My Loves

November 30, 2013

I just freaking swoon over these boys in my life. 
I'm so blessed to share all my days with them by my side.
Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

Going Casual

November 27, 2013

I feel like this goes without saying but the necklace? It's everything. Last night we had some friends over and I showered quickly after work, threw on this ensemble and added a dash of glitz with this necklace not thinking much of it but literally had 6 compliments just at Trader Joes. Even Drake said it was the best one I have; that has to say something when you're 8 year old boy notices! I'm sure you have seen variations of it around the webs but have you ever for the obnoxiously low cost of $18? Didn't think so. I also don't think I need to say much more than buy it.... now.... because ladies, you will not regret it!

necklace | Shop Bangled (IG | @shopbangled, FB | here)
top | Forever 21 (similar)
flats | Steve Madden (similar)
watch | Fossil

Graphic Tee + Color

November 26, 2013

It's no lie I love a good graphic tee and a structured blazer so when my closet grew with these harem pants, I knew I had to pair them with some of my staples. I also had this gorgeous Bangled necklace dying to be debuted so it was a match made in heaven. Add a bold fall lip and some strappy sandal and you're golden. I do feel I have to admit this outfit was beyond comfortable to the point I felt I was almost cheating on my favorite jammies. But isn't that the beauty of fashion? Some things are brutal, others are bliss... the things we do to look fabulous!

pants | Forever21
top | Forever21
blazer | H&M
sandals | LuLu's
necklace | Bangled (IG: @shopbangled)
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Alex & Ani
bag | Ivanka Trump (similar)

The Perfect Skirt

November 25, 2013

It's obvious by how many times you've seen this fab skirt around this blog, that it's my favorite.....EVER. I mean the bold stripes just seem to be the perfect classic touch to this trendy skater skirt. Being as it finally dropped below 70 in PHX, I felt it only natural to pair a basic sweater with this baby to embrace it all! That seems to be my favorite combination also; a chunky sweater and sassy skirt.

It's all about balance folks.

skirt | Taylor & Stylist (similar)
sweater | H&M (similar)
booties | Target
necklace | Fringe & Lace (similar)
watch | Fossil

Weekend Plans

November 23, 2013

This weekend we're soaking up our time with Drake after picking him up last night and have plans to only enjoy the rainy weekend all while sipping hot cocoa and putting up Christmas goodies. It finally feels like the holidays are right around the corner [which they are!] with our cooler temps in Arizona. Brutus is also glued to the patio enjoying his snow dog roots with the brisk mornings.

What are your plans this weekend?

Plaid + Faux Leather

November 22, 2013

Sound the alarms! It's raining in Arizona today! Praise Jesus! I've been sooooo over the 90 degree weather we've still be in and I literally squealed in excitement this morning when I realized it was in the 60's and I wouldn't be sweating in my comfy, warm attire! What a way to start this weekend, ladies. Seriously.

I wanted to take a moment to extend such a warm and genuine thank you to everyone who takes the time to come to my blog over and over. Recently my instagram has sky rocketed in followers and it keeps me in awe how people like to follow along and be part of my journey. It's weird how that all works out when coming into blogging as a hobby and something to be creative with and before you know it, it turns to something so inspiring and a form of encouragement and you evolve as a person with it and your readers. So thank you for letting me be all mush and tears as I extend my gratitude! You babes are rockstars and keep me going!

Have a blessed and safe weekend pretties!

skirt | Forever 21
sweater | Target
booties | Target (similar)
scarf | Zara

Face Routine | Update

November 20, 2013

Hello lovelies! About a month ago, I chatted here about the goodness I had purchased with Philosophy Clear Days Ahead acne line. Well I did the trial kit so I finished the four week supply last night. I was blown away to begin with how it worked so quickly and so effectively even while being on my period. That being said, about week three I started to show major signs of breaking out again and was quite discouraged with the product. I did finish out and in the last week, things have cleared up pretty consistently again though!

All in all, I have to say this product was a good one but not my favorite and not something I'll be spending the full price on. I just don't feel it was hugely effective that it's life changing. I did have a lot of drying so throughout I had to use my favorite Cera Ve daily moisturizer to even maintain a face that wasn't peeling and the scent of the product really wasn't the best either. Maybe I'm miss priss and high maintenance but I like a great smelling product if I'm spending a pretty penny.

After much research and scouring the interwebs for another option, I landed on Mario Badescu. I'm sure you've heard of it but I found this sucker might be the jackpot. I'm happy to say, my little package of zit zapping joy arrived last night and I will be starting the beaute today! I only purchased the Drying Lotion which I've been told is the best spot treatment for acne and I followed up with the Anti Acne Serum as well for a daily wear to fight breakouts throughout the day. I am super encouraged by all the reviews I've been reading so I have faith this might do the trick! As always, I'll be back here to share my thoughts because lord knows all us ladies need some help in the relentless adult acne area. Amen?

Sunday Best

November 18, 2013

I snagged this most perfect Ivanka Trump bag from Marshall last week and had this super casual and comfy outfit planned the moment I swiped my card. The perfect opportunity? Sunday at church! You see, I've been on the clock while we go to service now because I'm toting around my camera snapping the whole time so I have material to blog about for my church job. That being said, I need something comfortable while still being dressed up enough for church. Enter faux leather leggings & a cozy cardi and I'm set.

It helps the ray bans & scarf are perfection too.

leggings | Forever 21
top | Target
cardigan | Target
booties | Target (on sale!)
bag | Marshalls (similar)
scarf | Forever 21 (similar)
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Bangled (IG: @ shopbangled)
sunnies | Ray Ban

Friday Freebie!

November 15, 2013

click here to download

Man, two weeks in a row? Who am I? Ha! Okay truthfully though, I'm a little saturated and burnt out in every aspect of life including design and I randomly made this little desktop background on Tuesday for some extra motivation and encouragement to power through those emails. That being said, I thought it was only right to share with you beauties! As usual, feel free to tag me on instagram or twitter @aubreykinch showing your pretty freebie and use #kinchdesigns.

Happy Friday!
And just because I know you all were swooning over my Kate Spade post
they're having a 25% off sale today & tomorrow!
Yay, now go snag some of those items on my top 10 list using code HOLWD13!

Pop of Pink

November 14, 2013

It has occurred to me I should probably step away from the usual neutrals so today, I decided to add a touch of pink. That's about the most you'll see around these parts for the cooler months because I feel it's only normal to layer myself in all things black, cream, camel...etc and I'm sure you feel the same way. I some times envy those girls who have the balls to be bold but I've quickly realized it's just not my thing. I'm much more comfortable and dress my style when embracing the bland. And this pink? It's one of my favorites, MAC | Snob. You should probably snag it because it can be worn all year. Don't believe? Example one, two and three. Cheers!

pants | Old Navy
top | Target
blazer | Marshalls (exact- you will love it!)
sandals | Lulu's
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Windsor

Kate Spade | The Queen

November 12, 2013

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

It's been said Kate Spade is The Queen of digital marketing. My thoughts? Heck yes. Maybe it's the glitter or sassy little sayings but every time I intend to visit the site for a short time I find myself there 2 hours later after pinning an abundance of husband would say they're wants but what does he know? They have literally rocked the marketing for this fall//winter season and I can't help but lust over these top 10 goodies I have on my radar for Christmas shopping!

Which one is your favorite? 
The blush wallet is mine with the iPad sleeve as a close second!

Holiday Shopping

Is it just me or do you find when the holidays come around you are clueless on what to get everyone as gifts. I know with all the ladies in my family, I always think and resort to the basics of a gift card or a bottle of wine to keep it simple but I have plans to switch that up slightly this year. Mom, sister....stop reading now! ;)

I was recently introduced to a company called Pink Papaya which has some great spa like items including soaps, candles, lotions...etc and it immediately made me think of gifting for the holidays to all those ladies I always get the same thing for. Us girls can never have enough candles and soaps so why not indulge a bit this season with something all girl? I snagged my own set of the limited edition Pumpkin Latte Collection that's only available until December 31st and when I got it in the mail, my mind was made up. This will be happening for gifts whether it's for family or ladies in the office I work with. The scent is divine and the candle is soy so me being Mrs. Picky was beyond impressed with this collection.

They also have some great makeup items along with skin care options. You all know I struggle with acne and as I'm closing my month with the Philosophy line I've been using, I might have to give theirs a go next. More on that and my thoughts next week!

Anyway, make sure to head over to Pink Papaya to browse around and get your order in soon so it comes in time for the holidays!

Shop HERE!
And feel free to follow on Facebook as well, HERE.
Happy shopping friends!

Fall-i-Day Blogger Bash | Recap

November 10, 2013

Just last night I was so blessed to co-host the first Fall-i-Day Blogger Bash here in Phoenix with my lovely friend, Crystal, of Shop Crystal Faye. You might recognize her name from a few instagram posts of mine (here, here, here). She and I decided to collaborate creating a little night of coffee & treats while also getting to know a few other AZ bloggers. From favor bags to sparkling coffee, we had a great evening at Songbird Coffee & Tea House here in central Phoenix.

I also need to just thank the wonderful companies that donated to us to make this happen! To list a few we had Kiki La Rue, Onli Beverage, Pearls & Pastries and even Target! I mean, we can't even express the gratitude we feel for these places coming together to make our night special for each of our guests. I also had so many questions on where the tassel garland was from and it's the lovely Studio Mucci!

Basically my night was just too much. I loved getting to meet all the gorgeous ladies who attended and I think Crystal and I might be a pretty good team. Make sure to look out for some other fun stuff in the future from her and I... ;)