10K is nearing.

April 27, 2012

I have never been the "athlete". I won't get in to the details of that story now cause it's been posted HERE so go get caught up and meet me back here....

Okay, that was January and it's almost April...

So now that I've been actively working out I wanted a challenge.
I'm running a 10K May 12th.
That's in 2 weeks.
I could throw up thinking about it.

What did I get myself into?
It's one thing doing it on my own but I needed someone to keep me accountable.
So I asked my younger cousin Madison; she's a cheerleader and about to start her Freshman year of high school. She is used to running daily so I thought she'd be great at support.
I told my dad and brother about it hiking one morning and before I knew it-- they were committing to running it too.
All I thought was: "Now I really can't bail!!!" :(

Weeks later of training.... running into trash cans training, I'm noticing change.
Change in my legs.
Change in my lungs.
Change in my lifestyle.

Running is becoming my outlet. A healthy outlet. One I look forward to taking part in and feeling a sense of loss without doing it.
That's something I never thought would be me.
Running?? You would've been crazy to suggest that!!

A few weeks back life decided to throw me in a funk-- one I'm still fighting a battle with. I was barely running and when I did, it was maybe, maaaaybe 2 miles before I'd give up. I've been dealing with migraines also, which does NOT help while running! And I was slowly losing my outlet, losing the sense of accomplishment. This past Monday, this happened:

I'm back. :)
As May 12TH nears, I find myself having good days and bad.
I notice anxiety when I think about failing.
What if I don't finish?
What if I can't run the whole way?
What if my dad beats me?! 
That will be so embarrassing!
But I'm learning to accept that complications can happen, curve balls are thrown. But I've also learned I can mentally do this. I WILL do this.

You just have to believe.

Memo board success

April 25, 2012

Referring back to this post, you saw how irritated I was over a stupid memo board.
I was seriously about to punch a hole in the wall right where I wanted it to go-- I think that would've solved my OCD decorating dilemma. Maybe not.
Good thing I didn't try.

BUT-- Saturday I drove my behind straight to Hobby Lobby, got some great accessory stuff and I am one happy camper with a sweet looking memo board!

Do you want to see?? :)


1. I had three 8x10 frames on hand that I put printables in.
[I had Bethany custom make my printables for $3!! Go see her for yours...]

2. I added some teal and green damask scrapbook paper in the frames to coordinate current colors from the kitchen|family room area.

3. I purchased 2 "clips" from Target to hold my Grocery List printable and coupons in the other.

4. The Mesh pen holder I had currently-- also purchased from Target 6-7 months back but they are still carrying the mesh line of office supplies.

5. The Brown flower in the top left corner is remaining burlap I had on hand from this recent project.

6. Canvas rectangles ($2.99-- comes in a pack of 3), black rope ($1.99) and white close pins ($1.99) all purchased at Hobby Lobby.

7. White frame is a loooong piece of baseboard I purchased at Home Depot they cut into the correct measurements for me there.
[they don't normally do the 45 degree angle cuts but after batting some lashes and sweet talk, he did it] ;)

8. The entire back is wrapping paper I found at Target. Be creative here with a pattern or color to make it pop! I have a lot of color throughout the kitchen|family room area so I opted for subtle with this project. You can't tell in the picture but it resembles a burlap texture in the paper.

9. Get some pens and dry erase markers, fill in your menu, to-do list and calendar and you're done!

I felt beyond accomplished after this was completed. Ask the hubs-- I've been working at the kitchen table instead of the couch cause I wanna be up close and personal with it. I love it.

I know Pinterest can be frustrating as they post different crafts to be done that look so easy. But.They.Aren't. That's where you come in-- make what you're working on your own, be creative and ballsy cause you're the one living with it.

I hope you seeing my debacle with Pinterest and this craft has encouraged you to open that "DIY" Pin Board and get to making something fun for Spring. Even if it isn't Pinterest worthy in your mind, it's still worthy to be in your home cause YOU made it.

Why does God cause suffering?

April 24, 2012

When it rains, it pours. We are all too familiar with that saying.
The closing of 2011 was a tough one for the Kinch household as well as close family around us.
We lost someone so dear to our hearts; it still effects me unexpectedly today.

I also lost one of my best friends my Senior year of high school.
Talk about struggles.
Man, I thought I'd never be myself again.
I took my anger out towards God and wanted nothing to do with him.
Why would he condemned me to such suffering?
Did I disobey? Did I stray from loving him? Did I deserve the pain my heart felt?

Our series at church right now is "unchristian".
Sunday we talked about why God causes suffering.
Why do Christians constantly say--
"it wasn't meant to be"
"it wasn't part of God's plan"
"if it's meant to happen, it will happen"
"it was the will of the Lord"
That's not correct.
God does not sit in Heaven planning out who is going to run that red light causing a child to die, planning this man will get cancer and pass a short 6 months later, planning these new parents will suffer a miscarriage, planning this high schooler will overdose.

No. That's not in God's heart.
When my best friend died all I blamed was the Lord. It was his fault for causing this pain.
But did he really plan for that bus to run off the road killing 8 of the passengers??
Absolutely not.

Our Father loves each and every one of us. He is standing along side us rooting for us and struggling when we struggle. Weeping when we weep. It's those moments in life you need the Lord the most to carry your weight. To comfort you in time of need. His heart breaks when our heart breaks.

This song gets me everytime.

& The Book of Job; I encourage you to read it.


April 18, 2012

A few weeks back at youth this video was played as we were capturing the series "G.O.S.P.E.L."

It was a moment in time I noted that I needed to share this.
I needed to pass this along to others who need this message.

OCD right here.

Does anyone else suffer from severe OCD??
I mean, severe.
Like you fix the pillows on the couch 2 seconds after the person who was sitting there gets up?
Told you it was severe.

Well, I've been learning.
Learning to let things go.
I'm the kind of person who won't take help from anyone else because I have a way to do:

bed making
couch fixing
pillow fluffing
bathroom cleaning
dog feeding
Just to name a few.

But I had an epiphany.
I need to stop with the OCD shenanigans because I'm stressing out like CRAZY.
So badly, I'm surprised I don't have grey hair yet.

So this last week-- you'll all be so proud...
I let Andrew help me with dishes.
I let Andrew to wipe the kicthen counter [he didn't go in the direction I do with the Clorox wipes but I still let him do it!!] :)
I let Andrew hang up laundry.
I let Andrew help bake Friendship Bread.

I mean, really.
I've taken some HUGE strides this last week.
I'm sort of excited about it.
'Cause Lord knows when babies come along, my hair will be grey in a week from all the clutter and chaos. But I'll live.

So I'm starting to learn how now.

I'm having separation anxiety.

April 17, 2012

If you follow me on Twitter you saw I finished the Hunger Games series.

1. If you haven't read it yet, do so.
2. Your life will be nonexsistent while reading.
3. Your dreams will turn to all things Hunger Games.
4. Expect tears. Or maybe that was just me but whatever.
I also purchased Taylor Swift-- Eyes Open & Safe and Sound and have been listening non-stop.
I mean like on repeat during my 50 minutes drive to|from work, while I run daily and during the quick clean around the house before hubs gets home.


No shame people.
I get so wrapped up when I'm reading whether it's
Hunger Games
Harry Potter
P.S. I love you
Anything: Emily Giffin or Jane Green
Nicholas Sparks

-- but I feel so attached and close to the story line.
Like I am the one jumping in the arena or casting spells or even eating deer instead of people.
Too much??

Does everyone else feel this way reading?
Do you all get attached and excited for what's to come even when you've read the book 20 times?
Do you get warm|fuzzies when you hear a song from the soundtrack?

Because of these books I have a few things I'd like to do before I die:
+Go to Hogwarts
+ Drink Butterbeer-- & it has to be at the Three Broomsticks!
+Take a cake decorating class from Peeta
+Take a hike to the lake with Katniss
+Re-do our wedding to resemble Edward & Bella's from Breaking Dawn
+............. stay a month in Forks far away from the AZ heat!
Maybe one day.


Trash cans WILL hurt you.

April 12, 2012

Today started off with a morning run, nothing special.

It is recycling day so the sidewalks were lined with trash cans
but that's not an issue as they're royal blue so who could really miss that??

Well apparently, I can.
When you're jamming to Eyes Open by T-Swift you may or may not be in another world thinking all things The Hunger Games and day dreaming about how sad you are you've finished the series.
[sad enough to start from book 1 again]

So guess what I do?
I ran right into the trash can.
Leaving my poor hand bruised.

Watch out for them guys!!
You've been warned.
Or maybe just don't listen to anything that makes you forget about everything else in the world.
I'm sure either works!
In the mean time-- be aware of these.

Family makes the world go round.

April 10, 2012

This past weekend was a blessed one.
Saturday the family drove down to Tucson to celebrate Aunt Frances' 95TH birthday--
Look at this lady; she's still kicking and loving life!
I mean IF I am honored enough to live that long
 I can only pray I'm half as healthy as she is today.
[pictured with Grandma Gompf]
& we got the family together for a group shot:

Sunday everyone joined Andrew and I celebrating Easter morning at our church home-- Joy.
It meant so much to us having everyone there experiencing our church and what we've come to love over the last month of calling it our church home.

& the festivities continued at Mom and Dad Sorber's house with:
drinking ;)
wiffle ball
family time

Who could ask for anything better on the holiday that defines our lifestyle?

Short hair triumph

April 5, 2012

I did it.
I finally accomplished a Top Knot.
Don't ask me how-- it was probably a fluke but it definitely happened.
It was miniature and tiny tiny but let's call it:
Baby Top Knot

[told you I have a Harry Potter scar on my forehead]

I was elated when this shindig happened.
My first thought was about blogging it and telling all you short haired ladies--
there is hope.
I'm thinking I'll bust out the good ole extensions soon and attempt to make it fuller.
but for now...
Baby Top Knot-- I love you.
On a different note... Wednesdays are Kidtastic days with Elle .

Yeah, she's weird.
But it just so happens one of my besties works as a nanny for a cutie patootie, Christian, that lives in the neighborhood right next to mine so we hit the park for a few hours so the kiddos can play.
She also happens to be blessed enough to bring her own babes with her which means...
I see my bestie & Goddaughter weekly.
Who could ask for more??
You met Peyton here.
Cutest baby ever, right?
I think so.
Actually-- I KNOW SO.
& these kids sure do love each other.

I guess even when I'm having a trying day where Elle is testing me, you can always look back at those amazing moments captured in still form.
Who could bring me down now though, I mean I can finally rock a Baby Top Knot! ;)

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