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September 30, 2013

My weakness? A good pair of leggings, a sweater and a cute mug. When my fellow AZ blogger, Crystal ,added these mugs to her shop, I had to snatch one up right away. She's being a sweet and giving my readers the ability to win one for themselves as well as a discount code to use. You can head over here to shop around and use code "KINCH10" for 10% off (valid through 10/4).

Follow Crystal on Pinterest, here and leave a comment on this post to ensure your entry.

Tweet about the giveaway tagging @crystalfaye_ & @aubreykinch leaving a separate comment you did so.

The giveaway will close Friday October 4 at midnight MST and the winner will be contacted shortly after to claim their prize. If I don't hear back from the giveaway winner within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected and contacted at that time. Good luck and happy shopping!

leggings (option: here, here & here) | Hello Fab
sweater (love this & this!) | Old Navy
phone case (option: here & here) | Society 6

Weekend Plans

September 26, 2013

Next Tuesday, October 1 is our third wedding anniversary. It's so weird writing this because we've been so blessed to have such an easy and fun marriage thus far so it feels much longer than 3 years since we said "I Do". On the other hand, it feels like yesterday we started dating and were quickly engaged. Funny how that works.

We stayed at Talking Stick on our wedding night and a couple times since so we felt like it would be fun to splurge on the executive suite and spend our weekend downtown celebrating 3 years of marriage. No special plans for a big dinner or fancy night out, we're just opting for pizza in with our favorite movies and a lot of alcohol...! Drake is stoked to be spending the weekend at Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Eric's house and he'll have his brother, Brutus there with him so they will have a blast.

What do you prefer on an anniversary? Low key or elaborate?

How To: Everyday Curls

September 24, 2013

I've been getting so many questions on instagram how I curl my hair and it really isn't too different from this tutorial but I now part it in the center and no longer blow dry so it was about time for an updated vlog. I'm not using any product to start and I finish with this hair spray. I've tried really hard to keep my hair healthy so it can grow so here's another post with a few tricks I've been working with. 
I do have pretty easy hair so I seems to really do whatever I want it to so I'm sorry if this doesn't work for you! It's all about practice and really learning what works and how you can personally manipulate your hair. I can only encourage you to take some time throughout your busy schedule and spend a chunk here and there playing with different styles and such so you can learn how to pull those gorgeous looks together at home. 

Mommy's Side Kick

September 23, 2013

+cardigan here

I seem to be going nonstop lately with working from home to working at the church and any time it's from home, I can count on my monster being there with me at all times. He's my little side kick (& watch dog!) and I love being able to work from home spending time with him. It may not be a big deal to you, but when a dog is in my family, that means they're my baby so Brutus is my first born and spending time with him makes my heart so warm. 

I also made a big announcement yesterday on instagram about my position changing at the church and I'm so excited about that! I will now be focusing my efforts on all the social media platforms our church is involved in as well as maintaining a blog .... shut up, I know! I couldn't be more thrilled! Who knew I'd be blessed enough to work on graphic design there but now I'm also doing the marketing side of the business and blogging....I mean, it doesn't get much better than that. I started an instagram for them where I plan to post inspiration and normal happenings on the church campus and would love for you to follow along for a dose of uplifting in your IG feed (@ccojoy). And if for some reason you want to stay connect elsewhere, you can see our Facebook here and Twitter here.

Happy Monday, friends!

6 Phone Freebies!

September 20, 2013

+ to install you'll need to be on a desktop computer, 
click the link which takes you to a google drive, 
choose "file" in the top left corner and select "download"
email it to yourself and set it as your phone wallpaper.

home screen, here
lock screen, here

After doing the new update on my phone, I figured I needed a new styled background and this one came to me. I know I've done one similar to this in the past but I thought this would still be cute for those who wanted to snag it. Also, remember this seriously loved desktop background and this sassy one? I finally made them into phone backgrounds for you, here, here, here and here! Whew, 6 downloads today.... talk about a happy phone!

Happy Weekend, friends.

Fall Maxi + Thoughts

September 19, 2013

It's that time again. A little collaboration with my lovely, Becky for our piece of the month. This month we chose a maxi and how to transition it to Fall. Honestly, when I found this fab Old Navy crew neck sweat shirt, I knew it would be the perfect transition piece for my flowy summer maxi skirt. Head over to Cella Jane to see how Becky styled her maxi this month!

On another note, it hit me the other day right after I dropped Drake off at school how blessed I am by him and what my role as a woman has become. It's weird confidently stepping into that role not knowing how he would adjust to me, or how Andrew would react to my motherly instincts and even how his mom would accept me playing a more active role. I just all the sudden became overwhelmed at how easy this has all been. Drake is the best stepson and has made it known to me he loves and appreciates me. Andrew has only praised and encouraged me being more active and the sole responsibility for Drake and Esi, Drake's mom, has become more of a friend than an enemy. It's been wonderful.

There were two incidents that really stood out to me the last couple weeks and I just need to share because God has done some amazing things for our household and with my heart that I'm so grateful for.

This past weekend I was at my in-laws house with my sister-in-law and Drake's mom getting some things ready for a party. I'm always a bit on edge when I normally spend time around Esi as I know it's not easy for her to see me mothering her son and it's an ex....I mean, it's kind of inevitable it's weird, right? From what I planned to spend maybe 30 minutes over there helping out, I spent 4 hours just hanging out with these two great ladies and enjoying some time to visit and chat about life and everything in it. If you asked me if I thought Esi and I could do this 4 years ago when I stepped into the picture, she and I both would've laughed in your face. I can't express to you how it feels knowing I have the love and support from her as well. She even text me on my birthday with the most sincere birthday wish I've ever received.... literally. I mean, I'm just in awe of how God has changed our hearts and has given us the friendship to work together raising Drake. Amazing.

Monday night rolled around and we had a few friends over for dinner. I had told Drake they were going to be over early evening but some conflicts happened causing them to come 20 minutes before little man's bedtime. He asked me when they would be there and I had to break the news he wouldn't be spending much time as he needed to hit the hay to rise early Tuesday. He broke down, tears and all but went straight to my arms to be cradled and consoled. My gosh, you have no idea what that does to my heart. I melted and thanked Jesus for blessing me with this little human being. I had boogers and tears of his rolling down my arms and I was simply overcome with joy that I am able to be a little comfort in a time he's upset. How did I get such luck when I married Andrew? 

I know I could go one for days but it hit me so hard in every fiber of my being how much I love Drake and how much I love my husband for choosing me to help hold his hand through life and raise him. It floors me what the depths of that means and I'm honored to be part of this journey with him.

top | Old Navy
skirt | Nordstrom
sandals | Target
watch | Fossil
link bracelet | Etsy
bangle bracelet | Alex & Ani (thanks mom!)

iPhone Cuteness

September 16, 2013

But really... it's sad how I resort to browsing iPhone cases in my spare time and seem to always have one on it's way to me from eBay or amazon. I have to say, I used to hate them thinking they were too bulky and masculine but somehow my heart was changed and I haven't looked back. It's come to the point now when Drake and I are out shopping, he bee lines for the tech accessory section and picks out a new case for me.... every.single.time. Oye!

here are some i'm completely swooning over!

Rain Boots & AZ Don't Mix

September 12, 2013

Arizona and rain boots really don't mix. I mean, yes, we have monsoon season but what, that's like 1 month out of the year and it's during the summer so it's still balls hot while pouring out....? To me, that's no fun but I like to turn the AC down real low in the house and bundle up anyway just to pretend like it's actually a normal rainy day. Is that weird or am I totally sane doing this? 

I know everyone and their moms are on the Hunter boots craze as of late and I wasn't really feeling the plain and simple aesthetics of them. I snagged a cuter pair of rain boots (in my opinion) from Joules and have to say, these babies will totally pass up those plain Hunters any day! Don't you agree? I'm pretty basic with my wardrobe any way so I thought these sassy ladies would throw a little punch to my normal black and neutral outfits and I am fully going to pull these out of the closet even when it isn't raining!

boots | Joules (here is their stash of rain boots!)
jeans | Mother Jeans
top | Forever 21
scarf | Target
watch | Fossil

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

September 10, 2013

[ 1600 x 1000 ]

Have we all seen these cute mugs from Ashley Brooke Designs? I haven't yet purchased one but I'm pretty sure I stalk them about 4 times a day dreaming of having it in my hands. It may be the bright pink I'm swooning over or the fun saying but either way I had to enjoy a little recreation of my own that's similar.

Thank you all for the love on yesterday's post also. It's not easy coming to that realization but I do know, as many of your reassured me, God has a bigger plan and it's all in His timing we will be blessed by little miracles. Hope you all are having a fabu week thus far!

The Truth On 24

September 9, 2013

Yesterday was my birthday and I wrote here that this year I wasn't really feeling it and it's very unlike me. I thought and thought and it really hit me why this year was so different from the rest for me. It's not easy saying this because my eyes still sting when I face this reality but I suppose it's time to write about it and get it off my chest so I can try to breath a bit more.

Growing up I knew I wanted to start a family young. I knew I wanted to be a mom and stay home with kiddos and I had an image in my mind of when I'd start and when I'd be done. All along I wanted 3 babies. I wanted to start soon after marriage and I wanted to be done by the time I was 24. Here I am, 24 with no babies of my own. Andrew and I have talked and talked and we're just not fully there and ready to move forward with expanding our family and that hurts me. 

Saturday I spent the majority of my day with my sweet God Daughter, Peyton (she's 2) and her mom and dad at a little one's first birthday. Taylor was turning one and we know her because her mom and dad are great friends to Andrew and I. I remember learning when each of these girls were pregnant and being ecstatic for them. I remember thinking God is blessing their lives and I couldn't be happier for them and I shouldn't be far behind in announcing the same news. Sitting at Taylor's birthday party Saturday, emotion completely took me over and I had a moment of panic and hurt realizing I would be 24 the very next day and still haven't been able to announce that amazing news of being pregnant.

I have to be honest and say, I have been scared the last couple years thinking about having kids and expanding but this past summer spending more time with Drake has sealed the deal and reassured me I am ready and I can't wait for that next chapter of life. I love being a stepmom to him, I love getting hugs and packing lunches and going shopping together. I love being a "mom". So Sunday, my birthday, I was emotional. I was hurting and I was upset.

Am I wallowing? Absolutely. It's quite selfish and I know this. It isn't just about me and my wants and I fully respect Andrew wanting some more time just us, I do too! It just hits you hard when your stepson talks daily about having siblings and then all the sudden you're 24 and that number is a connotation with something that hasn't happened.

As we stand now, we're still at least a year out with trying to expand and that's something I am okay with some days. Others, it sucks. It doesn't help most of our friends we spend time with are either pregnant now or have children so being surrounded by that constantly again, isn't easy. 

As for my birthday, it honestly started shitty. It was filled with tears and frustrations and lots of hugs from my husband trying to make me feel better. I splurged in the afternoon for a mani | pedi which picked up my spirits and our dear friends David and Holly saved the day. They came over with little notice with everything for fondue and we ate and drank and laughed and it's just what the doctor ordered to turn this birthday around. I couldn't be more thankful for them and all they do for me. They both are beyond selfless and always putting others first. They made me sit while they did all the prep and cooking and even did all the dishes so I didn't lift a finger. Again, just what I needed. 

Thank you all for the birthday love this year, I do feel so special getting texts, tweets, emails and phone calls wishing me a wonderful day. Each and every one lifted my spirits a little higher and it went straight to my heart, so thank you.

Birthday Weekend

September 6, 2013

Sunday, Sept 8 is my birthday and this year it's been a little different planning and figuring out what I want to do. In the past we've always gotten a big group of friends together and gone to our favorite bar for both mine and Andrew's birthdays but I don't really know if I'm feeling that this year. I mean, me being a planner normally has invites out 3 weeks in advance so seeing as I haven't connected with anyone, it's obvious nothing will happen, ha!

I guess I'm in a place this year where a day of rest would be completely fab along with a mani // pedi date.... with myself? Is that totally lame? The last couple weeks I have been splurging on a few goodies I've been eyeing so I consider those my birthday gifts this year along with the desktop computer hubs spoiled me with for design work.

Sunday is also Fall Kick Off for our church so I've been quite the busy bee the last couple weeks with my coworker choosing the new brand direction we'd like to go for this season. That being said, we're having a pretty big tailgating party Sunday for kick off and new service times are beginning along with different directions for each service geared towards a specific age. I'm really excited we will be starting the "modern" service on my birthday because I know our good friend and the Worship Director will rock the worship set.

Hope you all have a fab weekend, I'm off to drown myself in design work so I can actually take this weekend off for myself!

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T H I S   W E E K :
and TKL was featured Thursday over here!

Neutrals + Boyf Jeans

September 4, 2013

Ever have those mornings you wake up and all is good and well, you make your coffee, spill it but a deep breath later and it's okay again. Moving on to showering and getting your makeup done and then your brand new case of mineral makeup crashes to the floor spilling everywhere? Nothing an additional deep breath can't fix. But then you try unplugging your curling iron it falls off the bathroom counter to burn your foot....? By this time the only logical thing going through my mind was to throw my curling iron across the bathroom and scream in frustration. I mean, really?!

The last 2 days I've been quarantined in my home, sick as a dog with some crazy stomach flu so when I felt better this morning, I was freaking excited to get my ass out of bed and slather my face in makeup to embrace a day without dry heaving and sore abs. And then my series of unfortunate events take place and I'm fuming walking out the door.

Whyyyy me? Why today? Blah blah blah.... I was also pretty excited to deem my new boyf jeans and by the time I got to work this morning, I realized I got one size too big. Or the 8 pounds I've lost in the last 2 weeks has something to do with my pants being at my ankles. I don't know but I'm still a little irritated from all the nonsense today has punched me with so let's just go back to bed and start this day again, yes?

pants | Target
top | H&M
shoes | Victoria Allard (poshmark)
clutch | Marshall's
watch | Fossil
link bracelet | Etsy

Recent Work: Linen & Lace

September 2, 2013

When I say I've been knee deep in design work, that's pretty much an understatement. I find myself constantly trucking to my office without an intention to check emails or open design programs but automatically default to working then for hours on my "day off". I think with our new schedule and Drake, I'll quickly learn it's time to slow down and actually take a day off because I seriously need one. But I've been really excited on some recent projects of mine and want to share the most recent full business brand I've completed. 

Brittani was an angel to work with during this process and let me have creative reign over how the full brand came together. Above are only a few elements of her new business but take a look at her blog to see it live and all the extras we worked on as well!