Microneedling with PRP // AKA Vampire Facial

September 28, 2017

About three weeks ago, I went to see Carly at Marc Malek Plastic Surgery because my skin was a nightmare and I needed help. A little back story, I've had some serious skin issues since having Hollyn 11 months ago. The breakouts are relentless and I'm constantly trying to get tiny bumps and texture off my face.

I typically would treat with microdermabrasion but it wasn't cutting it. After reaching out to Carly and telling her all about my skin woes, she recommended we do a microneedling with PRP treatment. Most people know this as a Vampire Facial. Since I thought I'd have a lot of questions about what that means, we did a short video of the process breaking it down!

While I was there, she also took some of the PRP and injected in under my eyes where I'd typically apply concealer. You can see that at the very end of the above video but doing this adds volume and helps eliminate the dark circles and bags that linger. I never look rested anymore because I'm up a lot throughout the night with Hollyn and this made me look so much more awake!

Another thing she did was Dysport between my eyebrows, up at the top of my forehead into my hairline and a little bit in my upper lip. Why there? That gives the slightest "lip flip" so instead of enhancing with filler there, it still adds curvature and volume. You can see more about Dysport in a post I wrote, here.

I talked a ton about what she did and showed my skin a touch closer on instastories last week so I saved that video for you and have it below. It's a touch longer and full disclosure, I'm terrible at video editing. Don't judge. Also ignore the end about my Kylie Jenner lips... although, it does show how the Dysport there enhances them! ;)

Verdict? I'm keeping up with having Vampire Facials done! Like I said in the video, I will do two more sessions here soon to see how it can really change my skin with a package and I'll also still be doing Dysport randomly to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Anything to stay more youthful looking but in a natural way, I'm an advocate for!
What about you? Would you do these treatments to maintain well rounded skincare routines?

New Beauty Buys

lipkit - Kylie Cosmetics | clay mask- Amazon | neulash- Nordstrom | gel peel- Ulta | witch hazel- Amazon | kefir moisturizer- TULA | leopard bag- Logan & Lenora

I'm trying to share more candidly about my skin struggles and what I'm using and incorporating over time to give guidance if it's helping me. I've added a few things just for fun (like a Kylie Lipkit, lol) but others shown here are seriously amazing and have helped my skin move through some awkward transitioning with adult acne.

I recently had a microneedling with PRP treatment or commonly known as a Vampire Facial. It was well worth it and you better believe I'll keep that up with my regimen. Carly, my skincare gal, has been so open about what she feels will help my skin and combat the scarring and discoloration acne has caused so I can speak nothing but great things about the treatments she done for me. Stay tuned for more about that, working on a blog post with all the nitty gritty!

That said, here are a few other items I've added to the bunch, both practical and vain.... just to be honest!

Kylie Lipkit. Judge away, everyone. I'm judging myself too. I don't know why I get so darn sucked into the Kardashian/Jenner family but it's my guilty pleasure. I watch their trashy TV, I order makeup from Kylie Cosmetics and I follow all of them on social media. I snagged her recently launched liquid lipstick in Penelope and my thoughts are: Hiiiiii, it's like neon! It's not terrible but more of a summer color. Not something I'll be grabbing at daily.

I fell into the Amazon hole the other night looking at witch hazel and one of the recommended purchases with witch hazel was this indian healing clay. I was sucked into the hundreds of reviews and had extremely FOMO and ordered it alongside the witch hazel.

LIFE CHANGING. I really was missing out. And it's likely you are, too.

Everything the reviews say, is true. I use this weekly and instead of mixing with water, I use Apple Cider Vinegar. Try it and thank me later.

NeuLash was something I purchased about a year ago after eyelash extensions went south. It helped plump up the volume and extend the length and I've been hooked. I won't lie though, I have an appointment Friday for another set of eyelash extensions to go on. I just can't quit them. But, if you need some TLC in the lash department, NeuLash is where it's at.

The credit for this amazing product all goes to my dear friend, Jaime. She does my hair and makeup for events and shoots so when I recently had her do that for a BLANQI campaign, she had me prep with this gel peel to help remove excess skin. I was about 7 days out from my Vampire Facial at that point and was still peeling away and this was CRAZY! Rub this in and my skin just melted off in the best way! I went right out and bough myself a bottle and am using it 2-3 times a week.

Must have! I promise.

See two above. The idea of purchasing witch hazel was to help control the breakouts I've been having and using it as a toner. I loooove the smell of the rose petal and it sure does it's job. I feel clean, grim free and so refreshed when using this. I do this in the evenings after removing makeup to get every little bit off. I'll also use this on a toner pad to remove stubborn lipstick. It doubles as a carrier for some essential oils I use as well.

I've been a huge fan of TULA for a couple years now so when they launched their Kefir collection I was sent the Moisture Repair Pressed Serum and it's been so nice to top on my face morning and night. It's so soft and reminds me of butter so it's great to moisturize after a long day or to prep my skin in the morning as a primer. You can use code "AUBREYK15" for 15% off TULA site wide!


Tweaking the Kitchen with Removable Wallpaper

September 25, 2017

Wallpaper makes people cringe, right? I mentioned it to my husband and he shot that down without even giving it a second thought but I knew there had to be another way to get him on board. When we decided on our new home, we had a list of things we wanted to update and add around the house, one being the kitchen and working in a backsplash. It's such a simple concept and pulls the entire space together to top it off.

My friend, Whitney, and her husband started a business in the spring focusing on removable wallpapers that were perfect for creating new spaces with a very one simple piece. Easy to install, easy to remove, you didn't have to commit if you didn't like it because it peeled right off.

Knowing I wanted a backsplash yet not being sold on a classic subway tile or a herringbone pattern, I thought using Shop B Darling's large subway tile backsplash for the time being would be the perfect solution to living with this look and really grasping if it's something Andrew and I wanted in the home. 

See! I told you I'd get him on board with wallpaper. ;)

All that said, we snagged some of their removable wallpaper and I spent one nap time on a Saturday with the help of Drake and installed the kitchen backsplash in less than an hour. Talk about a piece of cake! It adheres so easily and using an x-acto knife, I cut around the outlets and laid it all. There were a few spots I didn't line it up perfectly so I peeled it off, relaid it and all was good!

That's my kind of project being painless and quick!

It's been about 3 weeks since installing the back splash removable wallpaper and it's totally sold us on the large subway tile look. It's classic, simple and clean which is totally what we're going for for farmhouse elements throughout the rest of the home.

Whitney and I decided it would be great to spread the love so use code AUBREY15 for 15% off
when shopping Shop B Darling! We're also hosting a giveaway on Instagram, so be on the lookout for the opportunity to win!

Leopard Top // PinkBlush

A Giveaway You Don't Want to Miss!

September 15, 2017

My sweet Hollyn has been a Baby Led Weaning girl and we've loved it. I took me a while to jump on board because I was so worried about her choking but when I in fact understood choking is not the same as gagging, I was in the clear.

I wrote a bunch about my BLW process, here, and the resources I've used but I wanted to share quickly I'm doing a HUGE, amazing giveaway on instagram through tonight, September 15th for all you need to jump into Baby Led Weaning.

All items in these pictures are linked there.

Drake's Bedroom | House 4

September 14, 2017

mattress - 4Sleep | bed- Amazon | wicker stool- HomeGoods | basket- AllModern | desk- Target | chair- AllModern | lamp- The Land of Nod | rugs- Rugs USA | comforter- Target | navy quilt- Target | throw pillows- HomeGoods | pouf- Wayfair | dresser- IKEA | animal head- Anthropologie | mirror- Target | art- Minted | D hook- Anthropologie | scripture art- The Graced House | American flag- Amazon

Preteens are hard. I can't tell if Drake will be in a good mood when he wakes up or as grumpy as they come. I don't know if he'll have a day at school respecting his teacher and abiding by all the rules or one he acts out and I get emails from the teacher. They're unpredictable and moody. I didn't think I'd have an emotional, puberty adjusting boy for a few more years but I think it's upon us.

Because of the constant guessing and weird phase of not quite being boy yet not quite being a teen stage, it was evident to me when we moved I really needed to adapt his bedroom to now being in middle school and something he could grow with. Neutral colors, simple design but functionality. A tall dresser to house his sports gear and folded clothing, a simple white desk to do homework at and spend time in his devotional, a large flag honoring our country and of course, greens! Anything to add some texture and dimension even with some layered rugs.

Overall, I love the vibe it sends when walking in. Not too stuffy or styled but simple enough he can maintain it and keep it organized and clean on a regular basis. You know, if he listens to me and does his chores. ;)

The Girl Who Changed My Life

September 9, 2017

I'm a mama big on chores and pulling your part around the house. I have chores to maintain, daddy has chores, Drake and Emery do and Hollyn will when she's about 2 years old. Simple things like putting your dish in the sink and helping unload the dishwasher are perfect ways to have little ones jump in and preteens like Drake can take on bigger responsibilities. He is helpful with monthly baseboard cleaning and ceiling fans but also helps pick weeds and maintain the outside yard with dad.

I personally clean the house fully each week but run a vacuum, mop and laundry multiple times a week. I was feeling like I couldn't keep up so I have a new woman in my life.

She's really an angel sent from heaven who wakes up each and every day at 9am, gets her chores done and heads back to her home base after only to repeat the next day. She's a diamond in our rough and furry home with a husky and she's more than willing to jump in when mama (me) can't keep things looking presentable on her own.

Okay, I'm talking about bObi Pet! This little robot vacuum is perfection sucking up all the dirty and grim and then running a mop right behind cleaning up a trail of applesauce Hollyn paints on the ground. I didn't think I'd even have extra hands to help me maintain and while she only has feet, they're fit for a glass slipper.

I posted about Little Bo Sweep on instagram when she first joined our family and have many questions about how she actually works. And yes, she works! There was some feedback she's less than helpful but I can assure you, she's earned her name and place in our household. Let's break down some FAQ's, shall we?

I'm a rug fien, we all know this. Each corner if this house is packed and layers with area rugs to create texture and dimension so this was a huge concern of mine. Problem? Nope! There are sensors on the belly of Bo and she feels the flooring changes and just glides right over the transition. She had one little run in with a faux sheepskin rug in Emery's room but I just now fold up the ends to avoid further confrontation.

She has a charging station that keeps her revved up so when she's on the move cleaning the floors and feeling low, she finds her docking station and hangs tight to gas right back up! It's also where she heads back to after she's done cleaning and stays until her next cycle is set.

You have the option of setting her at whatever time of day and how often a week you want her to run. I have her set to clean at 9am every day of the week because one word.... Brutus. It helps maintain any and all dirt he tracks in while picking up the lovely dust bunnies and clumps of furry that fall into the corners of the house and below tables and chairs.

Yes! She's like Cinderella, you guys. She comes fully equipt with a mopping attachment so you just wet the microfiber cloth, add the attachment to the bottom of Little Bo Sweep (bObi Pet) and off she goes! I love this setting for when Hollyn or Emery has a mess after meals. Applesauce, smashed blueberries, spilled milk or water. Bo has my back.

She isn't nearly as loud as a traditional vacuum but she isn't quiet either. I had her set to 8pm at night after kiddos were in bed and I was settled on the couch with the honey but I felt like if she ventured down the hallway towards the bedrooms it could risk waking babies. 

I like to maintain cleaning her regularly after each cycle only to make sure she lasts. I empty the canister which is a simple click of a button and it dumps in the trash and then I wipe off her sensors to make sure they aren't clouded so she transitions well from hard flooring to carpet.

Yes! We chose the bObi Pet because of having our beloved Brutus. He's a husky/samoyed mix so the fur is thick and endless. While we do have him shaved down frequently it adds up along with kiddos so it was the right pick for our household. You can she options, here!

*this post is sponsored by bObsweep but after testing and using bObi Pet for over a month,
I'm sharing here my honest opinion and love for this product!

Sage Green // My Love Language

September 7, 2017

stroller - Maxi-Cosi | tunic- PinkBlush | birkenstocks- DSW | hat- Target | denim- AE | diaper bag- Fawn Design (in gray) | hollyn shoes- Freshly Picked | hollyn bow- Notes & Knots | hollyn onesie- H&M | water bottle- Yeti (Amazon) | photography- Kourtney Marie Photography

Let's talk Birkenstocks. Are you a lover or hater? I was not a fan of them for the longest time and then suddenly I wanted them added to my closet immediately and I've been a huge fan ever since. I'm all about finding staple pieces to coordinate throughout multiple outfits while staying neutral and these sandals are perfect for that.

Something else that is perfect is how seamlessly they match with our Maxi-Cosi Adorra Stroller. I'm a neutral person but Sage green and deep purples will always be found in my closet (see my shirt!) and this stroller is so stunning in person. It up the creative factor with the floral details and rust stitching along with the metallic green frame. I took the kiddos out shopping last week and compliments came left and right over this statement stroller.

I'm completley jumping the gun in AZ right now too with all my fall attire lately but when a girl is ready for cooler weather, one is determined to make it feel more fall. Or she just bumps down the AC in the house to comfortably wear a sweater and leggings... :)

Weekend Recap

September 5, 2017

How was everyone's holiday weekend? We haven't spent much time in the pool with Emery other than a small kiddie pool and she was a fish yesterday at my parents house! Swimming from end to end, jumping in... literally threw tantrum when we had to leave because she wanted to keep swimming. Made me so proud and excited to see her learning!

Remember Friday when I said I had a little project I was doing over the weekend and would be sharing here? It's in these pictures! And I love it! Hint hint... wallpaper. Stay tuned for all about that goodness!

Snapped some pics of these cuties Sunday before church and I couldn't not share. They are just precious and Emery is still in a sister loving mode so I have to enjoy that before she hates her again. Oh, siblings.

Check out instagram today for a June & January giveaway!

The Car Seat Upgrade!

September 2, 2017

My baby is growing... womp womp womp! We just upgraded her to a convertible car seat with our beloved Maxi-Cosi Pria 85. We have used this brand exclusively for both girls because they're safe, durable, beautiful and machine washable. I love when brands think of lifestyle when creating product so they're a perfect marriage of stylish while also being functional.

I opted to get both the girls new car seats because Emery deals with car sickness and rotating seats when that happens is a nice luxury. We've always done black and while I love the simple, clean look that gives I went a bit out of my comfort zone and chose this beautiful sand color. Even having these the last few weeks, the girls have spilled milk and iced tea and each were washed and cleaned up perfectly! I seriously love that about these babies.

As Emery has grown, she's become well beyond Miss Independent yet could never buckle herself but the Nomad Collection features a ClipQuik chest clip basically meaning it's magnetic and snaps easily and she's able to get herself buckled in now- her dream come true!

I just feel like the milestone of Hollyn in a big girl seat and Emmy now able to buckle herself, I blinked and they're basically heading off to college. Dramatic much? ;)


shop Maxi-Cosi here

Fall Inspired

September 1, 2017

Happy Friday! Given it being the first day of September and Pumpkin Spice everything will be overflowing on all the shelves... I thought a little fall inspired outfit was fitting. Even with the temperature in the low hundreds in AZ.

My sweet friend, Cheyanne, just launched a new boutique called Ravel. It's filled with classics you can pair with basics and interchange. Both this dress and jacket are from there and I know this combo will be on a heavy rotation. This jacket alone I'm already planning to pair with leggings, a white tee, sneaks and a top knot. Perfect momiform for running errands in cooler weather.

We're busy this weekend with some projects around the house, one of which I will be sharing a blog post on and can't wait! We're also hitting the pool and BBQing on Monday for the holiday.
Do you have any fun plans?