Bible Journaling Challenge

November 29, 2017

I'm incredibly excited and honored to be heading up a challenge throughout the month of December focusing on spending time in the Word and honoring Christ during the Christmas season. It's important for me as a mom for my kids to see me spending time talking to God and making sure the holidays are spent with Christ the center of the festivities. I'm all about traditions and creating memories as a family but making sure everything revolves are Jesus Christ is all I want to instill in my babies.

All during the month of December, I'll be sharing through email prompts quick and tangible ways to spend time devoted to building your foundation furthering God's kingdom. I've created a Facebook group for everyone to come for community, encouragement and support throughout the challenge.

If this is something you'd be interested in be involved with, comment below with your email or contact me via email so I can get you on the list!

Tackling Motherhood and How to Make it a Breeze

November 20, 2017

stroller- Maxi-Cosi | jeans- American Eagle | top- PinkBlush | shoes- Target | bag- Fawn Design

Is that an oxymoron or what? I don't think Motherhood could ever be a breeze because kids quite simply keep us busy and on our toes but in general, there are tools and resources we can put in place that make it a touch more smooth. Since having two little ones, I'm all about adapting them to my daily life and that means errands, making plans, needing to get things done and while doing so, I need them contained.

That's why I love the invention of a double stroller. The Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 makes trips out with the girls a whole lot easier than if I didn't have gear containing them. Two seats, two large storage baskets, a cup holder for my giant coffee and the ability to recline their seats when nap time hits.

See?? Motherhood can be a breeze when companies think of functionality when designing baby gear!

Can we also talk about these shoes? They popped up on my instagram feed when I was scrolling a few weeks back being at Target and naturally, I'm at Target every other day, I looked and looked and kept checking back and finally found them at a Target further from our home. Snagged them, love them and tell everyone they should pick some up too.

Honestly, I didn't think I would wear them too often but still wanted to add them to my closet and I find myself grabbing for them more than my trusty sneaks or strappy sandals. Win win win, y'all.

Introducing... Brielle Ann

November 15, 2017

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law welcomed their sweet baby girl earth side Sunday, October 29th during a whirlwind delivery. They were so bummed they couldn't come to Colorado and celebrate Grandpa's life at his service on October 28th and we all thought they'd have the baby while we were out of town and God sure is funny, orchestrating it to happen just like that.

Brielle (God's bravest woman) Ann (favor and grace) was born in the afternoon after a few short hours of laboring - such an answered prayer for my sister! I was so grateful they were able to have the time to themselves soaking her up without two sets of families pounding down their doors to meet their new bundle of love. I think those first few hours, days and weeks are precious and intimate and meant to be for mom, dad and baby, as much as possible.

I had the pleasure of shooting newborn pictures when she was 6 days old and ughhhh, the baby fever is real!!

Sweet Elle, auntie loves you! May God bless you always.

Baby Bath Time!

November 14, 2017

bubble bath, body wash- Tubby Todd | knit doll- Cuddle + Kind | jammies- KicKee Pants | backsplash- B Darling

It's not a lie we are sent PR goodies all the time and some of those end up in a box going to donations or to a women's shelter while others are used continually and I'm then buying after the fact because I love them. I am an open book and will only share the latter with things I personally tell everyone about and am keeping stocked after the fact and a recent package from Tubby Todd is one of those things!

I haven't been a die hard only one bath wash, kind of mama with the kids - I try a lot and haven't found one I have continually purchased but I will be buying Tubby Todd from now on! It's natural, safe and gentle for sensitive skin and smells incredible!

I lather my babies up with the lotion after baths and can't stop smelling them because I love it so much. I'm also soaking up sink baths as long as I can with the bubble bath because that will end sooner than later and I need my babies to stay babies foreverrrr!

House 4 | Emery's Room

November 13, 2017

Well.... Emery had her room completed and decorated the first week we were in our new home and then I suddenly became really sick of pink. Like pink was everywhere and I couldn't handle it so we switched things out with things we already had on hand and created a little bit more of an eclectic space that doesn't scream PINK.

The quilt shown is one I had in our master bedroom for extra warmth but it's the perfect marriage with the "don't grow up it's a trap" sign my sister in law made. I pulled more creams and blue tones this time around and made it extra cozy with throw blankets and pillows and of course, an abundance of Cuddle & Kind dolls.

I also moved her little craft table from the family room in her room so she has a space to sit and color and escape from her sister when she's annoying her - which happens often. 

The one thing I updated and purchased was this canopy and these lights from Amazon to create a fun little "princess" feel with twinkle lights and whimsy vibes. She adores sleeping with them on and it's just a sweet little space for her to enjoy.

I love how it all came together!

Jumping Into the Weekend...

November 10, 2017

jammies- Matilda Jane | sweater- Vici | scrunchie- Shop Chelsea King

This week has drained me. Mentally, physically, emotionally... I'm ready to check out with work and social media and check in to family and time slowing down. I never feel like I have a good balance of the two and quite honestly, I need to get better about that.

I'm planning to cozy up in some jammies (like these from Matilda Jane) with some hot cocoa and my babies and watch Christmas movies and bake cookies and eat some home cooked meals with no agenda. My kind of weekend!

Enjoy yours!

Celebrating Emery + Hollyn's Birthdays

November 9, 2017

This past Sunday we celebrated the girls together with one party because it's just easier that when with their birthdays being so close together. Notice Emery above holding up three fingers for her age, all sorts of serious! Haha!

They had a blast soaking up friends and family and eating cupcakes (thank you Sprinkles!!). I chose to do a simple Honeybee theme because I fell in love with these invites from Minted. I just couldn't pass them up!

Candace from Presh Toast made them birthday hats and all the paper goods to add some fun details to the party and then Gathre sent us the Midi Mat in Ivy to catch all those crumbs and sprinkles when singing happy birthday!

It all turned out so cute and perfect for them. We sure love these girls and how they bless our lives abundantly!

Happy Birthday Hollyn!

November 8, 2017

She's ONE!! It blows my mind it's already been a year when on one hand I feel like she was just born and on another, I feel like she's been in our family forever. I tried hard to document her first year as well as I did with Emery but I fell short. Something I regret but have to accept and that's okay... she's so loved and cherished in our home and the perfect piece to our family puzzle.

Happy birthday, sweet Hollyn!

6 Stunning Thanksgiving Tablescapes

I'll be the first to admit I'm ready to put up all our Christmas decor and fully walk on over Thanksgiving. It's always Halloween and then straight to Christmas for stores and getting product out so it's hard to really focus on the in between with Thanksgiving and embracing that holiday for all it's worth, decorating, planning and soaking it up.

I'm really trying not to jump the gun and put Christmas up... like today and helping me along with NOT doing that, is Pinterest. I scrolled through looking for Thanksgiving inspiration and wanted to share 6 stunning tablescapes for ideas if you're hosting for the holiday!

source unknown

Are you hosting this year? We have never hosted Thanksgiving and typical alternate years with our families on who we spend the holidays with but lately, we're just so burnt out. We'd love to see both families but also don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so we're debating just staying home and celebrating our little family of 5. I know if we do that though, we'll miss out on spending the holiday really celebrating all we're thankful for like our families and loved ones.

The dilemma!

What do you do if you have both your family and your spouses in the same city? Do you to the drop by at both homes? Spend the day at one home only? Stay at your place and boycott all? Open your place for whoever wants to come? Insight, please and thank you!

Matilda Jane, my new girly obsession!

November 1, 2017

Can you believe it's November already? I can. Only because when I kissed my husband goodbye this morning I had a mustache poking my lip all thanks to No Shave November. He always uses that as his opportunity to grow it out and I always steer clear of kissing him as much as possible. 

I'm in the mode of wanting to get the house switched from Halloween to Christmas and totally skip Thanksgiving. We're not hosting this year and although we have the girls birthday party on Sunday, I think having the tree up with some twinkle lights could be inviting and cozy- don't you think?

Speaking of my girls... can we discuss their darling matching jammies? I swore I'd never be the mom putting my girls in matching clothes, yet here I am. I was originally introduced to Matilda Jane watching Fixer Upper and seeing Joanna dress her girls in the darling line and recently, I snagged some pieces for myself and the girls and the fabric sold me! It's incredibly soft and comfortable and makes my little ones look even more darling in the uber sweet, girly pieces.

Since then, I've order multiple times from my rep, here, and she's amazing at sending me over all the promo details and keeping me in the loop on what's coming for holiday and specials. She also posts a ton in her Facebook Group to keep everyone involved, which I so appreciate! We just got a new package in the mail of Christmas jammies and some cute dresses I'm planning to use for our family photo shoot in the next month. I can't wait to share.

"It's all about keeping a little girl... a little girl. Keeping her youthful. Keeping her spinning and twirling and carefree. And most importantly, bringing her happiness."

I never categorized myself as someone into the dainty, girly pieces for little ones but the MJ mission statement has me saying "yes!" over and over so I'm a die hard MJ fan now!

You can shop Matilda Jane Clothing from my rep, Brittany, here!