Our Potty Training Success + Tools We Used

April 28, 2017

Remember that one time I said we were starting to potty train? Like I was fully equipped and ready to tackle the task and I was committed? Well, I lied. I definitely wasn't. Somehow every time I was about to start, I didn't and my excuse was I wanted to align it with it being a day Drake went back to his mom's house so school pickup was out of the equation.

The Disney Debate

April 27, 2017

darling Minnie ears from our friend Candace from @preshtoast

The great debate going on over here lately is when is the right time to plan a Disneyland trip with little ones. My brother and I didn't go until we were 8 and 11 and it was with our grandparents the first time. I feel like Emery would have a BLAST and totally soak in all the characters and excitement but it's a bit hard to plan with Hollyn and is it worth it at this point.

Time in the Word

April 26, 2017

I'm trying to find ways to make journaling and time with God something more tangible and enjoyable for myself whereas now, I feel it's almost like a chore. I'm not getting a ton out of my sessions because I have a 100 other things bouncing around my mind and I don't disconnect and spend it solely in the word.

A Little Something for Mama

April 20, 2017

Sometimes mama needs some time for herself and included in that, I think a little TLC is totally fine. A few years ago I had Dysport done on my forehead - which if you aren't aware, it's parallel to Botox - and I went really conservatively then because it was foreign to me. Honestly, I didn't want people to know I had it done or could tell. I also had it done to help with my migraines and at the time, it really did help them!

Emery's Big Girl Room

April 18, 2017

I want this room to be my room. Is that allowed to be said? It turned out to beautiful and whimsy but with the rustic touches I was dreaming of. I shared some inspiration here and was so excited as pieces arrived but it's blown me away being all together and complete.

Easter Recap

April 17, 2017

Easter is such a special celebration in our household and we just soak it up, celebrating our risen King! We hosted last year in our previous home and we were lucky enough to get both my family and Andrew's family together this year and host again! We absolutely love entertaining and having people over so it's just something I'll always cherish and be grateful for the opportunity doing so.