August 30, 2012

Funny how when things get super crazy in life, you tend get down on yourself.

It was said to me so perfectly by my boss yesterday "you're just like me, if you have a list to do you don't rest until it's complete."


That's me for ya. I'm wearing myself thin these last couple weeks with work, designing, the kiddo and even things with the hubs. I'm packing every moment I can into life and that's where I come up short. I feel a sense of helplessness, I'm not fulfilled, I'm not getting the affirmation of being accomplished because I'm not finishing the things on my plate I have to be accomplished.

I like to take on many things in life to live it fully and to embrace every moment of my days but when I am drowning in lists and emails and phone calls it starts to get to me. I'm trying to be effective even with design work while at my office job by bringing my laptop and it's become something stressful. I used to go home, drink a bit of wine and design til my heart's content. Now bringing it to my actual work place, it's harsh and belittling me. I'm sucking the fun right out of my love of design.

Fun sucker.

So I'm glad to say I've made sure my Mac Mini is on it's way to be deemed my work computer and the only computer I'll be taking to work with me. Strictly for CCoJ emails, design work for the campus, building documents and exclusively for the title of a Welcome Services Coordinator. No more laptop for the blogger hours of my work day... that will be refrained from so I can enjoy it at home. In my jammies. With wine. The perfect way a blogger should embrace her blogging community and the proper way to get my creative juices flowing.

It's a season of blooming and a season I'm constantly learning how to navigate. A season I am molding myself into someone that can handle taking a breathe without feeling guilty. And a season where deadlines can be flexible.

And a season where it's okay to ask for help.

So many words.

August 29, 2012

Word vomit. So sorry in advance.


Moments of life that bring along complete frustration.

Their not my favorite but seem to be lingering around me lately. I have been high fiving, fist pumping and waving helllllo to these spurts more than I please to admit. I don't seem to understand why sometimes they become my company. Why they feel the need to nag me and mix up all life has been blessing me with. But that's life. Along with those blissful phases of marriage, love, relationships, work, exploring, traveling, adventuring, DOING..... comes irritation.




I seem to jump on the band wagon of "OMG let's get healthy and be organic and super skinny in two days, okay?!"

Umm, that doesn't work. After my significant weight loss (what I deem significant) I've been loyal to the gym, eating healthier and all around making better decisions about activities and lifestyle. I'd say Casa Kinch has evolved from that stand point. We have our moments of ice cream runs, whip cream topped strawberries and my infamous creamer overload in my morning coffees but altogether, we aren't eating out the majority of the time and when we're at dining in, I use healthy alternatives.

So when I stand in my closet every morning, frustrated by my body and how those jeans just don't fit right or how that top is slighty too uncomfortable.. why can't I be positive about my journey to where I am now? Why do the demons start nagging and eating away at my weak moments. The demons camp out in my mind for days and I can't kick them out. Seriously.

What makes us woman so insecure about how we look? What makes me so unsure of myself? Why do I dwell on those weak moments and let them fuel my mood and insecurities.

What the hell is it??

I tend to stop and think about when I'll be pregnant and how I'll be dressing to accommodate then. I have forced myself to promise every person I know who will actually hold me accountable-- that I spend time on myself, getting dolled up and enjoying those moments of having a pregnancy glow, all while looking DAMN cute. So if I can be so confident about embracing those extra pounds before they even happen, why can't I embrace myself now?

At what point will I be happy and look at myself saying, "yeah, I like what I see."? You may not know, and I sure as hell don't but maybe, just maybe that's all apart of this crazy journey. Maybe this little bump in my road is teaching me to embrace being a woman. Embrace the body I have and embrace that my husband LOVES it.

Fresh Fruit Sangria

August 27, 2012

There's nothing quite like a great glass of wine to wind down, relax and truly enjoy life, eh?

We made some fabulous fresh fruit sangria during our cabin trip this last weekend and I was getting tons of emails asking for the recipe.

fresh fruit sangria:






We used about 2 cups strawberries, 1 cup of blueberries, 2 peaches and 1 apple. In a large bowl we added all the cut fruit, about 1/2 liter of sprite and 1.5 large bottles of Barefoot Moscato. Feel free to pick the fruits you like and wine to adjust it to your liking. We didn't have a pitcher on hand which is why we used the large bowl and a ladle to serve. Let the mixture sit 15-20 minutes before serving so your wine can soak into the fruit.

It lasted us the 2 days with 2 gals drinking it pretty consistently. Altogether, it's refreshing and so tasty. 
Don't forget to eat all the fruit at the bottom; happy wine tasting.

Cabin Weekend

August 26, 2012

I think the pictures speak for themselves but this last weekend was such a blessed one. When I say God is mighty and so precious with His gifts, I mean seriously. I can totally admit saying while we were escaped at the cabin with our closest friends and pups, I absolutely took the time for granted and didn't truly appreciate the environment God graces my eyes with. Looking back at these pictures and organizing them into the "Cabin Fever" album, I realized something significant. We are so very fortunate. How many people can say they can go spend a few days away in the presence of peace, doing nothing and with people you love? AND with your pup!

We are so very fortunate. 

I don't have words to express my gratitude filling my heart as I'm processing the time we had.

It's been decided a weekend away with this couple and the pooches will happen every couple months. I can't be more excited for those adventures to come.

If you're interested in vacationing at this cabin, please shoot me an email. It's a friend's and he does rent it out.

Location: Prescott, AZ
aubreykinch [at] gmail [dot] com


August 24, 2012

I finally had a problem with something at Target. I purchased a tote there about 6 months ago in need of something to pack my laptop and planner in for to and from work. It was working great for quite some time since I was only a nanny and I didn't use my laptop excessively but working full time on it now at the church AND full time on it home with design orders, it was getting worn

Last week the inside liner decided to poop on me so getting my items in and out was becoming such a hassle. Good thing my birthday is right around the corner cause hubs agreed to some birthday money going to a new tote that was better suited for the job.

I hit up TJ Maxx and in an instant I found this beaute. I struggled between a deep green with gold studding and this camel tote buuuut I'm confident I chose the right one. It's the perfect size to throw all my purse items + laptop + planner and if I have some offsite meetings where I'm not needing my laptop, this bag doesn't scream "I'm practically a suit case!" kind of BIG. 

The inside is floral print. 
I'm obsessed with floral anything, so I was sold.

Now that's a great $35 birthday gift if you ask me. I will be testing it out on our weekend away. Brutus is so excited to leave. A whole 2 days with his pal Gibbard and I can guarantee they're going to be little hellions the next 48 hours but that's okay cause they're cute.

Mr. Kinch

August 23, 2012

This husband of mine, he happens to be amazing. From insecurities to temptations, he is always my biggest supporter and knows what to say to bring a sense of peace and calming over me.

It doesn't matter the precautions we take throughout life to avoid drama and struggles. Things happen and unexpected issues pop up. The devil thrives on making us weak and seeps his way into those cracks of life to cause friction. But God is mighty and he works so strong in our marriage as He's the center of it.

A simple gesture of words of wisdom from the hubs is something I can never be grateful enough for. He keeps me grounded, stable and sane. He brings a sense of reality and courage to any situation. And I'm so thankful for that. I'm a girl with insecurities and having a man so strong and humble by my side is the greatest gift God can bless me with. So yes, my husband is the most confident and loyal man I know. He loves me, trusts me, supports me and has zero doubts I'm always honoring him. That's a beautiful thing in marriage and I can only strive to show him the same respect by honoring, trusting and being confident in him.

"I didn't marry you for a couple years, we're in this forever and I'd never change that."

Thank you husband.

Forever & always.

A few more years

August 22, 2012

There are days I'm dying to expand. Days all my thoughts are consumed with baby and what it will be like having a mini Andrew running around. Drake is no longer "mini". He's growing up too quickly and it breaks my heart. I want to grab him and hold tight erasing the last few years taking him back to the innocent toddler days. But I can't. That's what happens.


Life is crazy and ongoing. You are never promised tomorrow or promised happiness. You create your own happiness, create your memories and small moments of gratitude and moments to cherish. They come so sparingly when working and always having a million things to do. You're challenged to take two days out of your month to have a night out with friends, or a date night with your husband or even a pool day with the family. Those moments are so hard to pencil in. And with a baby?? Don't even think about it for quite some time.

This weekend we're going up to the cabin with our greatest friends, David and Holly, and we cannot wait. We've been looking forward to this get-a-way since before it was even planned. Those two keep us sane and grounded and remind us daily that life is all about enjoying it. They remind us to slow down, smell the air and hug a littttttle tighter. They are a couple we've planned out many years with.

So babies? Although they consume my heart and mind frequently, and Andrew's too, that's just not in our cards in the next few years. We're embracing life and all the random last minute nights out, all the BBQ's that last until 3AM, all the game nights that included much tooooo much alcohol and all those sweet blissful moments of freedom.

Because when we do welcome our first Little together, I will take all those nights out in exchange for  just a cuddle with the life I'm responsible for. Wouldn't any parent?


August 21, 2012

Welcome to all the new faces out there!

I wanted to give you a little insight to last year of blogging around here to all you newbies. Below are the most impacting posts I've written in my opinion and are a small outlet for you getting to know me quickly. It shows the good and bad times and that's what a blog is all about; being transparent and being able to express the highs and lows of life.


Questions on any of these posts?
I'm always open via email:
aubreykinch [at] gmail [dot] com

just drive.

August 20, 2012

There's something so sweet about a fresh rain and all the cleansing it brings along with it. The smell, the sight, the feel. It's contagiously rejuvenating and good for the soul. Being lucky enough to experience a down pour in Arizona is something that's precious to us as we aren't graced with those small moments frequently.

Saturday night was one of those moments. A moment I wanted to embrace and run to with arms wide open. The sweet smell of a clean rain and sight of puddles had me itching for a calming, exciting night with hubs.

We hopped in the truck, went old school with me in the middle seat, his arm wrapped tightly around mine and we drove. Rolled the windows down, blasted the tunes and drove. There's nothing like those moments. I mean, nothing. I had two sweet things I enjoy and appreciate grasped tightly in my hands. Time with my husband and the beauty of a fresh rain.

I'm feeling blessed by this small gesture from the Big Guy above. We Arizonans never know how often our rain will be or how long it will last even in the monsoon season. So I'm happy, content and feeling even closer to my hubs after this quiet, relaxing night of driving together.


August 16, 2012

Going through old pictures is always so consuming for me. I'll intend to take 30 minutes sorting and organizing and realize 3 hours later, I've been scanning through albums dating back to 2005.

This last week I've made it a priority to archive and re-organize my current digital photo album situation. But while spending the last few days engulfed in memories, I've come across some items that I can't help but document.

The Engagement Session