Emery | 11 Months

September 29, 2015

Almost a year! Can't even fathom that... the next video I share is going to a mash of everything over the last year and I'll be a sobbing mess. Oh motherhood. I hope you enjoy these short little updates of her living life, in her element. xo

Where You at Fall?

September 28, 2015

Monday. Monday. Monday. We got home yesterday from a weekend up north with all of Andrew's family and it was a bit crazy! Emery got really sick and was throwing up half the time we were there and we had both kids in our room so we basically didn't sleep more than 5 hours for the 2 nights we were away. I'm dragging today but I got super excited when my new tunic (in brick) from Fancy Free got here and I had to snap pictures for you right away!

What's better is that it's Broncos colors and they won last night so I'm calling this one a win! It'll be great for pairing with some ripped denim or leggings when it actually cools down in PHX too.... but we're still in the 100's. HEAT WAVE.

Make sure to use code "loveaubrey" for 15% off at Fancy Free when shopping! xo

Fall Picks for Babes

September 17, 2015

Good morning! I spent some time this morning browsing the Old Navy baby + child sale and stocked up on the kids Fall and Winter wardrobe. Everything is up to 50% off and I scored big time taking advantage of this sale. Trust me, all the items are super cute too! I figure with Emery we're going simple with some onesies and leggings but we grabbed some cute tops and pants to pair for church or random outings.

Here are my picks!

New House | Entry

September 9, 2015

Welcome to our home...! I'm so cheesy. But really, this is the entry way when walking into the house.

We don't have a ton of space here but in our previous house we had zero entry space so this is such a positive for me! I wanted to do something to spice it up and snagged this runner from Lulu & Georgia and also focused on one art piece to make the area pop. When I came across this one from Minted, I thought it might be a little too predictable being in PHX but I really loved it and couldn't pass it up!

One thing I always love doing is leaving a small bowl of candy or chocolates there so people can grab as they please, coming and going. York peppermint patties were my grandma's favorite (who Emery was named after) so it's a touch of nostalgia and sentiment for me. Love that!

I grabbed this snake leaf plant from Lowe's almost a month ago now and it's still going strong so I'm thinking it might last? I've heard it's one that's hard to kill so I went with it. ;)

Simple and clean - which seems to be the motto of the home - but perfect to welcome guests!


September 8, 2015

Today has been like any other day but actually a little more "on" time as mama. Yesterday I spent a period of time cleaning puke off our new carpets and walls in the upstairs hallway because my 9 year old couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and Emery was quite boisterous and aggravated so both kids went to bed early all while we had guests over and it was intended to be a late, chill night for the kids. But today, as I wake up 26 years old, I thought it would be a low key day since Drake is off school today but it's already proving to be crazy, just as yesterday was. Defiance with both kids are the trend right now... oh parenthood! But they are both napping already today at 8:40am so that's a positive! ;)

I vibrantly remember last year as I turned 25 and being very pregnant with Emery- Drake also got rained out of school that day so he was with Andrew and I for some birthday festivities. We went to IHOP and Costco... because doing that on your own so far along pregnant and post false labor was not happening. We had a calm time but in my mind then, that was a lot of activity. BOY did I not have a clue or what?! This year is busy and crazy and chaotic and filled with love and mamahood. What a blessing to experience this all my 26th year of life.

Recipe | A Baby Smoothie

September 3, 2015

I recently started making smoothies for Emery at breakfast and she is loving them! That girl really just loves food and will devour anything but I've really been intentional about making healthy, yummy things for her instead of the easy methods that are store bought and pre-made. Here's what her typical morning smoothie consists of:

one cup spinach
5-6 straberries
half an apple
one whole kiwi
half cup blueberries
teaspoon chia seeds
a couple ice cubes

We blend it all together and pack it in our Resqueeze pouches so she has four smoothies worth for the week we can easily grab after only making a mess once! Think smarter, not harder, yes? ;)

What do you like making for your Littles that's packed with goodness for them? Do share!

Completing the Kitchen

September 2, 2015

We just moved which is no secret around here but during the process, I think people really only share the good versus the bad or ugly that comes with it. I'm not saying it's terrible to move but I do recommend some good checklists and possibly hiring movers.... okay, I say don't even begin the process without either of those! ;)

I began packing up our old place in March and staging it to sell and when it came to packing up the kitchen (with the help of two amazing friends) I sort of had a melt down. We were still living off items that weren't investment kitchen items, the ones that were constantly being replaced and it had me so frustrated. I vowed with the move I would declutter and spend some time reorganizing my kitchen and filling it with all the basics any home owner needs.

I visited my closest Bed Bath & Beyond and started making my lists of what I needed. Luckily, they sent us a great checklist in the mail when we switched our address with the post office and that made the process so much easier! Take a look below and please help yourself to that download (here) if you're moving and need some new things or if you're just wanting to upgrade your kitchen a bit!

On the same note, I wanted to share a peek at our kitchen superficially... you don't need to see inside my cabinets because, no. Just no. But below I've linked up all the items I ended up buying from Bed Bath & Beyond since moving in last month!


What are some of your kitchen must haves? I'm wanting to invest in a nice knife set next and then go big with a full cast iron pot and pan set. A girl can dream big, right?!

Weekend Catch Up & a Touch of Fall

September 1, 2015

Let's do a little weekend catch up, shall we?

Drake went home on Thursday which always leaves Emery in this little "sad" phase and missing him so Friday and Saturday, I'm blaming that for her being cranky and needy. She is such a love with her brother and now that she's more aware of things, I'm pretty certain she's catching onto the idea of him being gone and back every week. Maybe I'm crazy and just imagining that but who knows! Anyway... Saturday night we went over to my in-laws for our fantasy draft and I worked on some wedding stuff for my sister-in-law. I'm super pumped to be planning the whole thing and I can't wait to share that after the wedding... stay tuned!

Sunday we had a crazy busy day with church, 2 birthday parties and then I decided to get sick on top of it. This is what I wore on Sunday around town and it was perfect way to add a touch of Fall with this Evy's Tree cardigan even with the weather screaming Summer in AZ still but I felt good and stylish for a second.

Can we discuss this bag too? It's from Humble Hilo and I got it right before we went to New York so I used it as my diaper bag/catch all and it was perfect! The space it provides is amazing so I can carry all Emery's snacks and diapers and Drake's random toys along with my necessities with space remaining- I'm using the Large size. The compliments I get when using it never end either and I love that I can share the company with those people who ask about it! Humble Hilo donates part of their earnings to projects they support in Guatemala and that's where all the bags are made- they posted a video on their instagram last week of this particular style being woven and the appreciation for the craft and time spent just swelled my heart! I highly recommend checking them out.

On to being sick... Sunday evening I just could not keep anything down and was soooo blah. It went all through the night throwing up and Andrew had to stay home from work yesterday to keep tabs on Emery while I "called in sick". I don't know what it was... maybe a stomach bug but I'm happy to be about 80% better today! Mamahood and being sick don't mix but I'm so appreciative of my man for stepping in and being Mr. Mom for me. He's a dream.

How was your weekend?

Also, would you like to see a tutorial for this hairstyle? I'm wearing my Hidden Crown extensions here and thought a pony tutorial would be helpful with the halo-like design. Let me know!