True Life: My Baby Won't Stop Rolling Over

March 30, 2015

It officially happened the day she turned 5 months old and now she doesn't stop. Like rolls after rolls and I find her across the room chillin' with Brutus. So my journey to chasing the baby begins! Haha- I'm so excited for her to have the mobility and she acts so accomplished when she does it but I'm already busting out my Breeze to contain her while getting things done around the house.

The nice thing about the Breeze I'm so looking forward to with the move is it's one simply click and her playard is set up and good to go! I'm starting this week packing the house so I know for sure I'll be using it daily until the move to make sure she's in my sight and safe and comfortable. What's better is we can set it up for her to enjoy at a higher level or use the lower setting if she wants to snooze in it. So yep, It's going to be my bestie along with our mamaRoo over the next couple months, I can promise you that!

Hope you had a great Monday!

Blinded by Blogging

March 26, 2015


I think as a blogger we're so sucked into everyday life being placed on social media in the most perfect and pristine way. It's all about the perfect instagram photo and the weekly manicures and now the snapchats of "daily life" that are also, mostly staged. I too have fallen into the well lit photos and the moments of only sharing what's perfect and pretty but lately, I'm so drawn to being real. What a concept! This doesn't come from a hateful or bashing way but in a sense that I want the people following me and keeping up to date with my life and kids to feel inspired because I live a normal life.

I'm up at 6am with a baby, getting a 9 year old off to school, hitting the gym and then not even getting ready for the day sometimes until 2pm IF I even get ready for the day. If we're being honest, I tend to get blinded by a needy baby and client emails that half the time, I'm a smelly mess until the kids are asleep for the night. So realistically, I don't have time to stage a great photo or share peeks of blogging details because shit, I'm busy being a mom and business woman. Truthfully, there is a day in a week that I can manage to get ready and enjoy a Starbucks or even a lunch out with a friend but guys, that's a rare occasion.

The intent of this post has everything to do with our new home. I'm so enamored with the lovely pinterest kitchens and home decor and find myself in this season of life lusting over everything that's trendy and EXPENSIVE. K, we don't have a money tree in our yard... or world so the things I see and pin and would die to have in our new home just.can't.happen. That's the reality of it and that's something I've had a hard time swallowing when Andrew and I have house talks - which is daily now - about what we can and can't afford. Are upgraded countertops throughout the house a must? No. Do we need to do custom flooring right when we close? Not at all. How about the 6 inch crown moulding and baseboards? Nope. We can't afford it and that's okay.

We're 25 and 27 with two kids and just getting into our dream home after our starter home. We really don't even need the space this new home offers but we're blessed to be able to afford that. We are lucky to have the ability to have kids with their own rooms, a guest room, an office and heck- a 4 car garage. But cosmetically, it's going to be a journey over time making it perfect for us.

Being in this world of "perfect" makes me want want want and it's not healthy. It's outrageous I now have expectations of a $40,000 kitchen because she has it. I mean, snap out of it. I'm excited to be sharing this home journey with you guys but please know, if you're expecting the most perfect home when we move in come August, you won't be seeing that. It's going to be real and down and dirty for a while so we can simply adjust and embrace the new blessing of our dream home.

The New 'Do

March 24, 2015

dress- Nobella Grace | wedges- Nordstrom Rack | clutch- GiGi New York

Well, I did it! I went ahead and chopped my hair off. I was having some issues with my extensions and felt like all that was happening was me losing my hair so after being long for about 6 years, I decided it was time to go back to my signature cut and take 9 inches off my natural hair. Whew- it was nerve wrecking and I had hot flashes and I don't think I fully realized how long my actual hair was because I was wear extensions for so long but I'm a fan. I will admit, it's something I have to get used to again since it hasn't been this short since Andrew and I started dating in 2009 but I will embrace the length, dammit! That doesn't mean I won't rock the occasional extension though... ;)

Also, meet my photographer!
Ain't he cute?

Proud Supporter

March 23, 2015

top-| jeans- Paige Denim | heels- Marshall's | watch- Kate Spade | sunnies- RayBan


Because Monday.

But really since being mommy... well since being pregnant if we're being honest, I've been a huge fan of comfy attire. I really wish this top came into my radar while I was pregnant because maybe it would've made people stare less at my not so cute public appearances. These days though, it's my go-to when roaming around the house or running to Costco or even school pickup. Just being truthful with you all! I got it from and they have some sweet deals worth checking out- here!

Our New Home

March 20, 2015

I realize I've completely slacked and didn't officially mention it here but we bought a new house! It's something Andrew and I really took our time on and prayed for the right answer and over time, we felt in our heart going with the new build we first fell in love with is the way to go. It's so appealing to us (more me than him, ha!) knowing this home will be built for us and we're not coming into something someone else has already called home. I love the idea that we will be getting things dirty first and we will be making memories in that backyard before anyone else did- it's ours.

We listed our home within days of signing the contract on the new house and within the first week of it being up, we had 2 offers! We're now in the middle of a contract and will be closing April 15th on our current home so in just under a month, we're saying goodbye, moving in with Andrew's parents for a couple months and then will be welcoming our new digs in August!

So we're actually pretty far into things with the new development and visited the design center to pick all our finishes already so I thought it was about time to share the aesthetic of where we're going with this baby! My definition if probably Farmhouse Chic... bahahah- whatever that means!

We are just so pumped to see it all come to life over the next couple months and to see them break ground on the lot very soon! It's completely surreal knowing Emery will be celebrating her first birthday in our forever home and that Drake has his own guest suite.... I mean what 9 year old has a walk in closet and bathroom attached to their rooms? I'll do my best to share pictures and details along the way- happy weekend!

Staying Motivated with Albion Fit

March 19, 2015

leggings- Albion Fit | top- Albion Fit | yoga mat- Target | baby wrap- Solly Baby Wrap | water bottle- BKR | iPhone case- Kate Spade

Monday I wrote about beauty and how I define it in my eyes. I had a great response from that and I want to extend a huge thank you to the women who were moved and commented positively on that post, It seems we need more encouragement and uplifting people to support while in this field and I hope I can be just that for you all. On that same note with defining beauty, I also believe you are able to find things about yourself you're always wanting to improve for your own happiness.

Not long ago, I shared on instagram my hurt after adjusting to my new post baby body and my journey to getting back to being healthy and happy in my own skin. It's been about a month so far and although the progress is slow, there is progress! I've found adding a few new items of workout gear to my closet here and there really keep me motivated to stay at it and it helps to have something stylish and comfy while keeping up with a 9 year old and infant. Right?

Albion Fit and I teamed up today to bring you a giveaway on some stylish new leggings for you too! Not only do they stock some seriously cute workout/yoga attire, they have an adorable line of vintage, luxury swimwear! If only I had the body to rock it.... maybe next summer! ;)

Make sure to stop by my instagram today to enter to win!

The Great Debate

March 17, 2015

 tunic- Fancy Free | sandals- Marshalls | clutch- Clare Viver | extensions- Laced Hair

The great debate. The hair. Do I leave my extensions in or take them out and embrace my mid-length style? I'm feeling like I'm in this weird rut with it currently because realistically, I get ready about twice a week and actually style my hair because of mom life and working from home so it's really unused being all long and luscious. It's also really hard to keep it maintained and washed with going to the gym a lot more so it's becoming a nuisance. If I take the extensions out, then I'm left with a mid-length that's probably needing a little trim - I'm thinking more blunt - and a thick highlight. Thoughts? Opinions?

Also, this tunic! It's supposed to be a tunic but hello short person problems and it's a dress on me. But one that I'm smitten with! The chiffon trim is just too good and the sheath style is perfect for my adjusting post baby body. Fancy Free nailed it with this one!

Defining Beauty

March 16, 2015

Being beautiful doesn't mean to have amazing skin and perfect hair. It doesn't mean you need to have a great set of eyelashes or the most amazing lip pout. It doesn't mean you need to have flawless legs without cellulite. It doesn't mean you need the perfect eyebrow with the arch that's on point or the fullness that's "trending". It doesn't mean your nails need to be perfectly manicured and polished on a daily basis or that you must always have the most expensive and lovely clothes. It doesn't mean that deep, bronzed tan is a must or the exceptionally white teeth to pair with it.

Being beautiful DOES mean to embrace your flaws and seek them to be beautiful in your eyes. It means to give yourself fully to each and everything you do. Beauty means to hug your family and friends tight with your loving arms and heart because no new day is promised. It means to accept the hardships life throws our way and look for strength and positivity in the outcome. Beauty means to use soft and kind words instead of deep, disrespectful ones. It means to put God in the center of your life and strive to live it to build His kingdom. It means to love. Love yourself, love your family, love your friends, love your neighbors and love wholeheartedly.

That's beauty.

Thank you Enza for encouraging me to find beauty today!

Emery | 4 Months

March 13, 2015

tutu- Kardashian Kids | headband | Elle Bowtique


Well, she's almost 5 months old but these pictures were taken just after her 4 month mark so I wanted to officially share a little something on the blog having to do with that. She's perfect and chunky and precious and has giggle fits that make my heart burst. She loves apples and prunes (ick!) and cuddles with mama in the morning are her favorite. She's found her voice and her hands and grabs everything -hence the tutu lovin' above! I have moments of complete shock on how much God blessed us with her. She's our whole heart and I find myself marveling in her beauty and innocence all.the.time.

Dressing Baby for Spring

March 12, 2015

I think when I started shopping for Emery I had this mind set that she would always be cold and I should totally get socks and leggings and sweaters and 8 million blankets (because who can say no to them, seriously?) and I soon realized after she was born that girlfriend took after her daddy and ran HOT. I had to rethink my typical outfit with her going from bundling to staying cool and comfortable and it's so important right now with Arizona heating up. I've been loving these Offspring bodysuits because the fabric is so light and airy on baby girl. I thought sharing a couple tips on how to dress for the warming temps would be wise... I mean, we Arizonians are experiencing it first after all! ;)

ONE // Dress is layers in the morning when it's cooler so as it heats up, you can take the socks, jacket, leggings off while baby is acclimating to their surroundings.

TWO // When leaving the house, pack multiple of the same breathable fabric for potential outfit changes so you know baby will be comfortable if they need changed.

THREE // Keep a burp cloth or receiving blanket handy to wipe drool to remove extra moisture that can cause rashes on your little loves skin. Those little neck rolls catch all the good stuff so get in there and make sure it's dry!

FOUR // Bring a hat and sunscreen! If anything, make sure if you're going out you have a little sun hat and sunscreen (if approved by your dr) to protect your little one. I normally start a walk in layers and we end at the park in her onesie with a hat.

FIVE // Top with a darling bow or maybe some cool kicks for a little man!

Making the Switch

March 10, 2015

AUBREY // leggings | top | sunnies | sneaks
EMERY // onesie (25% off with SPRINGSTYLE) | headband

I've been back and forth on switching Emery from her infant car seat to a new convertible one because she seems to be so uncomfortable in hers lately but that one thing I love about it is the ability to be a travel system with our Quinny Zapp Xtra. That being said, I've switch recently to a new Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller so I felt it was the right time to make the full switch, which I'm so happy about! It's amazing the amount of room our new Maxi Cosi Vello 65 offers and then she is loving the comfort she has in her Buzz Xtra stroller when I switch her into that from the car. We went to an event last week for work and she was in her stroller the whole time and for one who fights naps when she isn't home in her crib, she past right out for over an hour in the Buzz Xtra! Shocked mama over here!

Because you all see to love my previous travel system, I wanted to outline the features on the Buzz Xtra so you know why I love it and made the switch.

  • Unfolds with a hydraulic system making it super easy while holding the babe.
  • Canopy is adjustable in height and has an extra extender to cover the sun better- a huge bonus for AZ dwellers and the blazing sun.
  • Flat all-terrain tires that are the smoothest thing ever.
  • Adjustable handle for pushing; I love this because it can be done short for my 5 foot frame.
  • Super comfy cushioned seat. I'm sure this is why Emery passed out sleeping.
  • Still a travel system with the Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat and the adapters are included!

Knowing I could use the car seat again for this stroller down the line with a new babe makes me super excited as well because I'm a huge fan of the ride with the all-terrain tires. It makes it so smooth and I love the handle because it's perfect for draping my Ju Ju Be diaper bag over. You can shop the Buzz Xtra, here and if you have more specific questions on this baby, please email me!