Maxi Style

May 30, 2014


Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you had a great, short week as we celebrated Memorial Day on Monday! I'm finally back with another installment of the maternity series I'm working on with Kiki La' Rue- so sorry for the delay between outfits but as pregnancy is proving, I don't have the time and energy to keep up with it every week so we will be a bit more sporadic when doing these, hope you understand.

This week I'm featuring the Fiji Strapless Maxi for another great summer look. I chose to pair it with a hat to add a little effortless touch and my trusty Ray Bans to top it off. Speaking of Ray Bans, I've been debating the blue finish aviators.... anyone have them and love them? I think I need a little justification before purchasing but I think they would be adorable with this dress the next time I wear it! Also, I have to be honest, it's been blazing in PHX lately! I don't know how I'll get through this whole summer because the 105-110 degree weather is already killing me. We're headed to the lake this Sunday to cool off and I can see that will be a pattern quite often this summer.

What are your weekend plans?


Nursery Inspiration

May 28, 2014

Emery Nursery Inspo

I have to be honest and say when we found out we were pregnant my mind immediately went to decorating a nursery for a boy so when it was confirmed a little lady was joining our family, I had to regroup a little bit and pull together some thoughts on how I wanted to decor for a sweet princess. We all know I have an obsession with gold and blush so I knew pretty quickly I'd be continuing that love with a room that had those touched throughout. Luckily, I have a lot of items that I can use for Emery's room from my office so I shouldn't have to get a whole lot with the exception of the main furniture. My main purchases will be throw pillows, bedding, a rug and some prints to fill her gallery wall (loving this & this) but otherwise, we are golden... pun intended. ;)

As items arrive, I just get more and more excited that our baby girl will be sleeping in that room and how all our hard work is being spent creating a little oasis for her. I might just be a touch emotional today because I felt her moving for the first time last night but who knows?! I did end up getting a custom gold polka dot boppy cover and blanket for her from this Etsy shop so all around, she will be one sparkling babe!


Floral Pop

May 27, 2014

top | Pink Blush Maternity, jacket (similar)| Forever 21, jeans | Asos Maternity, clutch (same here) | Marshall's, wedges | Riffraff, watch | Fossil, bracelet | Love Always Couture, necklace | Miaearrings, sunnies (option) | Old Navy


Our weekend was literally nonstop and I'm so tired today getting back into the groove of things. After taking most of the night organizing emails for clients and getting my scheduled planned out for the week, I'm not sure my brain is functioning enough to tackle it! We also have bits and pieces of items arriving slowly for baby girl's nursery and that's starting to overwhelm me just wanting to get it painted and put together so I feel ahead of the game. Andrew has to keep reminding me we have plenty of time but me being OCD just wants to get things done as they come instead of waiting to do it all in one weekend.

Speaking of maternity, this top from Pink Blush Maternity has been my favorite lately- it's long enough for leggings or you can scrunch it as I've done here for jeans. It's literally the softest thing ever and I love the pattern. It's the perfect pop for my always dull wardrobe with barely any color. I can already see myself wearing it well after Emery arrives into winter with some leggings, boots and a cardigan, so none pregnant friends, this top is in your realm too! Their Memorial Day sale is active today too so use code MEMORIALDAY20 for 20% off!

Happy Weekend

May 23, 2014

I've been go go go all morning and just looked at the clock for the first time today realizing it's nearly 3pm! What a bust! I still have a ton to do before I feel accomplished before the holiday weekend but I wanted to stop in and wish you all a happy Memorial Day, and of course encourage you to head to your local market for some pretty peonies!

stay safe and cool
H A P P Y   W E E K E N D!

How To: Build a Custom Tassel Garland

May 21, 2014

I am so excited to introduce a little collaboration I worked on with Amina from Studio Mucci over the last couple months. Once we knew we were expecting, I had in my mind how I wanted to announce the gender so Amina and I started chatting and decided to put our heads together on a Custom Garland collab! Basically, I just want to share with you how easy and seamless it is to create a Custom Garland with Studio Mucci and I've pulled together just how I decided the route I wanted to take.

Not knowing if we were having a boy or girl, I created a Pinterest board for each gender (boy + girl) with color palettes and feel of what I was wanting within my garland. I sent this over to Amina and she then got to work creating the perfect mini garlands for me representing each gender so when we found out, we would be able to use it to announce! I got my package in the mail and right on cue the tears came because they were perfect and so dear to my heart.

Simply follow the steps above and feel free to convo her as well with any images you'd like to share after you've purchased as inspiration with color. Don't forget to add all your colors choices in the "notes" area of checking out on their Etsy shop. Perfectly simple, totally custom and great for decor or events! I'll even be using our garland for the baby shower and for the nursery so I'm beyond pleased with how it turned out. You can't go wrong with their goodies so I recommend their shop time and time again, friends! Happy tasselin'!

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It's a Girl!

May 20, 2014

dress (use code KINCHLIFE for 10% off) | blazer | heels | watch


I am so excited to officially share our sweet baby is a GIRL! Truthfully, Andrew and I both thought she was a little lady after our 12 week appointment so when it was confirmed at 16 weeks we were very excited! Neither of us had a preference, just a healthy baby but Drake had been super vocal he wanted a boy. I was so concerned about telling him but he was totally excited and has been rubbing the bump saying "baby girl!" over and over. That's a good sign, right? ;)

What's the babes name? We were a little unsure if we wanted to share her name now or when she is born but honestly, we don't really care what people say about it because it's so special to us so here it is... Emery Odessa Kinch. Emery is something my husband mentioned after we brainstormed names a while back and it's his favorite Christian band. It was so similar to something I liked so I knew it would be perfect for us. Odessa was my grandma's middle name who died in 2007 and I swore when that happened, I'd be naming my little girl after her. I wish her and my grandpa were here to experience this with us but I'm so excited Emery will be carrying on her name and honoring her.

I have to be honest after our ups and downs when I had my arm implant, I think that was God telling us it was time to start trying for our family to expand and it wasn't long after that we did. It wasn't an easy road because it took us a lot longer than we thought it would but after putting our trust in Him we knew it would be the right time. It's now even more surreal knowing it's a sweet baby girl and in just a few short months, she will be in my arms, Andrew's arms and Drake's as part of our family. We are all still beyond elated we have this miracle on the way. I've already been shopping here and there for some goodies and scored her diaper bag from the surprise Kate Spade sale happening now!

As of right now, we are just over 17 weeks, only gained 6 pounds and at my appointment this morning she was moving around like crazy. The nausea is still raging but that's nothing Zofran can't fix. The nursery has been started, a crib and dresser were purchased (thanks mom & dad!) so altogether, we are feeling good and calm with the way things are panning out. We thank you all for your love and prayers while you follow our journey and send lots of love and hugs right back at you!

I also wanted to extend a huge thank you to Amina from Studio Mucci for our gorgeous custom tassel garland! I will be back tomorrow with some more about how to make your own and how she and I worked together on this project that was so dear to my heart!

Get High

May 19, 2014


When I was in junior high my girl friends and I used to think we were super cool and all had the same profile bio on AIM... ready for this? Get high on Jesus. It was that time in life that most of the other people we hung out with who weren't believers were pot heads and we were losers for not getting involved in that so the 8 of us chose to be bold and told everyone who would listen to get high on Jesus. Why am I telling you this? Well, I'm currently high on Jesus. It was just such a powerful weekend I've been devoting my extra time to really spending with God and I'm so thankful for that down time with Him. 

Back in the Fall, Ashlyn and I start a devotional together and it's been something I read daily but never really applied it into my life but it's all I need. I realize it now and am so grateful for the ability to have had my eyes opened this weekend to His Word and love. Today's devotion couldn't hit home more because it's about people trying to always please others without thinking what God wants and needs from them. I'm not on this earth to make sure other people like me, I'm here to build His kingdom and to let His will be done. Simple as that.

Women of Faith

May 18, 2014

I spent this past Friday and Saturday at the Women of Faith conference with my mother-in-law, two sisters, cousin and Drake's mom enjoying the Word of God. We all went as a group a few years back and it was honestly a life changing experience and this weekend proved the same. I can't thank Drake's mom enough for encouraging us all to go and setting it up because it was a weekend all of girls needed. Through the comedy and drama, we all sat in laughter and in tears praising Jesus and thanking Him for our life blessings. So often we forget to simply take a step back from looking at ourselves and our needs to look to Him for what He wants us to do. I think I can say we all left on such a powerful message by Christine Caine feeling so inspired to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our blinded, dirty, bitter world. Angela Thomas said it so amazingly that we need to fix our eyes on Him and push all those other temptations and negativity aside because He is what matters.

The best way I can describe my overall for the weekend is this- it's not about my limitations but it's about how I can do amazing things here on earth for Him and for His Kingdom.

I've also been resting on Mark 11:25 for the last couple months and I encourage you all to dig a little deeper into that this coming week in devotions and prayer time. He heals, impacts and loves us unconditionally so the least I can do is let my pride go and forgive those who've hurt me.

Cancer Sucks

May 12, 2014

It's not often I come here needing your help but today is an exception. As Andrew and I are celebrating our baby love today, our dear friends are struggling in ways I can't wrap my mind around. I met Ryan and Kassie Lashua when I married Andrew and instantly loved them and their sweet girl, Emma. Ryan has been through years of suffering with brain cancer and it's becoming a burden again. Last week he went in for his third round of surgery to remove a tumor and is now battling a long recovery.

How can you help? They're looking to raise $5,000 to help their family with bills and basic living as they'll be taking a lot of time away from work. They're already well on their way with nearly $3,200 raised but a little push is always appreciated. If this pulls at your heart strings and you feel God is calling you to make a donation, head on over to this page. I encourage you to even share the page to spread the word!

Thank you for all your love over the years, I pray you can extend that love to a family dear to our hearts in this time of need.

Shades of Blue

photo creditCori Roberts Photography

Monday, you're here again. Why does it come so quickly?! I have to admit I'm slightly okay saying it's Monday because that means we have one more sleep until we find out what our baby love is! Tuesday is going to be sweet bliss and I can't wait to find out what gender the babe is. Once that is confirmed, I'll be shopping like crazy, naturally. It's been hard not shopping yet but it felt a little mundane and stressful not knowing the gender so it'll be that much more enjoyable this coming weekend when I splurge. Speaking of, this past weekend I spent most of it painting the new office (previous hubs "man room"- sorry babe!) that I'll be sharing with my man. Two desks, two styles, meshed together, YIKES. Mom came over Sunday to help me decorate a bit also with gender neutral in mind but going from this to gender neutral is proving a task. I'll be sure to share on here when I'm happy with the result!

Now this dress! I've given in to the maxi being my go-to and I'm totally on board with dresses like this being in my closet. Kiki La' Rue sent this beauty over and my obsession with cobalt only grew after wearing it a few times. Me being 5 feet, the length is definitely long so wedges are a must or I can hem it but that hasn't stopped me from flaunting it. I also felt it went perfectly with my Gigi clutch and the bold blue shades! KLR sells out beyond fast so I recommend ordering this baby right away! I'm in a M but I could've taken a small even being pregnant. Shop away friends and check out more of their maxis, here.