Friday Freebie!

March 29, 2013

It's Good Friday!
I can't tell you how much I've looked forward to this day.
There's nothing more sweet about the spring season than celebrating our Lord's resurrection.
He died to give us eternal life.
Crazy, right?

What a blessing.

Today your freebie goes right along with spring colors and the joys this coming Sunday represents.
Happy Easter, my darlings.

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1 J O H N 2 : 2 5
"And this is the promise He has promised to us-- eternal life."


March 28, 2013

It's obvious browsing this blog I have a special place in my heart for the color mint. I've never been much of a pink girl but that's changed quite a bit lately but mint is still my number one color I'm dying over. It's smooth and gorgeous and so airy. Just the right cross of green and blue and that tones give such a variety. I could go on and on about this color but here are some things that make me gasp, in mint!

Source: via Aubrey on Pinterest

Gorgeous, right?!

My Pint Sized Love

March 27, 2013

This past weekend we had Drake and it was one we spent a little more time as a family with Andrew not working as much. It was nice having some normalcy where Andrew and I were co-parenting and enjoying Drake together. A lot of the time I'm the one who takes off Fridays to get Drake Thursday nights. It's him and I all day Friday and we're both excited for daddy to get home after his long day. Then again, Saturday we start our morning hiking with Grandpa Eric and run errands, clean the house, get some TV time in and wait for pops to come home. Sunday is when the three of us can sleep in and make breakfast together and enjoy a normal day at church and an afternoon relaxing.

It's something Drake and I are so used to and it's our little routine. Andrew was a little taken back seeing how we've made this normal and was a bit out of place figuring out his own role. Funny how that works. Me, being the stepmom and Drake bonding and building a life together. I think it surprised Andrew when I had to run out and Drake jumped on the opportunity to come with me. So we left the old daddy at home and had some more mommy//son time.

He's been more and more vocal saying he loves me and bringing to my attention how he feels. I dropped him with Grandma and Grandpa Friday for part of the day and he had a hard time with me leaving. Normally not one to give hugs and whine but he gave 3 hugs and kept coming to me saying "huggggy". I can't tell you what that does to my heart.

It's magic.

I realized marrying Andrew I'd be coming into a family and it was something I wanted to embrace. I was fully prepared to take on the role Drake needed for building our home together. In no way was I prepared for God to work so deep in my heart to love this boy with all my soul. In no way was I prepared to consider waiting expanding our family just to have more one and one time with my Little Man.

Drake is the world to me. He has helped me become a mom and he's worked his little soul into the middle of my heart. That boy, is the light of my life.

I can't thank God enough.
& Andrew of course, for blessing me with a son.

Workout Playlist: Sassy!

March 26, 2013

Hi friends!

A couple months ago I made a workout playlist for y'all here and it's funny now hearing those songs while working out because I always think I need to make a new one for you. So here it is! This one is a little sassy for ya and I have in my mind ones that are a little rock and one that's country. Hopefully, I'll get those mocked up and out for you in the near future too!

+warning: explicit language 

Have a happy workout!

DIY: Pallet Ottoman

March 25, 2013

You've seen Casa Kinch here and you may notice the coffee table we had there matches our end tables as it was full set along with the couches and area rug we got for our wedding. Well, Drake has made it a thing of the norm to sit on the coffee table while watching TV after millions of times Andrew and I saying no. The table has been on it's last leg lately, literally, wobbling like crazy and cracking if you even put a cup on it, so it was time to upcycle an old pallet I had lying around and make something that's a little more cushy and more child proof.

I figured getting something that's more of an ottoman feel, it would be child proof for later years when we expand out family and it would let us bring in another pop of the green we have throughout our main living space. I chose to paint the legs of the ottoman white because I've been bringing in small touches to lighten up the space so all in all, I'm loving the new statement piece taking over our living room.

T H I S   I S   W H A T   Y O U ' L L   N E E D :

+ mine measured 40" x 48" and we had this from buying our laminate flooring so it was free

poly foam
hobby lobby $34.99 with 40% off coupon at $22.90
michael's $19.99 with 40% off coupon at $13.13
+ i used two inch poly foam making sure it measured an additional 4 inches on each side so when it's wrapped, there's a padding there as well. i didn't have enough from the pack i got at hobby lobby so i purchased a second 1" pack from michael's i doubled to match the height of the 2" foam

joann's $5.99/yd at $13.07
+ i purchased 2 yards of fabric measuring 45" in width; i recommend having at least 50" in width unless you want a battle with the padding

wooden legs
home depot $3.78 at $16.56 for four
+ make sure to purchase the 9" size | see frustrations below with other sizing

staple gun
+ i don't have a staple gun so i used nails but it would be much easier doing a staple gun!

home depot $2.48 at $9.92 for four
+ these are a must to screw the wooden legs into for stability

Simple as that! Okay, not really. Full disclosure, this project turned into a nightmare mainly because I had in my mind, everything would go smoothly and perfect and then I didn't measure and ended up going to Home Depot 6 times in two hours. SIX TIMES. Good, grief. You think a girl would learn after the second trip to measure but nope, I was all about wasting time on my Saturday. 

The first set of legs I purchased were 14" legs thinking it would be a good height for a foot rest but lawwwwd, it was taller than the previous coffee table. I then went back and got a set of 3" ones and those were too short. Then 4" and again, too short. And 6", but nope. See my dilemma? Finally on trip number 6, we ended with 9" legs that were perfection. Take it from me, get the 9" ones right off the bat or you'll be a frustrated little lady wandering through Home Depot over and over.

Also, the fabric I chose was one that only measured 45" across but it was a steal at $5.99/yd so I was convinced I could make it work. Well, it proved to be a pain in my toosh. I ended up standing on the inside of the pallet to push to padding down enough to build a small lip of fabric to secure. So again, take it from me and make sure you have at least 50" in width to play with.

Otherwise, this is a simple tutorial and you've now been able to learn from my mistakes!
Enjoy your new addition to your living space!

Friday Freebie!

March 22, 2013

Happy Friday friends!
If you couldn't tell, I'm obsessing over gold and pink still. It's anywhere and everywhere I am right now and I'm totally fine with that. Why not embrace the girly side sometimes even if it's a little extreme, yes? 

Don't answer that, we might disagree.

But today, it's a pink and gold freebie again; get to rockin' your initial pretties!

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a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Have a great weekend, see ya Monday!

Bruschetta Night

March 21, 2013

bruschetta no. 1

bruschetta no. 2

bruschetta no. 3

What's your favorite recipe to use when getting together with friends?

iPad Savvy

March 20, 2013

It's official. I've joined the iPad lovers and haven't wanted to put it down since it arrived Saturday. 

Way back when, I saw a blog post about making your own font and it was done using an app on an iPad. It had me intrigued but it wasn't something I'd only buy an iPad for so it went to the back of my mind.

Lately, building designs I feel like I'm limited to just a few fonts and typography and it's been making me a little crazy. That app kept popping up in the front of my mind again and again. It was time to make the move and expand my resources a little more with designing. Enter the iPad purchase. 

I've gotten it a little customized to my liking, although it's been a fight trying to keep it in my hands since Drake wants to play on it nonstop. I thought the bright pink case and glitter accents for a home screen would disinterest him but I was wrong. 

Either way, I'm just waiting for a stylus to arrive from Amazon and I'll be off to making my own handwritten fonts in no time. At least I hope so!

What are some of your favorite iPad apps?

Working From Home

March 19, 2013

Apparently me working from home some days means I don't actually work. Friends and family seem to think I'm available all day everyday and my life is just a breeze, relaxing, getting a mani, watching TV, who knows? If only I could live a life of leisure but guess what? That's not what I'm doing.

I started working at the church at 30 hours weekly; this gave me time to get home before hubs, work out in the morning and some evening time to get design work done. Slowly but surely, designing has picked up and I've been barely afloat trying to keep up with the amount of clients storming my inbox. I was happy as a bird with a french fry! That meant it was time to prioritize designing more and cut back at the church. And that I did.

I'm now working 20-25 hours weekly at the church, four days a week. Those other 3 days of the week, I'm up at 8am working nonstop until 4 or 5pm on design. Yes, sometimes I'll still make time for the gym around lunch time. Sometimes I'll pop out to run a few errands. Sometimes I'll plan to meet for happy hour but mostly I'm working.

I made this decision with the support of my husband to be able to grow my brand and to get stable in a design business for when we choose to expand our family. I made this decision because when I'm at home in my office, I get a million times more work done than I do anywhere else. It's my happy place, my me time and something I love doing.

But I'm working.

Designing is the main form of my income. I make double doing that than I do at the church weekly. It's been a blessing to grow and evolved into something I never thought I'd be doing 2 years ago. But again, I'm working.

It's been frustrating getting calls or emails from people requesting to get a lunch in or an event that's "mandatory" in their minds. I respond with the truth of me working 7 days a week. Most of the time, they think I'm full of shit. But I'm not. I'm working.

Get it yet?
Design is my job.
Design is my passion.
Design is part of my daily routine.
End of story.

Don't ask me to hang out and get all sassy when I say I can't because I'm trying to build a safe and stable lifestyle for my family.


Happy Birthday

March 18, 2013

Oh, my boo boo, Brutus.
You're 3 years old today meaning you're 21 in doggy years.
Should we celebrate? Go clubbing? Power hour?
Maybe just some extra snuggles and a trip to the pet store for new toys?

Yes, I think that's a winner.

I remember so vividly picking you up and surprising daddy with his early birthday gift.
You were a little ball of fur and a little too rambunctious for my liking.
But you had me wrapped around your little chubby paws in no time.

I think it's safe to say you've turned into quite the mama's boy. Any time I'm working, you're right by my side, any time I throw my sneaks on you're at the back door waiting to run with me. Any time I grab my jug of water, you know that means were off to hike with Grandpa. And you know what side of the bed to come lay your head on every night for some extra love.

You're my baby love and I can't thank God enough for blessing Casa Kinch with you.

I don't think you know this but I get so excited leaving work because that means I'm home to my love bucket. I also cry far too many tears thinking what it would be like without you in our home. Seeing you with Drake and how gentle and loving you are makes my heart so full. You are the glue to our little family of four and you bring a monumental amount of joy that won't ever leave us.

I love you Mr. Pumpernickel.
Just like daddy says.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.

Friday Freebie!

March 15, 2013

Happy Friday friends!

Coming to your phones today is a little background inspired by all things girly. I've become beyond addicted to pink again which is something I never thought would happen after having an entire bedroom painted hot pink but here I am, only wanting more.

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Have a great weekend, we will see you Monday!

Pretty Pinning

March 14, 2013

There's something so serene and calming when you have pretty pinboards. I may sound obnoxious and picky but to me, pinterest provides so much inspiration and when I'm on there, I want to be inspired.

I organized my boards this past weekend one night and now my profile page scream "aubrey" and I can't stop staring. Blush, mint, gold, floral, it's all so gorgeous and elegant. I want people to come to my boards excited and leaving with ideas and photography that makes their heart smile.

I'll be honest, I want to print everything I see and post it all around my home office.
My own mood board right in my face as I work and create pretty things for you.

Don't you just love all things pretty and eye catching?

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Self Tanning: How To

March 12, 2013

I won't lie and tell you I've never stepped into a tanning bed because I have. More often than I should. It's something I shouldn't be doing especially because skin cancer is in my family but there's something about that bold, gorgeous bronze look that melts my heart.

Growing into a woman, I've seen my body and skin change as I'm aging. It's making me stop to appreciate the young skin I have now and start being proactive in the way I take care of it.

I've recently purchased Fake Bake. It's a liquid self tanner that you spray on a professional mitt, apply it to your body and it lasts for 4-5 days. I ordered it from amazon not thinking I'll be conformed but after the first application, I was raving about it! I've tried other self tanners all leaving me with an orange tint and horrendous tanning smell and this product does neither.

So today I want to share my steps of building my tan and the ways I treat it to last it's full potential.

| please pin this to help spread safe tanning methods as we head into warmer weather |

Like I said, I've fallen in love with Fake Bake because of the way it goes on being so easy and light. I've found when using the exfoliating it really leaves a base that's soft and ready to give my tan it's full color. It's lasted me 3-5 days depending on my activity during the time I had it on. One weekend I tried with when I didn't have plans for the gym but plans to spend time with family doing low key stuff and this lasted great. Another time, I went to the gym daily so I showered more and it came off faster. The color doesn't peel, run or get streaky! It seems to just evenly fade away the times I've tried it. I do have eczema, a skin condition that causes little rash spots across my body. Like any self tanner, those spots are definitely splotchy but they're not too noticeable from an observer.

these pictures are unedited

This is after one application ladies!

Sold? Yep, I am too. Forever and always I'll be using this amazing stuff. It's been such a great way to bring in some spring color in a safe way without hurting and frying my skin off.

lasts 3-5 days [the more water, the faster it'll fade!}
doesn't peel, run or streak
has a light coconut smell that's not overwhelming
exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Don't you agree there's something about that illuminating glow of a tan that just makes you feel beautiful?

You can purchase Fake Bake, here.

+note: everyone has different skin types and conditions. this is a tanner that has worked for me but it can be different with each person! i was not paid to write this post, it's my own opinion i wanted to share so others can find something that works for them.

Spring Crushes

We've had some random weather lately in Arizona. Raining and in the 50's to 90's and sweating the next day. It has my mind craving spring more and more but unfortunately, that means the dreaded heat will soon follow. When I say dreaded heat, you only know what that feels like when you've conquered a 120 degree summer. Swimming pools are required in PHX to survive those 4 months of fire.

I've been bringing a little pastels into my daily routine to force spring upon me so today, I'm sharing my pastel nail polish color crushes.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Absolutely Shore- the perfect mint to brighten up your nails. I tend to wear this on my toes with a dark neutral on my fingers. I also layer this with three coats to pop the mint a bit more.

Butterfly Kisses- I just snagged this up last week and I put it on immediately. It's gorgeous and bold yet soft at the same time. I love the cross between pink and purple this brings.

Prima Ballerina- my go-to nude for everyday wear. If I'm not wearing a dark polish it's normally this you'll see me wearing. Again, I do three layers to bring out the color a bit more.

Megan- my first Zoya polish and it's a favorite purple. It's the perfect cross between purple and gray so it goes with so much stuff and it neutral enough to wear throughout the year.

What are your favorite spring pastels?

Organizing Emails

March 11, 2013

A typical day in Casa Kinch looks like this every morning. Hubs leaves for work at 6:30, I fall back asleep until 8 then crawl out of bed, make some coffee, grab the vitamins and get started on emails for the day. 

I've made it a priority to make sure I respond to emails in 24 hours. Why? Because when I'm the receiver, I'm dying to get a response and hate the waiting. Sometimes, life gets the best of me and that 24 hour mark turns to 48 and sometimes 72 but I know I make it a goal to be timely in my responses.


I use Gmail and have every folder color coded. I am used to them by now so I know when I see purple on my inbox, it's related to blogger, blue goes to design and so forth. This makes it easy to identify what's there and whether it needs a quick response or it can wait.

Each category has their own subcategories in my mind. Things I file under my keep folder include items from old pictures of Elle, recipes from my MIL, documents with discount codes and even the copy right file from our wedding photographer. Doing it this way keeps them clean but also uses your space wisely without having 100 folder with 2-3 emails each.

Once I've categorized my email, I go back and make sure it also stays in my inbox because I know it's an ongoing conversation. For example, design clients are always filed under "design" but when the project is in the process of being done, it stays in my inbox until it's completed and is then moved to "design" only. This helps me visualize my daily to-do list for work because I know those are the designs in my queue at the time.

Check your spam daily! I still have to remind myself this all the time. There are a handful of times I've forgotten and then found a million and one emails from potential clients. Make a habit of checking it daily so you can avoid it getting buried and are intentional with a quick response.

There you have it, four simple steps to eliminating stresses of emails and the overwhelming sense of urgency they can cause. I hope my little tricks bring a small sense of peace when you tackle that inbox next time. And, I'd recommend coffee!

Friday Freebie!

March 7, 2013

Happy Friday, sweet friends!
As always, I'm here leaving you with a little freebie for your weekend.
I hope this one starts it off with a bang and only sets you up for a fabulous, colorful weekend!

I was inspired by Kate Spade and the gorgeous spring colors overtaking my instagram feed!

Doesn't that make you want to throw on some wedges, grab a beach bag and enjoy the gorgeous weather around you? And maybe stop at the flower district to bring a little outside, in?
It does for me; enjoy your Friday Freebie!
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Amourx Giveaway: OOTD

March 4, 2013

Not too long ago I came in content with a little online store, Amourx, that specializes in handmade jewelry and accessories. At first it was like any other shop wtih cutsey pieces but the more I browsed around I found pieced I knew I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.

some of those pieces are:

We all know I'm a sucker for skulls, I mean my half sleeve has a giant skull head so it's obvious, I gravitate towards that. Looking through the shop, I found not just one but a handful of skull items that were seriously, so cute! I wear the same pair of earrings daily and Colleen from Amourx sent me these bad boys, and I haven't taken them off since I got them! They're small, thin, delicate but bring out that rocker side of glam I like to pull off sometimes.

Another piece she sent me was this long elephant necklace with just the right touch of teal to make it pop, and again, it's something I've been wearing to accessorize my basic tees and shorts since Arizona is already in the 80's! One thing I really liked about this piece was how it is a worn in gold. It's rustic and bold in just the right balance. I've had so.many.compliments on this guy!

And dare I mention she has the oh, so darling stag in necklace form too?!! Yep, I went there because these are pieces I promise, you won't find elsewhere.

dress// F21
blazer// F21
watch// Fossil
flops// Old Navy
earrings// Amourx

So today, Colleen wants to giveaway something fun from her shop to my fabulous readers!

here's how to enter:
follow Amourx on Instagram: @amourxhandmade
like Amourx on Facebook: here
leave a comment below of your favorite piece from the shop & what products you'd like to see!

bonus entries:
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+ leave a comment for each entry, the giveaway will be closed Friday, March 8 at Midnight MST!

good luck!