Mexico Series | The Pineapple Drink

August 29, 2014

My family is probably hysterically laughing at this post because every time we head to Rocky Point I say over and over I will get a pineapple drink. I WILL DAMNIT. Well, it's never happened until this past weekend and I was in heaven! It's really the most adorable and trendy thing as of right now and I was even more excited about how delicious it was. They start by coring the entire pineapple and then use pieces of it to make a Pina Colada but they end having a ton extra so they gave it to us in a small bag with chili pepper on top and it was such a treat. I was elated taking this baby on the beach for the afternoon and I feel it's even more fitting because baby lady is currently the size of a pineapple! So fun!

When you're strolling around town, you'll see about 30+ stands offering these babies and my suggestion here is to make sure to find the smallest, most secluded one. If you get it at the Fish Market, you'll end up spending $15 but if you go to a smaller stand that's off a side road, you can plan to spend $7-$10 for this refresher.

Well friends, I hope you've enjoyed the week chatting about some of my favorite things to do while in Rocky Point, Mexico! It's always such a nice getaway only being 3.5 hours away from us in Phoenix and we can't thank Sea Side Reservations enough for sending us for this time away. We will cherish it always especially knowing it's our last vacation before Emery arrives!


Mexico Series | Best Drink Stop

August 28, 2014

I'm a sucker for a great margarita and quite honestly, it's been killing me not being able to drink while pregnant! It's not like I've over indulged previously or got crazy but I did enjoy a drink here and there and a margarita was my go-to. Over the years in Mexico, they tend to all taste the same but our last trip down, we've found the best margarita in town! Funny thing too, it's where the best bloody mary is served as well so if you're looking for a good place for Happy Hour, you must visit Max's. I have to disclose they also serve some amazing breakfast burritos so if you've had one too many cocktails and need a hang over cure, that's your place! With a bloody mary on the side.... naturally.


Mexico Series | Shopping

August 27, 2014

Today, we're going to chat shopping while visiting Rocky Point, Mexico! After all the years of going down there, we've learned that most shops all over the city are the same carrying almost identical inventory. That being said, you could venture out and visit them all or you could simple make a stop at the Fish Market.

This little area of town has a handful of great placed to eat - Boo Bar, Mary's or Wrecked to name a few and there's rows and rows of shops to enjoy. It's nestled right up on the water so you could simply grab an ice cream cone and sit at the main square or ask for a margarita to go and enjoy it while walking around. Either way, you can't go wrong! I'd recommend snagging real vanilla extract while visiting and maybe a few beach hats but otherwise, it's tourist styled items. Also, you must negotiate your price! Give them your bottom line and you'd be surprised how close you can get to that!


Mexico Series | Best Breakfast

August 26, 2014

I have a confession to make. Every time we've visited Rocky Point, we have our one favorite breakfast place and literally eat there for breakfast everyday we're there. That being said, when we went last weekend, our beloved La Curva was closed for a little summer break for 2 weeks leaving us shattered. I mean, I almost cried I was so devastated but we went with it (obviously) and chose to try a new route this trip.

Lucky's Cantina opened about 5 years ago down at the Fish Market and it's somewhere we were familiar with already for Happy Hour but had never ventured in for breakfast. They advertise all over town (literally) FREE breakfast everyday- being all ballsy, and starving, we made our way there to try it out and to our surprise, it was heaven! So what's the catch? You simply have to buy a $5 drink which most of the time, you already are so when you order up a Bloody Mary, you also get a full plate of beans, potatoes, eggs ham, sausage and bacon, plus a side of tortillas! Now I'm obnoxiously picky with my meals and they need to have that Mexican flair without being too exotic and this fits the bill, friends. We are so happy we went and enjoyed it and will definitely be going back next time we're in town.

And another littler perk, free shots with breakfast! Clearly, I was the one taking the picture of my drinking companions because I'm the forced DD. Yay... ;)

Mexico Series

August 25, 2014

Happy Monday, everyone! This week on the blog I'll be sharing all my favorite things about Puerto Penasco, Mexico which I'm sure you know by now is somewhere we visit quite often. Sea Side Reservations will be sponsoring this whole week and they were so kind to send us to Mexico for a second time last weekend so I'm pumped to share all the goods! I just wanted to touch base today and let you know what's to come so you can make sure to head back Tuesday- Friday to find out all the must hit destinations.

TUESDAY // Best Breakfast
WEDNESDAY // Shopping
THURSDAY // Best Drink Stops
FRIDAY // The Pineapple Drink

So we will see you tomorrow to kick this off! xo

Emery Update

August 22, 2014

I am officially 31 weeks pregnant on Sunday and it has me in the slightly panicked "OMG she will be here so soon" mindset and also in this "please hurry up time, I can't wait to smother her with kisses" mindset. I've been seeing babies being born left and right on instagram from blog friends and real life friends and it makes me realize that much more, it will soon be us. I feel like so many people I cross paths with have all been pregnant at the same time with mere weeks apart so it's sinking in, it'll soon be us celebrating the birth of our daughter.

Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the doctor to check up on her because we were told she was measuring big so we were ordered a "medically necessary" ultrasound to make sure she's on track and if not, build out a plan of action. We didn't plan on anymore U/S after our last at 19 weeks so she would be a complete surprise to us and I assumed when they ordered this one it would be a standard 2D option. To our surprise, they switch from 2D to 4D in the middle of the appt and I lost it in tears. It's so surreal seeing those little facial features that much more real and how they'll look in 65 days or less in my arms. She was so active and precious, sticking her tongue out and sucking on her hands. She even had her little feetsies over her head back and forth. I couldn't help but be overcome by emotion knowing that's our daughter and soon she'll be in our home, filling up our hearts even more than she is right now.

She's doing amazing and isn't measuring big but right on track. She's 3 pounds 9 ounces as of Wednesday (8.20) and in the 54th percentile for her size. So this U/S really wasn't necessary but the excuse to see her was totally worth it! We're still praying she decides to come a little early but of course, in her time because we don't want to induce but since we have a wedding to be part of merely 11 days after her due date, mama would like some recovery and settling in time before that event, naturally. But again, I refuse to induce because I want her coming on her own terms so if that means I'm still pregnant in my brother's wedding or face timed in as a bridesmaid from the hospital, that's what will happen! ;)



August 21, 2014

dress: Kiki La'Rue | sweater: Target | bag (similar): H&M | sandals: Target | sunnies: Ray-Ban



Black and white have been my most favorite thing lately then add it in a stripe form and I'm sold. I don't personally love color and maybe it's because I'm itching for Fall but this is something I find myself navigating towards more often than not these days. Maybe it's because they also say black is more slimming which I don't fully believe but I'll take what I can with my ever growing hips.


August 19, 2014

sweater: ILY Couture | jeans: Gap | clutch: Clare Vivier | necklaces: Bauble Bar | watch: Fossil | heels (similar): Marshalls | sunnies: Ray-Ban



Well we're back from Mexico and attempting to get back in the groove of things. It's never easy after a short vacation because I feel like it's never long enough and I just need a few more days to relax but alas, big girl pants need to be put on and work needs to be accomplished! I am working my tail off to knock out clients over the next 2 weeks as well as giving the design site some changes so stick with me as blogging might be a touch slower than normal and sparse. 

As for this look though, it has me itching for Fall! I just can't wait for October to come around where it starts to decrease to the 70's in PHX and people take that as an invitation to throw on a scarf and boots. It also means our anniversary and BABY MONTH so naturally, I'm all giddy for Fall this year! On that note too, I'm already decided flannels will be my staple along with pull over sweaters like shown above. I'm sure being a new mama I'll want anything and everything comfortable while being stylish and I feel that fits the bill. Yes?


August 18, 2014

dress: Riffraff | sandals: Target | clutch: Clare Vivier | sunnies: Ray-Ban | watch: Fossil | neckaces: Miaearrings



If you follow me on instagram, you have seen we're currently in Mexico! Well, actually we're driving home today but spent our weekend there with some friends enjoying the sun and great relaxation time. It was our last little trip before Emery arrives so Andrew and I had to soak up every detail of the kid free vacation time- haha! Next week, I'll be sharing a full week of Mexico details of all the places we love to visit and would recommend to close out summer on the blog. I'm really looking forward to it so I hope you are as well!

Week End

August 15, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone! I just wanted to stop by and wish you all a wonderful weekend. Make sure to be following me on instagram because I'm headed somewhere special you won't want to miss out on. I'll be sharing lots of pictures so you won't miss a thing. See you back on Monday!


A "Perfect" Marriage

August 14, 2014


I get a lot of emails from people claiming Andrew and I have a perfect marriage and things in our life look so seamless and easy which in turn shocks me a little because I don't believe anyone has a perfect marriage. I do stand firmly thinking marriage is hard work and it's a choice to stay happy in it so when I get these emails, I want to write back only encouraging and sharing points on what makes our marriage a fun and enjoyable one. There are always ups and downs when in a relationship but if each party is constantly working at that friendship, I believe it can be beautiful with many more blissful days than trying ones. Here are a few things Andrew and I do daily to care for each other and to nurture our marriage.

GOD FIRST // First and foremost, God is the center of our marriage. We go to our knees in prayer before anything else when we have trials or triumphs and that will always be the case. We both came into this marriage knowing how important our faith is and fully knowing it would be the foundation to our lifetime together.

UPLIFTING NOTES // We are the cheesy people that leave notes randomly throughout the home for each other to find. Whether it's on the bathroom mirror or in a lunch box, it's a little reminder for each other that we made an effort and are thinking of them while going through our daily life.

ALONE & TOGETHER TIME // We are also those people who truly love spending time together. When we have a spare day, it's normally spent enjoying our time together instead of with friends because it's rare we have those moments with his schedule or with Drake. On the same note, it's important to schedule in alone time or with our separate friends. Whether it's him going out for a beer with his buddies or me having a mani date with a girlfriend, we acknowledge that's key and healthy so we make sure to have those times!

TEXT MESSAGES // Every morning when Andrew gets to work he texts me saying "I love you", just because. It's something I cherish and look forward waking up to because I know he thought of me right before he got into his work mindset. Vice versa, throughout my day, if I see something or think of him, I send him a little text so when he gets a break at work, he has something to enjoy to take his mind off things momentarily.

GIVE & TAKE // This is pretty self explanatory but some people have such a hard time making this happen in relationships. It shouldn't be one sided where one person is always giving, giving, giving. It's a two way street and each party should have the desire to give and receive. Personally, I hate giving massages but Andrew loves them so I try my hardest to do that for him when I know it will lift his spirits. He hates watching KUWTK but I love when we do together so he suffers through it with me. It may not be much but it's thoughtful and impactful too.

TAKE TIME TO TALK // The last thing Andrew wants to do each night after dealing with customers all day is talk. He would be completely content sitting in zombie mode in front of the TV but he knows how much I like to chat about our days and get some verbal time in so that's what we do. Whether I sit in the bathroom when he showers and chat or right before we fall asleep when we're in bed, we take that time to communicate. It may be about little mundane things or serious matters but whatever the case, it's important to have that time. On the same note, if we're having an issue or "discussion" about something we disagree on, we talk about it. The worst thing to do is let it boil up and then explode so before it gets to that point, we talk about it right away and come to a resolution.

INTIMACY // Awkward moment here but sex shouldn't be forced. It should happen naturally and because it's wanted by both parties. Plain and simple. Make time for that if your schedules are busy because it's healthy and needed in a relationship!

I hope this gives you an idea of just a few things Andrew and I do for our marriage. It's totally nothing out of the ordinary but it works for us. We say all the time how blessed we are to have minimal disagreements and simply enjoying life together. How amazing God created marriage for that bond and we are so thankful to have that in each other.

Floral Pop

August 13, 2014

dress: Riffraff (use code KINCHLIFE10 for 10% off) | jacket: Target | sandals: Target | necklaces: Riffraff | clutch: Clare Vivier | watch: Fossil | sunnies: Ray-Ban



When we went to Sedona a couple weekends ago, this is what I wore while out exploring the town. It's light weight, classic and easy. Totally my priority these last few months of pregnancy as everything feels constricting and painful. I'm always hesitant to order maxi dresses online because with my height they all tend to be much too long but this was surprisingly, perfect. It could be the bump gathering a bit of fabric in the front but I'll take it!

Desktop Background Freebie

August 12, 2014

to install you'll need to be on a desktop computer, 
click the link which takes you to a google drive, 
choose "file" in the top left corner and select "download"


Just wanted to pop in with a little desktop download for you babes. I created this earlier today for myself and figured you might like it as well. I find getting up each morning I need a little motivation and coffee doesn't always do that for me so this little saying popped into my mind. It isn't about the magnitude of how you get things done but as long as you're doing it with a graceful heart, I feel a day is much more successful when "clocking out".

Happy downloading and hope you're having a blessed week!


August 11, 2014

top: ILY Couture | pants (similar): H&M | sandals: Target | bag (option): H&M | watch: Fossil | bracelet: Alex & Ani | necklaces: Miaearrings



The baby shower is officially complete! I can't even express to you how beautiful and perfect it was in every way. My mom and sister created the most gorgeous setting filled with flowers, balloons, gold, whimsical and dainty touches so our tea party was a success! I will have pictures from Brealyn to share in a couple weeks so stay tuned! On the same note, I can't believe the love that is already being expressed to baby lady and it blows my mind the amount of gifts she was showered with. I have to be honest because I'm a little overwhelmed by the little closet space we have but that girl is set. We got almost everything off our registry so I'll slowly collect the last few items so we will be prepared for her arrival in October. I.can't.even.wait.