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Weekend Photo Dump

May 25, 2021


Here comes a little weekend photo dump from Friday through Sunday. It has been over a week since I got ready so I needed some blush and a pretty dress to bring me back to life after a sinus infection (darn allergies!). We cut some roses from the garden, Emery lost a tooth, Hollyn got a cutie new swimmer, trader joes had peonies, I found a darling USA sweatshirt under $20 for memorial day and the girls helped me clean all the diffusers in the house.

Simple little tasks and wins to celebrate and enjoy. I hope you had a good weekend!

My Easter Dress

March 23, 2021

photography @annaelainephotography

Easter is right around the corner and I found the perfect dress to wear! We all know I love neutrals but there's something about the pastel mint that says Easter perfectly. Add in the puff sleeves and tiered style with some springy wedges and it's a win. Click the above pictures to see some of my favorites I've added to my closet lately from PinkBlush. I love their variety while being on a budget and their wide range in sizing.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter! He is Risen!

Summer Swim Items for Mama

March 22, 2021


one, two, three (code "socute" for 30% off), four, five, six, seven

We are officially able to swim at our new house! The pool was completed and we took a dip when it was freezing cold. I remember growing up when we had our pool built and it was the middle of December when it finished but my brother and I still jumped in! The girls were so excited to do the same and I immediately started shopping around for some good coverage, basic swim suits for myself to enjoy it all summer with the kids.

I always go for black but added in a leopard and olive - can't go wrong with neutrals! I'll upgrade my birkenstocks this summer to a fresh set of white ones and some inexpensive sunnies because I'm bound to lose them at some point.

Enjoy my little round up of summer must-haves as we dig into warm weather! xo

Housework Checklist: FREE Printable!

March 8, 2021


clear spray bottle / thieves label / thieves cleaner (11517995 at checkout) / tea towel (similar)

It's here! Your free download for keeping on a schedule for housework. I haven't ever followed a plan when it comes to cleaning but has some loose things I did daily and weekly. If I look at this honestly, the monthly section would typically be done every 6-9 months and I need to be better at maintain those tasks. 

The kids help a lot with tackling things, as well, so don't feel like this has to be all on you, mama. Ask for help! I always struggle asking for help and being so angry when family members don't pitch in but shifting and being honest that I need the help has been huge for my mental wellbeing. Plus we all know we have some contributing to do and take pride in our home and I feel like that's *hopefully* setting the kids up for success later when they're out of the house.

We use one cleaner for everything in our house but add certain oils to it seasonally to change up the scent a bit. I just added Lemon Myrtle to my Thieves cleaner and when I did all this on Sunday, I was so happy with the fresh, spring vibes going on!

Click over here to download your printable! I am going to laminate mine and use a dry erase marker to easily check-off and wipe off as tasks are accomplished. I hope you enjoy it!

Easter Baskets for Little Girls


Easter is coming and I'm normally really late to collecting my thoughts on what to do for the kids and getting it compiled but I'm all set and done for all three kids! Easter is about Jesus and celebrating His sacrifice for our sins so when we're sharing gifts on Easter for our kids, we are focusing on that. I loved adding in the coloring mats from His Kids Company this year and a some books about Easter for the girls. Of course, a few fun things and they are needing new swimsuits so this was a good chance to grab those staples!

I'll pull together what I did for Drake in another post, in case you're wondering for a 15 year old. He's always tricky but staples are best!

Whimsical & Girly Playroom

January 11, 2021

We are officially in the new house! We moved in December 16th, celebrated Christmas and the New Year freshly settled and we've been working on getting each room and nook unique and decorated just for us. It's been a dream seeing it all come to life since May last year watching it be built and the journey that was and now here we are! Soaking it up and living life in these 4 walls.

One of the first spaces I tackled was the playroom for the kids so they had somewhere to enjoy and escape. We decided to add a mural wall in this room to make it extra girly and whimsical. We did the Tawny design (link here) and it's everything I imagined it would be. Add in a few more touches to make it their own, like Cuddle & Kind dolls, a bulletin board to display their art and books in every corner to dig into - they love it all!

Christmas Bucket List

December 1, 2020


Happy first of December! It's my favorite month out of the entire year but it's also going to be the busiest for us with moving to the new house. We have 2 weeks until we close and we're knee deep in packing along with tying up all the loose ends - appliance deliveries, alarm installation, pool contracts and final orders.

I am doing my best to make our bare and chaotic home merry and festive while also doing fun things with the kids. While we always focus on Jesus during this season, we're also adding some extra magical touches to enjoy it all! We took this bucket list and printed it so we can check off all these goodies as we do them this Christmas season. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Bars

October 7, 2020

Pumpkin bars- tis the season! I don't typically share recipes on the blog simply because I have no idea what I'm doing with food photography but I made these delicious Pumpkin Bars last week so I wanted to share. They're Andrew's favorite thing and the recipe is from his mom so each Fall season, I whip up a batch or two with cream cheese frosting to make it all sorts of decadent.

Save them for as a yummy treat or pair them with a cup of joe in the early am, whatever you like! Shall we?