NYE Plans

December 27, 2016

sleeper | L'oved Baby

Well, Christmas has come and gone and I'm already feeling like it was a total blur. I wanted to do a lot more then I actually accomplished but that's okay. We always have next year! I spent this morning taking down decorations, deep cleaning and getting our home feeling nice and peaceful and fresh again. Sometimes doing that before New Year's Eve makes jumping into the New Year a bit less stressful and more organized. You know what I mean?

Touches of Christmas

December 20, 2016

Christmas week is here and I'm blown away by how the Holiday season is almost behind us. This is by far my favorite time of year, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Drake fully understands how amazing that is and it's so cool watching Emery slowly comprehend Jesus and learning about Him. 

Hollyn Grace | 1 Month

December 8, 2016

swaddle | Modern Burlap - diaper | Parasol Co (code AUBREYKINCH for 20% off first bundle) - headband | Hudson & Isla

Time is a funny thing. I think about how things progress so quickly and I blink and each phase or chapter or season is over but then I also feel like things drag on and take forever on he flip side. I think babies are the perfect example of that.

Christmas Traditions

December 3, 2016

top and skirt

Christmas is something I look forward to every single year and I always say I'll embrace the season even more with each passing year. I'll do all the fun things celebrating Christ's birth with the kids and bake all the yummy goodies and let the kids be on sugar highs for a month straight but then it comes and it's finally chilly out and we bundle up and maybe have one movie night with hot cocoa and we blink and we're already taking down the Christmas decorations.

Our Christmas Cards

December 1, 2016

We have our Christmas cards in hand and ready to ship and I can't help but share the ones we chose. You saw here the ones I loved from Minted and when it came down to ordering, I went with these ones. Not even in the original bunch of ones I loved! So funny. I'm so indecisive, you guys!