I need sleep!

August 30, 2017

Can I tell you a secret? We've been struggling in the sleep department for this little princess and I feel like quite the burnt out zombie as of lately. We worked with Lauren from Sleep and the City when Hollyn was a newborn and it helped so much but with teething and developmental leaps, I got into a really bad habit of popping a bottle in her mouth the 2-3 times she's been waking up and now she has a crutch.

I called Lauren just yesterday to get some more advice and figure out a routine from here and today was day one. So far, so good! I thought it was a good opportunity to share the post her and I pulled together way back when we first connected and share she just launched a Newborn Sleep Survival Guide. I know it's an investment to get started with a sleep consultant and this guide gives you all the goodies at a fraction of the cost. Win win!

As far as what we're doing with Hollyn now, she's continuing to sleep with a pacifier, lovey and DockATot. We make sure she always has white noise going and the room is blacked out. It's now my job to ensure I quite using those crutches I've put in place, bite the bullet with a rough week or two of transitioning and hopefully with a new nap schedule and weaning her at night, she will be sleeping 11-12 hours again.

Crossing my fingers!


House 4 | Hollyn's Room

August 24, 2017

Yay! The first look at a completed room in our new house. Of course, it's miss Hollyn's because she was the first to have a room finished. I actually update her space with some new curtains (not shown) and styled it a touch different but I'm happy yo share the space today.

Every time I walk in here I feel so much peace and comfort. It has the right amount of traditional in the Just Born Keepsake Collection paired with some whimsy and eclectic touches from the wooden and woven items. It really is so perfect for my free spirited and relaxed little love. I adore the classics and quality in crib bedding but also can't pass up the boho vibes that score of an ottoman gives off.

And let's not forget my favorite Cuddle and Kind dolls that are always nestle in little corners of our home. The perfect little pieces for little ones.

This post was sponsored by Just Born but all opinions and thoughts
are true expression of loving the product sent and used for this feature.

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What's your dream nursery space look like for a babe? I'm sure if I had another baby on the way I'd be dreaming up something completely different than this style but would still coordinate those timeless Just Born bedding pieces throughout. They're just so lovely and pull the space together perfectly.


Just Born Keepsake Collection- crib skirtpillow, plush animal heads here and herequiltchanging pad covercrib rail guardcrib sheet

crib- IKEA | rug- Rugs USA | pouf (similar)- HomeGoods | rocker (in Ecru)- Target | rustic sign- Kinch Design Co (my sister in law's company!) |baskets- The Land of Nod | wire baskets- The Land of Nod | books- Amazon | woven hanging- Sonora Handmade | metal heart- Off the Dirt Road | watercolor art- Minted

Sister Love

August 16, 2017

Never did I think I'd have girls yet here I am with two and two that are completely opposite personalities from the other. One who has the highest highs and lowest lows. She's a firecracker and keeps me on my toes. The one who is the wild card and I'm not ever sure what mood I'll get. Whereas on the opposite end, that chill, easy and laid back demeanor. Always going with the flow and happy as can be.

I needed the latter. ;)

It's been so fun watching them learn about each other and create a little sister bond. Emery either loves or hates Hollyn but when she loves her, it sure makes my heart sing! She's all snuggles and hugs and kisses and telling her how much she loves her. Other times, if Hollyn even looks at Emery, she screams and can't even deal with her existing in the same room. It's a roller coaster and I'm sure it's giving me a glimpse into the future of sisters fighting over clothes and friends and who gets to have the pink sparkly backpack for school.

I thank my lucky stars for them daily. It's sure teaching me to be a mom that examples love, kindness, confidence and grace.

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A Peek at our New Home

August 14, 2017

dress- Dwell & Slumber | emmy jammies- KicKee Pants | monitor- Summer Infant

We're in the new home, we're all sorts of settled and getting into the swing of life without chaos again. People keep asking me how I do moving so fast and seamlessly and I think we have a good system down. It also goes back to me being far too OCD for my own good and I simply can't live with boxes around the house. I can't think or function when things are out of order so we were fully unpacked and living normally within 4 days.


We're still recovering from lack of sleep and then the kids ended up really sick this past weekend but I think after a couple more nights of getting rest, we will feel good again. 

I know this is just the tiniest peek at the new place but I'm loving it so much. We have the white kitchen and dark floors we've been dreaming of. Black touches throughout hardware and furniture pieces and it's cozy and welcoming as I always desire our home to be. I can't wait to share more over the coming months!

Happy Monday.

Introducing Carter James

August 12, 2017

My sweet nephew was born August 3rd and I'm over the moon with his arrival. I'm fighting Drake and Emery for all the snuggles every time we see him and I'm telling you, I may knock one of them out if they try to steal him from me again.

Just Kidding.

But really, I was privileged enough to take some newborn pictures of him recently and I may not be a professional but they're too good not to share his freshness and give everyone else all the baby fever.

My brother has completely stepped into the role of being a daddy, something I could never quite see him being and my sister-in-law is recovering like a champ! Her labor and delivery were not what she desired but her heart is healing and I'm just so thankful God blessed our family with this addition. 

Carter James, we love you so!

We've Been Keeping a Secret

August 1, 2017

That's right! We made another move making it a 4th house since April 2015. Can you believe? I still can't really believe it but maybe if I explain a bit more... you'll grasp our reasoning.