DIY: Glitter Ampersand

January 31, 2013

Since I cut down my hours at the church to be home more working on design stuff, I've also converted our guest bedroom into a new home office for me. I've been having a ball making it uber girly and perfect for me so when I came across the ampersand at Hob Lob, I knew I had a DIY project in my near future. 

We have a few of the letters around our home all purchased at Hobby Lobby and you can use a 40% off coupon on any regular priced item, so do it! The mod podge and glitter were also purchased at Hob Lob months back, but they always have those friendly craft tools available. And that my friends, is all your need for this project. Easy, so let's begin!

See people? Easy! The only thing that's a pain is waiting for the sucker to dry between coats. I was impatient and kept trying to speed up the process only smudging the glitter and having to add a little more to cover my mess up. Otherwise, it's great! I love my newest addition to my office and I'm sure y'all will too.

Buddy Check

January 30, 2013

Let's talk about organic foods.

If you've been around here a while, you know I struggle with migraines and along with that I have some particular foods I have to steer clear of. You can read about that, here.

Recently, I've dipped back into eating whatever I felt and granted it was healthy but I've been suffering from quite to spout of pain lately. Hubs came to me over the weekend saying he was ready to hop on board with eating as I normally do, organic foods and all. To say I was elated is an understatement.

I've battled back and forth trying to make our household healthy, organic and clean eating all the time and it's been tough getting him to say no to his Monsters, pop and all the delicious sweets in between. He grew up with a home that always had those goodies and still do so when we go over there, we're each bound to gain at least 5 pounds a visit.

Him coming to me had me bursting and I spent my next day revamping our grocery list and a whole afternoon buried in Sprouts and Whole Foods. I'm excited because not only is he going to be eating better with me and that can only support a healthy life for him, but we can be dependent on each other now! No more fighting the temptation of ice cream or drooling over his butter smeared muffins. We're in this together and that only lightens my heart.

I've been trying to find sweet alternatives to help those cravings we have, and lately these are my go-to snacks:

Simple snacks that conquer the sweet juices and they're better alternatives. Win win, right? Other times you can find me munching on spicy roasted hummus with carrots or celery, avocado on toasted ezekiel bread or edamame.

What are some of your favorite, organic, clean snacks?

My Boys.

January 29, 2013

Nothing makes my heart melt quite as much watching hubs with Drake. He's the most incredible father and the most adoring husband. I've seen him develop into such a Godly man and into someone I look forward spending all my days with. He's built up our home and our life always pursuing our Lord and always putting Drake and myself first. He's a family man and it's something I thank God for daily.

We've been praying for more time with Drake and praying we can extend our weekends into weeks with him at a time. Our Lord is faithful and is providing so magnificently. I was a little spoiled having hubs off this whole weekend with Drake but it was something we embraced full force, rainy weather and all. 

It was necessary to splash around in puddles, to take a bike ride, to play with a recent gift from grandma and grandpa. It was necessary to lounge on the driveway watching my boys enjoy the beautiful weather and each other. It was a blessing to wake up to Drake snuggles between hubs and I and it was so special getting the full weekend with all three of my boys.

It's weekends like these that fill my heart with hope of what our future holds. Especially when Drake talks about wanting siblings all weekend long.

It may have been simple but it's something I'd do daily cause it's spent with the 3 boys I love most.

French Braided Bangs

January 28, 2013

product used on my hair:
redken all soft shampoo & conditioner// here
aquage uplifting foam// here
moroccan oil// here
bed head dry shampoo// here
bed head hairspray// here

see how I blow dry, here.
see how I curl, here.

Friday Freebie!

January 25, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's Friday Freebie day... as you all know! It seems that the whole iPhone//phone backgrounds are a hit so again, you have a home screen and lock screen available for download! There's nothing too special behind the meaning of why I chose this text (at least not as deep as last week) but hopefully it reminds you to shine a diamond. Or sequins in this case. Too bad Rihanna didn't think of that one.

Enjoy you gals!

download the lock screen, here & download the home screen, here.

I love to know who downloads the freebie to enjoy!
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 telling me you've snagged one! 
You can also use #kinchdesigns to see a gallery of my portfolio via insta
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In case you missed it:
Saturday- New Floors
Wednesday- Wavy Braids

Flat Iron Curls:Tutorial

January 24, 2013

product used on my hair:
Chi Flat Iron// here
Moroccan Oil Serum// here
Bed Head Dry Shampoo// here
Bed Head Hairspray// here
Moroccan Oil Shimmer Spray// here

Literally, the easiest curls ever. They take all of 5 minutes and are a gorgeous texture for a beachy wave. You can manipulate as needed for a tighter curl versus loose. They can be worn as a base for volumizing your "do" of the day or as a simple, fun style that's not so polished looking.

Good luck!

Wavy Braids.

January 23, 2013

Top// H&M
Blazer// F21
Jeans// American Eagle
Wedges// Kohls
Watch// Fossil
Earrings// F21
+all items are out of stores now & purchased last season

I'm starting to get used to the second day hair. I'll shower late after a work out, sleep with damp hair and curl away the next day. I've learned half way through the day my bangs like to do their own thing so I've become best friends with the braid. It's simple, cute and keeps all those oils from my face out of my hair. Win win, peeps.

In other news, we're this close to having my home office in order. I'm excited to share my humble square, maybe even share a tutorial or two.

Love love love!

Leaves Gone Wrong.

January 22, 2013

Top// Old Navy
Skirt// F21
Tights// F21
Scarf// H&M
Belt// F21
Earrings// F21
Watch// Fossil

Sometimes I think I can totally rock all those cutesy pictures blowing up on Pinterest. I grab the tripod, spend a few minutes being obnoxious taking wayyy too many selfies and end up with a disaster. At the time I feel like I am totally capturing the "magic" but come to find out, it's an epic fail.

Let me just tell you, those leaves where stuck in my scarf all day and I think one scratched my eye.
I recommend not attempting it.

Four Eyes: Literally

January 20, 2013

What's cuter than a blind married couple with coordinating glasses? Yep, nothing.

I kid, I kid. But for real, hubs and I are both near sided and have been wearing glasses for the past few years...well he has the past few years, I have for the better half of my life. So when I was contacted by Firmoo, I thought it was a great opportunity for him and I both to snag a new pair. I was able to get mine free from the company since they work with many other bloggers offering great deals, only having to pay for shipping but hubs loved mine so much he decided he needed a pair too! We ordered his shortly after I chose mine and now we're one cliche couple, rockin' some sweet frames.

I chose these glasses.
Hubs chose these glasses.

I got mine and I won't lie when I say I fell in love. I have a basic pair I normally wear at bed time, another pair from Firmoo which are large framed and for being trendy and these were the perfect in between pair that I've worn nonstop since getting them in my hands! My one minor complaint, which doesn't have much to do with the glasses but more my head, is that they're slightly big and slip down my nose often. But again, I have an abnormally small head which is most likely the cause of that.

Hubs had a pair similar to the ones he chose but the frame was slightly smaller and I have to say, I like the tad wider frame of his new ones better. They fit his face perfectly and the simple, clean lines match everything he wears. He has no complaints about his new geek wear.

So what's the catch? Firmoo is giving you a FREE pair of glasses, you just have to pay shipping. Easy enough, right? They have so many styles to choose from, colors and shapes. You can even upload your own picture and "try on" glasses they have available to see how they'd look on you. So there goes any fear of online shopping for frames. Don't have eye problems? No worries, friends, you don't have to have a prescription to get a pair! Just use them as a fashionable accessory. So go HERE and get to shopping!

You can thank me (and Firmoo) later.

New Floors

January 19, 2013

It's hard to get the hubs to agree to anything that has to do with upgrading in our house. We've been in the house since we were married and are very blessed to say we own so when I want to upgrade random items, hubs smacks me back into reality saying not many 23 year olds own their own home. Let alone for 3 years.

We did finally bite the bullet though and chose to upgrade our flooring. The carpet was brand new when the house was purchased but the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry suffer from hideous linoleum. We... I wanted wood floors since forever so I was able to convince the man of the house and we did just that.

We ended up choosing laminate over wood because we do have a massive dog to mess up things, friends who are over often to add more of a beating and the two of us who are constantly moving around the house only causing more traffic. So for our lifestyle, laminate was going to be the smartest choice being more sustainable and durable.

My dad who helped us with our backyard, also agreed to help us lay the new flooring. Bless his heart because without him, we'd never know what to do! This past weekend, the boys spent 12 hours straight laying floors while I watched, encouraged and snapped pictures all the while.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

In the beginning hubs kept saying it didn't make a difference to him and he couldn't visualize the outcome but he is so impressed with how it turned out. That says a lot.

I'm in heaven. I just want to stay in the kitchen and never leave.

You saw the before, HERE with the Casa Kinch Tour.
+a lot has changed in the house from when I showed you last, updates are to come when each room is blog worthy ready!