verbiage via communication. I promise you, it goes SO smoothly being educated. Additionally, in my order forms I ask for very specific details, it's much easier when clients have filled out all the areas requested for their design needs with accurate information. So many times I'm missing all the links to the Navigation Bar and the links for Social Media platforms. Without those, I can't code your design correctly and I can't be successful in making your design process smooth.

Please know, I write this post and I spent a few hours getting it pulled together to relieve a headache of mine. My goal is to be able to have this link on my design site so anyone who needs a little detail or a refresher on a blog design, they can come to this post to learn. 

My sole purpose is to successfully build a professional relationship while building a custom and gorgeous design for each of my clients. I try to be as in depth as possible and I focus on treating each client of mine equally. My hope with this detailed post is to eliminate multiple emails with questions so we can begin a design project on the right foot.

Lastly, a big thank you to Becky for letting me feature her blog on this post. Swing by Cella Jane for a dose of fitness,  fashion and some great DIY projects!

April 23, 2013

Right now, my desk looks a hot mess. My brain is maxed out on image sizing, coding and color palettes. I've neglected showering the last two days because I'm more concerned about meeting deadlines. I mean, you would be too right? I did shower over the weekend and it was bliss lathering up with some sweet scented lotion and I just couldn't help myself layering on some bubble gum pink lipstick. But currently, that's the last of my worries.

Enjoy my mess for a day or two. I'll be back once my brain is refreshed and ready to tackle a whole lot of chic.

Calif Traveling

April 22, 2013

In just one short week we're headed to the great state of California to witness our sweet friends commit to each other in holy matrimony. I can't wait to have a short little weekend away close to the beach and in the comfort of love and great friends. I've started my mental packing checklist and have the same things popping into my mind over and over. I had to take a moment to collect those thoughts and throw them here for any of you lovelies traveling in the near future.

Okay, it's obvious this is my personal check list and not the hubs. He is the easiest when it comes to packing and since I do it all and tend to forget my things versus his, it just means I need to get it out so I don't forget any of these fabulous things. One thing I can't wait for is throwing on a pair of gladiators, gloss and roaming the beach with my coffee in hand. I know we will be busy bees helping out being in the wedding but a girl can still have a few moments for herself to refresh, yes?

I think so.

Happy traveling, bunnies!

Friday Freebie!

April 19, 2013

Happy Friday sweet friends!
Today's freebie is another phone background to snag and I'm happy to say I got some feedback from fellow bloggers on what they like and such so hopefully, we can move in a direction that's versatile for many likes!

If you don't already know by following me on instagram, last weekend Erin from Living in Yellow was in Arizona on vacation with miss Amy from Shop Miss Chic so she pulled together all us Arizona bloggers and we had a girls night out over wine and great food!

Me, Ellen, Lauren, Brie, Stesha, Erin, Ashley, Amy (not pictured)

They were all so kind and told me they love my freebies and I heard from that convo something that really pops could be great to see on your screen so that's exactly what I did. We've pulled in a little coral and navy for a nautical vibe and popped it with great white font! Whacha think, friends?

go download it, here.

I think it's nice and vibrant and perfect for summer, I hope you all enjoy it too!

And to all those sweet bloggers I met, I am so blessed to have been able to meet each of you. Spending time in your presence was beyond enjoyable and I can only hope there are many more girls nights just like it! You can read Erin's post on it, here.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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Comfort In Your Skin

April 18, 2013

It's never been easy for me to find comfort in the way I look. I've always struggled with wanting to change at least three things about my body. I get in the groove of really being intentional at the gym and eating right but I always end up stressed out and having a list longer than heck so I skip out on the work out to cross misc things off. It's not healthy and it's something I wish I had better control over but I've come to learn, it's about time I get comfortable in my own skin.

top | target
shorts | H&M
shoes | nordstrom
watch | fossil
bracelets | F21

No. 1
remind yourself you're worth it
God created each of us to be beautiful and to be unique. Never did He says let's make these two people completely identical because that's not His intention. I believe He built each of us to be special and to be valuable in our own way. Remind yourself of this and you'll start to believe it.

No. 2
do something that makes you happy
This may sound silly but my whole world is right when I have a little tan. I feel my best when I have a nice glow and that makes me happy. This isn't something to please others but when I get a tan, I'm beaming. You can read my method, here.

No. 3
embrace the trials in life with a deep breath
I can't stress enough how overwhelmed I can get over the littlest things and it's silly! Beyond, silly. I mean, do I really need to have anxiety over my chap stick running out or from not checking the mail daily? Nope, it's obnoxious. I've learned when something gets in my head and makes my heart heavy, it's time to take a deep breath, and let it go. I've even made a freebie for that!

No. 4
take time for yourself
God only knows how I am a workaholic and I'm pretty sure it's driving my husband crazy now too. Andrew has constantly been reminding me to take an hour in the morning to watch a DVR show or to take a little run. Those are the moments that are crucial for your mind and soul. Those are the times you can think to yourself and reflect on everything in life. They're necessary. 

No. 5
surround yourself with uplifting friends
I haven't always had the best friends and it became very apparent to me when I got married. I guess when you start that chapter of your life the old friends think your boring and old now being married but guess what? I'm not. I'm happy I was faced with this reality though because I've made some new friends that are only encouraging me and a constant reminder of how great a relationship can be. When you're surrounded by positive people, you tend be have an uplifting spirit and that's only contagious.

I could focus on the superficial things in life but I think it's time for me to take a step back, redirect my attention and challenge myself to doing the five things above. I'm sure in time I'll find some routine of getting time for myself and let's hope a few deep breaths in, I can even make it to the gym for my "me time". Yes?

Recipe: Root Beer Float

April 17, 2013

click here to download the recipe card to print!

There's nothing better to me than indulging in something sweet and delectable but making it with a kick. I've found my new favorite way to enjoy my nightly alcohol and dessert all at the same time. The root beer float with vanilla vodka. I mean, it's beyond amazing. I have been obsessing about this thing the last few weeks so it's time I shared it with you all to enjoy yourselves. This recipe is plain and simple with three ingredients:

root beer
vanilla ice cream
vanilla vodka

I like to use a three count for pouring my alcohol...sometimes a five just depending on the mood and in my mind, it's absolutely necessary to be served in a mason jar with an adorable paper straw. It just makes it that much more enjoyable. I've had this with whipped cream vodka versus the vanilla and each are scrumptious so go for it friends! Maybe even add some cherry vodka or bailey's if you're feeling crazy. Enjoy this new cocktail, my friends!

My New Implant: Birth Control

April 16, 2013

Last Monday I had a form of birth control implanted into my arm. I was unaware of this options when I went to my annual check up but was happy I was told and that insurance covered the full procedure. This implant is called Nexplanon; there's also Implanon that's the same form. Nexplanon is a low dosage birth control that is inserted in your left arm in the form of a shot. The dosage lasts three years releases medication throughout your body over that time. The difference between this and the pill is that it doesn't contain additional hormones so this is the most natural way to use contraception without side effects that I've always struggled with. Previously on the pill I suffered from intense UTI's monthly. It's miserable and always forced me to terminate my usage. I chose this method over a shot because it's lower maintenance where I won't have to visit the doctor quarterly for another dosage. All in all, that's my kind of birth control.

The procedure was fairly simple and easy. First, my arm was marked where the implant would start and end. I was then numbed with a shot which normally takes 5-10 minutes to become active but I was lucky and couldn't feel a thing in 1 minute. The implant is also a shot that's inserted in the same spot that's marked from the beginning. The needled for the implant is extremely large because the implant///rod travels through the needle to be inserted. I felt a bit of tugging and pulling as the implant was placed in my arm and there was a lot of bleeding after but all is all, it was simple.

I was wrapped in a bandage I was to keep on for 24 hours. It's packed tight to help the bruising and bleeding to be minimal. Once I removed that the following day, I was still bleeding for the next 2 days and kept a bandaid on it until it stopped. I have a pretty substantial area of bruising but I tend to bruise easily so it was expected. 

If I were to press down on my arm on either end of the rod you can easily see it there. It's still a little tender and I've been catching myself itching at the irritation from bandaids. I write this at 5 days later and my bruising is worse now than it has been all week but it's definitely not as tender! I made it to the gym this morning to lift for the first time since getting it. I will go back to my doctor in two weeks to check up on the implant and to make sure my healing is progressing correctly.

Like I said before, this is a great form of birth control that's low maintenance and closes to an IUD. Why didn't I chose an IUD? You can read about that, here.

I chose to watch a few YouTube videos and googled images of the insertion and recovery because I wanted to make an educated decision on this process. I fully encourage everyone to do the same if they're considering this method of contraception.

N O T E : it takes 2 weeks for the implant to become fully active.

My Makeup Routine

April 15, 2013

I've had so many people asking me what happened to the previous post I had about my make up routine and the truth is, I deleted it. The video quality was atrocious so I had to get that nonsense out of here and I've finally had a moment to get you a new one with a few updates too!

+ the above picture is numbered shown in the order of application

Please ignore the little hair from the brush left in the middle of my forehead. Gross. It's times like that I wish I could start over and figure it all out from the beginning. Oh, the joys of doing your makeup without a mirror. But simple enough, right? I do struggle with acne so I have my daily topical from the dermatologist on to begin with Cera Ve daily moisturizing lotion.

1. Sonia Kashuk: Brush Set
3. Maybelline: Dream Nude Airfoam
5. Laura Geller: Pink Buttercream
6. Maybelline Color Tattoo: Barely Branded
7. Milan: Coffee
9. Elf: Brow Pencil
10. Elf: Eyelash Curler
11. Maybelline: Rocket
12. Revlon: Soft Nude
not picture: Loreal Fuchsia Fever

+ all links above are the same or options from what are shown in the video.

Friday Freebie!

April 12, 2013

Yesterday my sweet friend Lisette posted her version of some freebies her heart was really needing. I can only encourage you to go snag them because all three (yes, she made three) are gorgeous!

I've been off social media this week for the most part trying to focus on my body and all these new changes so I've really missed the drama but from what I've heard it was a bomb. Let me make it very clear here, I fully backed up Lisette in making these and am so glad she did! I can personally say, having the time to spend doing something you love such as visual art can work wonders on a heavy heart so I pray her having made hers and this one here, can help each of you know, this blog world isn't always a hot mess. I promise, there are amazing times of encouragement and sisterhood which can be life changing if you let it.

I think mine speaks for itself this week.

click here to download.

desktop background

simply download the image, set as desktop background. if the sizing is a bit off, head into control panel, screen and appearance (something of that sort) and play with how it's shown on your desktop.

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P.S. advertising options have been updated here, much more simple & cheap!

Font Downloads!

April 11, 2013

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Happy downloading!

Illuminating Eyes: Tutorial

April 10, 2013

A few weekends ago I was running out the door as fast and I could with Drake and only had time to throw on a light coat of eye shadow. Well it changed my life.

Maybe not that drastic but it's what I've been doing daily since and here's how!

eyeshadow// here
mascara// here
eyeliner// here


Done & done.

What's your go-to makeup routine lately?

Fresh Florals

April 9, 2013

I have a thing I love to do.
It's a requirement of mine to have fresh florals throughout our house during the spring.

I'm sure many people do this but I faithfully run by Trader Joes every Friday after work and snag a few buds to throw around the house. It brings a sense of the outside in which we all know is needed in AZ because it's already way too hot outside to handle. It's something that keeps me calm. I like to throw a vase in my office with a delicious candle and work in a sense of peace. Who wouldn't want that, right?

Is there something you do every spring to pull a little outside in?

How To: Make Your Own Font

April 8, 2013

Eeek! I told you back here all about getting the new iPad and for the reason behind the splurge. I also showed you a little snippet here of my handwriting and told you I did it with a new app on the iPad. Well today, I'm finally going to show you a little font love and how I made the new font downloaded on my computer, Kinch Love.

First off, go download the app. This is where you can read all about it and has a link over to the app store. It's a small fee of $6.99 and I've already made 6 fonts and have been designing a few blogs with custom fonts now so in my opinion, it's worth every penny. 

Next, open the app and get to making your font! It's so simple the way they have it laid out for you. You're walked through upper case and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. You have tools available to use at the bottom of the app that allow you to name your font, change the size of your brush, change the brush tip, clearing mistakes...etc. Play around with those and don't be scared to make couple sets of fonts to find what you like.

After you've gone through all the info needed to build the font, you can click over to compose and type out your font to see it in action on the app before sending it to download. This is where you can play with spacing also. Such a useful tool!

Once you've decided on the font, simply click in the top right corner to save the font and send it to to make the font for you. I like to do this as an email because they send me a code that gives me access to downloading the font online.

Simple as that! Get it downloaded on your computer, open up your software and get to playing with your new creation. SO easy. I showed my 7 year old this when I was done and he went crazy making his own. Granted, he decided to doodle all over his which is totally fine too. This is his little mess of a font and it's so special to me because I have those memories of his doodles now downloaded. It's priceless people.

Also, a little insight to the freebie last week showing my handwriting, I did what Drake did for each letter, doodling certain sayings and phrases I liked. So again, when I hit A on the "freebie" font I made, a saying pops up and so one for each letter. So good luck; you are all welcomed to download my new font, Kinch Love below. 

kinch love

n o t e : this font was made at a higher point size to use for images on the blog. it's best used 200 point size and higher. if you decide to share, please link back here for some blog love!

Don't Leave Me.

April 6, 2013

Never have I ever been more grateful for my husband.

We just arrived home from a night with my family. We took the kiddo and pooch over to grandpa and grandma's, spent the night swimming and joking about life. We talked our Mexico trips and great times we've experienced together. We invited the favorite neighbors over and tossed back a few drinks. The entire night was light, carefree. Easy.

But my heart was burdened.

Last night I sent a mass text inviting all our closest friends and family over next weekend for a little night at Casa Kinch. No strings attached just a night to enjoy company and a few drinks together. A night to take a load off and one to laugh all throughout. In that mass text was one of my closest friends. A friend I've been through thick and thin with. A friend it didn't matter how long the time went between us without talking, we'd pick right back up where we started before. A friend I love and can't imagine life without.

I got a text back with a little urgency and pain. They weren't the same friend I remembered from a few months back. They weren't the same friend that jokes about all things in life and who kept my heart light. I wrote about one of my most painful memories back here and after hearing from this friend, I feel even more raw and broken. Completely helpless and burdened. 

A simple reply that caused me pain:

"Hey AB I've been meaning to contact you. Do you think you'd be able to talk tomorrow?"

"Yeah, of course. If everything okay?"

"I mean, no one is hurt or anything but I'm having a hard time with things."

"Okay, you can call me tomorrow whenever."

"OK will do. Miss you. Have a good night."

"Miss you too, talk to you tomorrow!"

Noon on Saturday a two hour phone call and many tears later, I learned my closest friend was dealing with a deeper depression than I ever thought they would and I learn suicidal thoughts are the only thing coming to their mind. I learn life has become all motions with no feeling and the only thing holding them here is the hurt it would cause their family to take their life. I've learned methods of what they think would accomplish a death. I've learned the hardships I never thought they were going through. I learned their heart has been broken and they're laying out to dry. I've learned they have nothing left to look forward to.

We talk about losing our closest friend in high school. I remind them how that made each of us feel and how it still stings our hearts. I ask if that's what they want to put me through again, knowing just how bad it hurts. I ask if there is something I can do to bring any type of light and happiness in their world.

I pray often during this phone call. Asking for God's wisdom and words to wrap around me and bring peace but this person is not a believer and I don't believe they ever will be. All I can hope for is they see God's love through me by my actions.

They tell me after years of depression, I'm their only friend they can come to and confide in. I'm told after years of trying to make new friends, I'm truly the only one who has their heart. I'm told since fourth grade this person has looked to me for guidance and love and that's why they are so glad I reached out on a simple Friday night with a small invite. They feel had I not done so, it would have been only a matter of time before I got a call with devastating news.

This person tells me over and over the love they have for me and my marriage. They tell me they are happy they witnessed that special night in my life. They confess they thought it would be them someday and they're saddened they don't think I'll witness a wedding of theirs. They open up about their parents and deaths they've dealt with in the past year within their family. I'm shocked to hear their most prized grandma is on her way out. It hurts my heart knowing they were so close to her and I know that kind of pain they're about to feel from that blow.

Death isn't easy. I don't think it was ever designed to be. I feel it was something God intended to be a celebration. A new beginning with our Lord for all eternity. But what happens to our loved ones who don't believe? What happens when they sin as their last act on this earth? Doesn't that leave some kind of uneasing pain that's not erasable? Doesn't that make me feel even more helpless knowing you won't see them for all eternity in Heaven?

The phone call is left with many tears and I love yous. It's left with a sense of doom in my heart. I hang up thinking to myself what can I do to make this better for them? How can I help in even the smallest way? Should I send cards, texts, voice mails telling them how much they mean to me? Should I simply ask them to lunch weekly or just send a simple email with something to brighten their day? Do I leave all on the line explaining to them the raw pain they'd be putting me through? Do I turn selfish and make them realize what they're leaving behind is something worth living for? How do I shake them from this hurt and numbness with a sense of grace and love? What can I do that keeps them wanting more? Keeps them eager for rebuilding a life that's memorable and a life that is filled with many people who love them.

I am being selfish right now, I've lost one best friend by an accident,  I lost an uncle to suicide and I've seen my husband face a death through suicide. It hurts my heart and it rocks my soul. It's never something I'd wish on my deepest enemy. It's something that will always leave me guessing if I had sent one more text or asked them on another lunch date, would that have changed their heart? 


Monday is a day I plan to wake their ass up with a phone call, reminding them I have plans for lunch with them whether they like it or not. I won't be sugar coating a damn thing and I will make them remember the pain we both felt when our best friend was taken far too soon in a terrible accident. 

Tonight I sat in my husband's arms crying, many more tears than I'd cried in years. He held me, stating over and over to remember these emotions so I can share them with my dearest friend. He told me if this is what they chose, know I had been there cheering them and their life on up until the last minute.

Again, I say, I have never been more grateful for my loving, endearing and encouraging husband.

Crazy Stupid Love

I know I say this more often than not but there are moments of marriage love is just blossoming. It's growing deeper and deeper and I never thought my heart would feel like it would burst from so much love.

I like to describe our love as a crazy, stupid love and I wanted to share a little something for all those out there who have it too.

click here to download.

Enjoy the printable and go give your man some lovin'!

Friday Freebie & News!

April 5, 2013

Let me start by saying I have good news.
Amazing news. Like praise God because he is so faithful news.

If you read this post you saw I was a bit worried but praying for a faithful God and that's just what he answered our prayers with. Yesterday I tackled the doctor with a million questions about a thin uterus lining and a million questions about pregnancy and the possibilities of it. Everything checked out normal and positive. We have no concerns or worries about expanding our family in the future because after more testing, I have a uterus that can bare a child full term. Talk about amazing, right?! I cried tears of joy and let out a few laughs after getting so worked up over a little scare.

To all those of you who commented before I turned them off, thank you and to all those of you who emailed, tweeted, instagramed and commented on other posts to let me know you were praying, thank you.

Moving on, today is Freebie day around these parts and I was beyond indecisive when it came to this week. I had a freebie scheduled that was a simple printable (which will now be live tomorrow) and after this weeks roller coaster of emotions I decided I needed a little something special for my own phone. You might have seen back here we are now a family with an iPad and I thought it would be time to break it out to play with a few sayings.

Guess what friends?
That means your freebie is custom with my handwriting!
At least it gets me excited.
You might have noticed all the little touches around this ole blog in gold are my handwriting too and that also gets me excited! 
+more to come on creating fonts next week.

Here you are love buckets; happy downloading!

click here to download mint, click here to download pink.

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p.s. Brutus was the cutest dang pup this week and I just need to share a few instagrams with you:

Happy weekend!