Managing Mamahood Hair

February 29, 2016

Is it me or did all your hair freaking fall out when you had your babies? My goodness! I didn't see a change in the slightest when I was pregnant with Emery but in the last 6 months, I'm practically bald in spots and it's not cute. These babies just throw us all wacky but we wouldn't ever change it for the world... am I right?

The Perfect Shade(s)

I got sucked in, you guys! I have always been one to try tons of polishes and my collection really only houses 100 different shades of pinky/nudes, vampy burgundy's and a touch of bright red. In all those shades though, I don't have one that's my "it" color. I'm constantly browsing the Target aisles for that exact shade I want and haven't ever found it.... until now.

Before VS After | Master Bedroom

February 25, 2016

Eeek, this one is huge to me! I felt like the master was really confined even for the large space it gave and I think that's because the carpet was dark, the blinds were black out ones and the fan was heavy for the room. Not my favorite but again, with simply updating the carpet, paint and putting in a different fan, we have a completely different space now! 

Playroom Reveal

February 22, 2016

I've always had the idea in my mind that a playroom is wasted space. I don't know if it was because I felt like I could utilize it better or simply because kids grow out of things so quickly it wouldn't be worth it but about 2 months into living in our current home, I desperately needed a space designated to Drake and Emery.

Friday No. 3

February 19, 2016

Remember how last week was a busy and trying one? This week too! Emery's sickness from her head cold slowly turned into a stomach bug and she spent 48 hours puking her poor brains out. If she and I weren't covered in it, we were either snuggled in the bath with lavender oil or snuggled on the couch watching Curious George. The poor girl hasn't been able to catch a break but she's finally on the mend and kept all her food down for the last 24 hours. Praise God!

In light of that, it was quiet this week on the blog but I did manage to tag team with Andrew and get the house deep cleaned, my fiddle leaf fig repotted (pray for me it takes!) and rearranged the final items for the playroom. I'm shooting it this weekend and will share it next week on the blog- yay!

loving // This newly launched sweater from Evy's Tree (shown above). It's the perfect shade of dusty pink and the fit is awesome for comfort. I got a L and it's perfection.

trying // To add more live plants throughout the house. The irony of me saying this after mentioning above my FLF is on it's last leg... oye.

praying // For Andrew. Some days are good while others are rough and this past week has been more down than joyous. He's so strong and relying on God- it's a constant reminder to me to do the same.

excited // About Drake going to UCYC this year! We officially registered him with our church and he is pumped! I remember my experiences at summer camp and hope he has the same learning to love the Lord even more.

I N   C A S E   Y O U   M I S S E D   I T
*most viewed post this week!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Sheet Music

February 17, 2016

Sheet Music from CCV on Vimeo.

This is a weird and awkward subject for a lot of people and I know this but when it's brought up in church and in a hilarious and transparent way, it's bound to stick! I just wanted to share the message from our church this past Sunday with Kevin Leman and hope you die laughing throughout it like Andrew and I were.


Beauty Favorites for Acne Prone Skin

February 16, 2016

Never have I been the girl who has great skin and it was effortless maintaining a glow and blemish free face. I'm the total opposite. I struggled badly throughout middle school and high school with acne and even used Acutane to combat the worst of it. Around the time I turned 20 and got married, life seemed to settle down and I think at that point my skin became more manageable and with only the occasional breakout but a few years later, I was back to the unruly routine of trying product after product, seeing my dermatologist for adult acne and even mixed in trips to my facialist more often.

When I became pregnant with Emery, I switched from Philosophy (still wear their perfume!) and Mario Badescu to Enza Essentials as my regimen and it cleared things up better than it's been before. I was so pumped and continue to use the same line 2 years later, but it's been altered slightly (a spot treatment added) as I began breaking out again.

Before VS After | Emery's Room

February 15, 2016

I've always found enjoyment looking at people's homes with before/after of rooms and how things have changed and turned out, typically for the better... is that only me? ;) The home we bought definitely wasn't terrible because it had great bones to begin with so with a few changes like carpet and paint, we've given it a updated look, much more our style.

That being said, I'm excited to share room by room the before pictures with a quick after shot of how they look now... first up, Emery's room!

Friday No. 2

February 12, 2016

Friday, Friday. You know those weeks you have so many things on your list to get accomplished and how Monday rolls around and you're super motivated to do them all but that fire slowly dissipates because life happens...? Yeah, that. That was this week.

Emery ended up sick with some head cold thing and a high fever so she had a few nights of restless nights meaning Andrew and I did too. Yesterday she hit rock bottom after fighting a nap from not being able to breathe through her nose and mama cuddles were the only cure. I'll take it though because those are few and far between.

We also had a follow up appointment for Andrew and his hand and things are slowly trucking along. I think when the accident happened we assumed recovery would be quick like a paper cut but reality is, he had serious trauma happen with his hand and it's proving us it's a process that takes time and patience. We still don't know a time frame of when he'll be back to work because of his hand being scabbed over so we're just resting in God's grace taking it one day at a time.


loving // These darling journals from Val Marie Paper! I just ordered one for Drake to work on our devotionals together and he's pumped to get it. I'll share his feedback when he's formed an opinion.

appreciating // My husband. He's been so sweet and helpful to me with Emery and Drake while he's been off and every time Drake brings up something about how he wishes the accident didn't happen, Andrew replies saying he wouldn't change it for the world because he's gotten so much time with his family.... sigh. :)

wanting // To try this stuff! When people describe smelling like a mermaid, I go all girly and really curious about the scent. Have any of your tried it?

listening // Flo Rida - My House... seriously obsessed with that song right now!

watching // The People v OJ Simpson. I'm not a persona to typically watch something of that nature because I'm a scared-y cat but I'm intrigued! Are you watching it? What do you think about it?

I N   C A S E   Y O U   M I S S E D   I T

Hope you all have a great weekend, I'll be back new week with a new Before VS After series on our home as well as a beauty round up of some products I'm obsessing over for my acne prone, combination skin.

Pink Pop

February 9, 2016

Andrew and I haven't celebrated Valentine's Day since we've been married except last year. You see, we haven't really celebrated much- like birthdays, father's/mother's day, our anniversary...etc. We just felt like saving money and enjoying a night in would be better because we're total home bodies.

When I was pregnant I had a moment of feeling really frustrated on Father's Day, no less and had a full melt down to Andrew basically telling him from now on we must celebrate each other and those days no matter what. Absolutely logical and emotional because hiii, I was so pregnant.

New Take on our Dresser

February 8, 2016

We we given my in-laws old dresser when we moved into our home and it was the original wood stain from 30+ years ago. It was theirs when they got married which was gifted to them from another family friend so it's cool having been passed around since the 80's!

I thought it would be great to use for our dining room to store linens, flatware, overflow from the kitchen with serving ware and platters but I wanted to give it a little refresh and tie in with the vibe our house has going. FAT Paint sent along their chalk-style paint for me to give this beauty a little makeover and I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Happy Friday!

February 5, 2016

We're checking things off our list this week left and right so all in all, we're feeling accomplished with how things went this last Monday-Friday. That isn't to say we didn't have quite the drama with that angel above though... she's beginning full blown tantrums with squeals and hits and body throwing to the ground when she doesn't get her way. This usually only happens when she is told she can't have a snack or when she's finished eating. Life is so hard being one... ;)

W E E K L Y   R E C A P

loving // The PBS app. I've said it before, I'll say it again. It's a dream for me when I just need Emery distracted for 5 seconds.

hating // That we don't have a date for Andrew to go back to work yet. We're planners and it's slowly making us crazy living in the unknown of all that. Hopefully we'll have a better timeline after an appt next Thursday.

wanting // The Broncos to win Sunday! Last time they were in the Super Bowl I was in NY with my mom so Andrew and I didn't get to experience/watch the game together (although it was a shit show and we lost then) but it'll be exciting to host people to watch it this year!

working // With so many awesome clients right now! Focusing on more branding elements versus blog related items and that's so much fun for me. If you're interested in booking anything print/logo related, you can contact me: to get the convo going!

I N   C A S E   Y O U   M I S S E D   I T

Shopping Small

February 4, 2016

I'm all about finding things to perfectly curate our collection of home decor from small businesses lately. Don't get me wrong, I love my Target, Homegoods and Hobby Lobby trips because they honestly have amazing stuff but here are a few of my recent favorites that are gracing our home these days.

Pinning Away

February 3, 2016

Andrew and I made a profile on Netflix recently- solely to watch Making and Murderer - but the last few nights we've been spending them later to watch a few things together (by together, I mean he picks something far too scary for me to get into right before bed... boys!) and that's when I grab the iPad and catch up on blog reading, pinning, emails and making a to-do list for the following day.

The Kids Bathroom

February 2, 2016

I didn't think I'd ever share this room because hiii, it's so simple. BUT I was in there with Emery the other night to keep witching hour slightly manageable and the light was really pretty so I thought WHAT THE HECK?