April 29, 2016

Good morning! I am writing this in real time because I actually have today to myself. My mom has been awesome and taking Emery once a week for me so I can get things crossed off my to-do list and it's made such a difference. There's just something about uninterrupted time and how you can manage things a bit better without being a chicken with it's head cut off.

Vibrant Office Space

April 14, 2016

This post has been a long time coming to share how I've reworked my office with adding some color and bolder details so I'm excited to finally share it! I always love neutrals and it's hard for me to veer from that but I thought my office could use a pop of fun so I basically created this whole space around this rug I have been eyeing since December. This really is the only room I can splash pink all around because Andrew doesn't use it so I went for it.

Friday No. 7

April 8, 2016

We're currently in Colorado enjoying some family time and cooler weather, which has been so amazing! Just wanted to pop in and share a complied lists of the posts from this week to catch up on if you haven't read them already...

Happy weekend!

Favorite Light Pink Polishes

April 7, 2016

I fell into a habit of getting my nails done almost weekly just for a simple $10 manicure, which was great but even after doing that, I always had my nails chipping within 2-3 days leaving me totally frustrated. I have my three tried and true, light pinks that give great coverage, you know without the chalky effect so I wanted to share them today.

This has a more pink tone, in my opinion and obviously wears great being OPI.

This can be more of a sheer wear but I layer it with three coats to achieve the color I want. It's soft and whimsical.

All time favorite because it's almost white but it has the slightest lilac undertone so it plays off a tan really nicely and doesn't look as "natural" as the above two.

Do you guys have any favorites you can't live without? I finally bought these three to have on hand so I've been painting my nails at home now and doing a manicure roughly once a month. I also love Latte Run, but I consider that more taupe than pink!

Mommy Mailbox Collaboration (& coupon!)

April 6, 2016

I am so excited to share I'm working with Mommy Mailbox on a limited collection they are currently offering, the Born For This box. It's perfectly curated with items any new mom would love to have and actually use! I know when I was pregnant with Emery it was the constant battle of is this necessary? How often will it be used? Can I justify this purchase? You know the guilt if you've been a new mama... but this collection hits all the essentials on the head.

Mommy Tip

April 5, 2016

Mommy tip for your Tuesday! Maybe that should be a thing? It could be fun to share weekly or biweekly a tip or shop I'm loving for littles. What do you think? Well today, I wanted to pop in and share these darling bags that have saved us so far with our splash pad dates and trips out for the day. They're from Logan + Lenora and their wet bags! Wet bags are quite literally the most genius product for kids because you can put anything in them and they're invincible.

Floral Wrap Dress

April 4, 2016

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? We've been busy spring cleaning and organizing our garages better for the summer season. I wore this dress yesterday to church and had quite the handful of compliments so I had to share it with you! It's from the same shop I got this dress at. Can you tell I love florals? ;)

Magnolia Favorites

April 1, 2016

I don't think it's far off to say we all love the Gaines family and the beautiful homes they fix up... yes? From their God first approach to family being the holy grail, they are so personable and you really feel like you know them watching their show. I quickly became addicted and it's now one we watch as a family because Drake thinks it's awesome they have a Drake and Emmy, just like us! ;)