Make & Take Recap

March 29, 2018

I jumped into Young Living Essential Oils head first on January 1. I mean, head first. I said I'm doing the business side of it knowing how amazing my team and leaders were and thought if I could make some income sharing about something I'm passionate about, you bet I will! There's such a stigma about MLM businesses and while I've always steered away from them, this felt so right.

Fast forward 3 months and I've hit ranks that are hard to hit in less than 9 months. I've been gifted items from Young Living for moving up quickly and I've found a fire with this business I haven't had in a long time. It's crazy and fun and exciting and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm building my team, choosing who I'm working with (hi bestie and sister!!) and it's been something only progressing in a positive way.

This last weekend I hosted my first Make & Take event at The Collective AZ, a local studio available to rent to host parties, shoot content, have get together's... etc, and it was so much fun! Malia, the owner of The Collective AZ and of Malia B Photography was so kind and shot the event so I could share it here on the blog. We made bath salts, relief rollers, and sleepy linen spray. We ate delicious Fired Pie pizzas and followed that up with custom cookies from the talented Whip It Good Cookies.

Honestly, I'm still pinching myself this is my job. Want to read my journey to oils? Check out this post! Ready to come oil with me? Grab your kit, here!

House 4 | Master Bedroom Refresh

March 28, 2018

The news is out!! We have made a huge change with our life and family as Andrew ended a chapter with Discount Tire on Saturday. He was with the company for 12+ years and loved working for them but after his accident in 2016, things began to hurt and be harder on him. He switched from the stores of the company to the sales department in December but was then presented with an incredible opportunity taking on property management for our family realtor. It's was silly not to jump on that since he's so passionate about finding us homes - hence our 4 houses in 3 years.

Monday was his first official day with his new career and building his business and because of that, I'm determined to create him a space that's perfect for him working remotely. We both now work from our home and I have a designated office space in our front room and while his desk setup has always been in our master, I thought it was time to make it a bit more his style and bump up the character with some black detailing and wood finishes.

I was introduced to At Home about 6 months ago from a friend when I was on the hunt for some dining table chairs and fell in love with their store. Seasonal, patio, decor, textiles, storage... you name it, they have it. It's dreamy. Because I didn't want to spend weeks looking for pieces to refresh our bedroom, we went to At Home to make it a one-stop-shop and get everything we needed at one time.

We barely tweaked the space with adding a bookcase, greenery, and bright rug yet it has an entirely new and eclectic vibe going on. The textures give some serious dimension, the green and blue pops offer bright and cheerful vibes and the black metal accents really tie in nicely with Andrew's music pieces sprinkled throughout the bedroom.

I think tweaking this space was a perfect pairing for him and having a space to work but also a fun update for moving into Spring and just giving the room a fun update with minimal changes.

What do you think? Was it a successful refresh?!

Special thank you to At Home for sponsoring this post.
While product was gifted, the opinions and thoughts shared about
At Home and their store are my own.

Magic Sleepy Dust

March 27, 2018

Dare I say, Hollyn is finally sleeping better?! We went through a weird stage all over again where she wasn't sleeping because of her teeth and all she wanted was mama. We removed the DockATot just after she was 12 months and finally ordered a second one to have her get back into it and see if that would help.

Well, it did.

She's been sleeping way better, more in chunks, and we aren't so zombie status. We had moved the other DockATot we had to Emery's room because she started rolling out of her bed pretty frequently and it was just so sad waking up to her crying from falling off her bed. This is why I love this product. It's good for my 3.5 year old and it's good for my 16 month old. Winnnnning!

I have so many friends and family asking me about the DockATot and if it's worth it - 100%! It's the product I recommend to be at the top of their baby registries or to find one from a friend who is no longer using it. It's just that good. Magic sleepy dust and all.

What are your thoughts? Is the investment worth the sleep? That's a no brainer for me! I would recommend having two covers on hand so you can wash one and have a second to throw on when you need to. We have pink, white, floral and I'm debating a fourth because the new patterns are so lovely! ;)

House 4 | Laundry Room

March 20, 2018

all woven baskets and wire baskets - Michael's | shelving - Dec1 Designs | rug - Target | framed picture - Minted | woven hanging - Target | thieves cleaning collection - Young Living

We move and each time we get settled and really feeling like it's our home when Andrew drops the bomb on me and we're suddenly moving again. But this time, we're staying put. We're on the 7 year plan to pay off our home and because I'm damn determined to make that happen, we're starting doing projects to make our space completely us.

A friend of Andrew's is such a talent and incredible at his craftsmanship and he just finished up adding custom floating shelves in our laundry room. It was a simple and plain builder grade space before and with him just adding in shelving with industrial styled hardware, it's a whole new, and gorgeous space!!

I don't typically draw towards the brown tones but I wanted this area to be more industrial and boho so when I found this rug at Target and the wire baskets at Michael's, I knew exactly how I wanted this space to be transformed.

Dec1 Designs was incredible at catching my vision and giving me insight and professional feedback based on what I wanted while pairing what would be doable and sustainable for longevity and style. I couldn't be more pleased with how Mike updated this space for us!

Now on to the next project with him... sliding barn doors! Yay!


March Mood

March 14, 2018


+ optimistic. new things are on the horizon and it's incredibly exciting. will share soon.

+ empowered. oils have changed our life and home and seeing them work each season we embrace gives me all the feels.

+ strong. after digging into Barre3 more and more, I'm feeling stronger and more passionate about making it a normal part of my daily life.


+ everything from American Eagle. as always.

+ Emery's new commitment to ballet. she is just a sweetheart when she's out doing something and learning new things. it's a challenge for me to commit to those types of things but she thrives in those environments. it's good for her and for me to watch her grow.

+ shiplap! I always have but we're on the cusp of adding a lot to our home and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. I'm deciding between natural wood and white in a few spaces and we all know white will likely win.


+ to finalize Easter plans. the OCD in me is having a mental breakdown thinking about it and how no plans on either side of our families have been made. it makes me want to host and invite everyone but also, I don't want to do that again.

+ to quit sugar... but I have an addiction, truly. tips? suggestions? how do I cut the crack?

+ to purge! it's about that time I am feeling overwhelmed by the closets and what has accumulated so I'm about to go through and pitch it all. nothing like a good cleanse to step into Spring.


Do you have anything special going on in March? It's spring training month in AZ so I'm sure we will try to make it to a few games and enjoy the outdoors before it's insanely hot. Two years ago, we headed out to a spring training game an hour after we found out we were having our Hollyn Grace! Fun memories, I tell ya!


Barre3 Private Event Recap

March 12, 2018

I love love love supporting local and it just so happens there's a brand spanking new Barre3 studio opening literally 5 minutes from my house. It's right next to my beloved Target with a Nektar Juice Bar opening next door to the studio so you know I'll be there all the time and enjoying some yummy juice with my kiddos after class.

I was able to get familiar with Barre3 as they've been having free pop-up classes all Fall and Winter ramping up the opening of the new studio and it's been so enjoyable and empowering finding a workout I love! The connection you build with these girls is one thing but the feeling I have after each class of accomplishment and gratitude for what my body has done is so freeing. I'm finding my niche in making myself and body a priority and I just can't wait for the studio to open here in a couple weeks. They focus on a mix of Yoga and Ballet but it's all able to be modified. If you're just getting back into working out and being active, you can modify anything to tweak the workout to you. I love that!

Kendra, the owner, let me host a fun private event this past weekend with some local friends to show them what Barre3 is all about and to see the studio before everyone else. It's so beautiful inside and has childcare!! All the mamas said AMEN!

As soon as the studio opens, I'll make sure to share so if you're local, you can check out the space and membership options. Until then, follow along with @barre3northpeoria for updates and uplifting, encouraging vibes!

Motherhood is Tough

March 5, 2018

Today was rough. Like really, really rough. I sat and cried in my car, I cried getting the girls bathed, I cried to my instagram audience sharing how the thick of motherhood is hard. It's really effing hard. I have days I snap over and over, I find myself wishing away the day and counting down the minutes to bed time and I have days I am just done. I can't fathom having one more melt down or tantrum and I've mentally thrown in the towel.

Today, I found out that's normal. It's common and it's welcomed and supported by all those other moms out there going through the exact same thing. I strive to raise my babies with a heart for Jesus, with manners and politeness, with respect and compassion - but a lot of my days, I catch myself wondering when the heck is that going to sink in.

But reality check. They're babies and kids. They aren't grown adults with it's expected to have our tantrums together (for the most part) and their life completely in order. They have these emotions they are trying to learn and deal with; love, anger, excitement, fear, joy, sadness... and I'm hear to show them that's okay to have them all! God made them that way! It's my job to teach them how to honor those emotions, feel them, and share them respectfully when the time is presented.

Let me say, the middle of Target using the anger emotion, throwing yourself on the ground... not my favorite time for you to use that one. Could we maybe save it for the car?

Last night I found myself with the above situation happening with all eyes of people around me ON ME. Looking at me with judgment and disgust. Not a single person said "you're doing a good job, mama!" or something like "they love you and keep doing what you're doing" I think anything encouraging in that moment would've lightened my heart and given me some hope. So my encouragement to you - next time you see a mama with kiddos all over, losing their minds and she looks mortified and hurt and embarrassed... go give her a hug and say "you are doing a great job."

And if you're one of the people who responded to my instagram story today, thank you. You held my hand today and I felt it. It takes a village and I'm blessed by mine.