Spicy in Red

June 30, 2014

dress (wearing a Large but it was hemmed): Kiki La'Rue | vest: Target | clutch: Clare Vivier | watch (similar): Fossil | bracelets: Love Always Couture | sandals (option): Marshalls | sunnies: Ray-Ban


Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? We have Drake this week so our weekend was filled with karate class, entertaining and our first week at our new church with little man. We are back at our "mega church" from what people say so his Sunday School is basically like an amusement park and it was all so foreign to me getting him registered and ready to go but I had a moment of serious pregnancy embarrassment taking him yesterday. His classroom is up on the second level of the building leaving me walking a few flights of stairs outside to sign him in. Well, add heels, a pregnant chick and 110 degree heat with stairs.... it's not pretty. It took me far too long to make my way up to sign him in and I was a heaving, sweaty mess when I reached the top. Conclusion: Andrew will be doing the drop off // pick up thing from now on, solo.

On to this outfit... are you so sick of seeing this leopard clutch everywhere? I hope not! I am obsessed and it will still be making it's appearance quite often throughout outfit posts... just saying so brace yourself! I was finally able to pick up a few items from my tailor this last week including this Kiki La'Rue maxi dress and I was elated how it came out. Being 5 foot it's hard to find a maxi that doesn't need some altering so having it back in my closet has been glorious! I've already worn it twice in one week... (shhhh, don't judge) and I plan to wear it again this weekend because it's so airy and cool for summer! A total win, my friends.

Have a great rest of your day!

Pineapple Tee

June 26, 2014

jeans: Asos Maternity | top: Sincerely Jules x Piperlime | hat (similar): Target | sandals (option): Ralph Lauren x Marshalls | clutch: Clare Vivier | sunnies: Ray-Ban | watch: Fossil | bracelet: Loren Hope | necklaces: Miaearrings


Pineapples. The fruit of the summer and something we never go without in our home. It's pretty delightful and I can't seem to get enough sweet, juicy fruits lately so it really hits the spot in the kitchen and in my wardrobe. This tee by Sincerely Jules is literally the softest thing ever and the perfect boyfriend fit. I chose to get a large and really could've done a medium even being pregnant because it's so roomy. Totally something I see myself in casually throughout the summer and during the cooler months with a cardie.

Now some exciting news! Baby lady is kicking up a storm and Andrew saw her moving for the first time this week! I cried and was so overjoyed he's now able to see and feel what I've been feeling for a few weeks now. The connection we both have with her already blows my mind and I can't wait to get Drake tomorrow and let him in on the action. He is going to be so excited seeing sister move around!

Minty Fresh

June 24, 2014

jeans: Asos Maternity | top: Riffraff (KINCHLIFE for 10% off) | shoes (option): Marshall's | clutch: Clare Vivier | watch: Fossil | bracelets: Loren Hope & Love Always Couture | necklaces: Miaearrings | sunnies: Ray-Ban | infinity ring: Kate Spade


It's been a while since I professed my love of a great jean and top combo so I have to do just that today with my recent find at Riffraff! I've really been attempting to add color pops throughout my wardrobe lately but with pieces I know I'll wear throughout each season so this was perfect. The mint isn't too bright and not too soft and the material on this top is everything. I also snagged these lace up booties from Marshall's last week on sale and I've worn them daily since.... totally not ashamed but my feet are a little blister filled breaking them in. You can find a similar pair to those, here.

Don't forget to use code KINCHLIFE for 10% off your orders at Riffraff- I also ordered this dress and this top yesterday so I can't wait to share them!


Summer Dress

June 23, 2014

dress: H&M | denim vest: Target | belt: Target | wedges: Steve Madden | watch: Fossil | bangle: Love Always Couture | spike bracelet: Kiki La'Rue | crystal bracelet: Loren Hope | bag (option): Steve Madden x Nordstrom Rack


Today I'm collaborating with a long time blog friend and client of mine, Becky from Cella Jane! We're both expecting (she's due next month!) and thought it would be fun to share how we style a summer dress with our baby bumps. I chose to go bright because I'm always in neutrals and this H&M dress was the perfect pop. And these wedges?! Amazing- I ordered them online instead of getting them in store because they were so much cheaper that way but the stability they provide while wobbling around pregnant is divine.

Make sure to swing by Becky's blog to see the way she pulled her summer dress together!


June 20, 2014

So what they say is true. Once you're pregnant and seeing your husband adjust to the idea of a new baby and a new life we're embracing together, it makes you love that man of yours so much more. It's been overwhelming the sense of passion and joy I have just spending time with him lately and it's not even for baby related things. I think we're just in a place where our love is blooming and we're getting stronger in our marriage. It's a beautiful, amazing thing and I'm so grateful for that. I just so look forward to this next chapter of our lives together with a baby of our own and as we give Drake a sibling.

I hope you have a great weekend- I'll be back on Monday sharing some maternity fashion with my love, Becky from Cella Jane!


Aztec & Gladiators

June 19, 2014

shorts: Target | tee (in size L- also comes in black): Kiki La'Rue | clutch: Gigi New York | sandals: Charlotte Russe | sunnies: Ray-Ban | watch: Fossil | spike bracelet: Kiki La'Rue | bangle bracelet: Love Always Couture | crystal bracelet: Loren Hope | earrings (similar): Kate Spade | infinity ring: Kate Spade

taken at 21 weeks pregnant

Remember last week when I said I found some shorts I actually was loving and excited to wear throughout the summer? Well here they are! I couldn't wait to pair them with my new top from Kiki La'Rue and this combo was so comfy for looking pulled together this past Monday running errands and spending the day with Drake!

I also wanted to extend a thank you to all those who commented, read and prayed for us on our doctor visit yesterday. We chose to go ahead and pay the bill without fighting it anymore because I'm way too stressed out to manage the continuing battle. We did also find out that $410.00 goes towards our deductible meaning we only have $90 left to meet our plan benefits and insurance then takes over all pregnancy related expenses. At least that's what they say so we're praying that was the truth! Who knows at this point because it seems we get 3 stories each time but I do have a sense of relief knowing it's resolved and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Hope you're having a great week, thanks for stopping by!


Nursery Update

June 18, 2014

taken at 20 weeks

We are headed to the doctor here in a few short hours for a monthly checkup on baby lady and I'm all flutters and such to hear how she's cooking. We are having some obnoxious issues with a bill the doctor claimed to have covered so I do get all antsy and anxious now going into my doctor's office but I'm trying to stay calm and collected for baby's sake. I'm hoping having Andrew with me today will lay down the law and they'll step up and understand that bill was their fault and is their responsibility to pay. Anyone else deal with this when doing a lot of testing? Basically, they suggested certain tests that weren't necessary, we stated if they were fully covered by insurance, we'd be happy to do them. They claimed to have called and verified with our insurance it was fully covered so they sent me for blood work. I did that and a month later received a bill for $410 stating we owe it for that blood work as it wasn't fully covered. I then contacted our insurance, asked why they told my doctor it was covered and they said "they never called us to verify, it's not covered.... this is your doctor's responsibility to pay if you are disputing and appealing the charges".... oh, hell yeah I am! So now we're going on 2 months of fighting it with my doctor and them refusing to pay for their mistake. Take about deception. I'm at the point of wanting to change my doctor but being more than half way through my pregnancy, that seems a little abrupt.

Anyway.... I posted this pic on instagram last week of the nursery coming along and wanted to share these steals for you here to shop since I had a lot of questions on it! The crib sheet it much to dark for my liking so I'm ordering this one but in the meantime, it will stay and be used down the line as an extra. As for the pillows and rug, they were found at Marshall's and IKEA so I'm sharing options below.


Comfy Cool

June 16, 2014

pants: Old Navy | top (similar): Forever 21 | blazer (option): H&M | shoes (similar): Marshall's | clutch: Gigi New York | watch (loving this!): Fossil | bracelet (option): Love Always Couture | necklace (similar here): Miaearrings | sunnies: Ray-Ban

taken at 18 weeks pregnant, currently 21 weeks

These pants are literally a pregnant girls lifesaver. I got these a few weeks back when I was hitting the "I don't fit in sh*t phase" and ended up loving this fit and the classy, cool style factor they included. They're remarkably comfortable for running errands in flats or bringing a dressed up vibe when pairing with a blazer as I have here. I've also been dying to share my Gigi clutch so I had in my mind this would be a great combo for some summer brights!

This week Drake is at his mama's so I'm in a #GSD mindset and planning my schedule to the brim. With the exception of a hair appt tomorrow (thinking something like this), it's all work and no play for this girl. I'm really looking forward to focusing a lot of my efforts on clients this week and to get a few installs done as well. I've also been slowing pulling ideas on invitations for my baby shower which Jessica will be doing custom but I have some insert cards to get designed and printed as well! Super motivated though so I have to take advantage of it while I can.


Week End

June 13, 2014

We made it to Friday and I have such excitement for this weekend because it's going to be filled with catching up on sleep! I've been starting to get a lot of pain in my stomach and uterus and I've come to the conclusion after much research that it's the beginnings of Braxton Hicks. I've read it's totally normally as long as the contractions aren't more than twice an hour and it's about every hour I have a breathtaking pain that stops me. But this all started Wednesday night leaving me with little sleep worrying about what was happening and same on Thursday night. This body is changing... I tell ya! And stretch marks have officially appeared. I've been using Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter and traditional Coconut Oil but I think it was bound to happen knowing my mom got them too. Boo!


+ The word major has revisited my vocabulary. Maybe in part to following Rachel Zoe via social media and her undying love for maj but I just love it currently.

+ Spots. I am seeing spots everywhere and finally got my hands on this baby! Can't wait for it to be here next week.

+ I reloaded my Starbucks card giving me incentive to leave the house more and opting for coffee out which is always a nice change. My favorite order lately is a decaf white mocha with a pump of caramel. So delightful, friends- you should try it this weekend!

+ Not so fabulous, I lost basically all my bobby pins. How does that even happen?

Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!


June 11, 2014

jeans (non maternity style, here) | ASOS, tee (softest thing ever!) | ILY Couture, blazer (similar) | Forever 21, heels- love these! | Marshall's, bag (sold out- similar) | Aldo Shoes, sunnies (loving these too!) | Ray-Ban, watch (wear it daily- similar style) | Fossil, bracelet (option) | Love Always Couture, necklace (cheaper option) | Miaearrings


Please tell me you all have purchased the leopard nail decals I mentioned yesterday? I still have them on, still swoon every time I see them and the longevity of wear just can't be beat! You won't regret it. So you may be wondering why I'm wearing jeans and a blazer in the hot, dry heat of AZ....? I guess it's because I'm at the point in my pregnancy I just want to cover everything up... which doesn't work seamlessly when living in 110 degree weather. I did snag a pair of cut offs (buy one get one 50% off!) I'm loving yesterday so I'll be sure to wear them out over the next couple months but I still feel in that weird "I'm a whale" stage of growing. Other mamas feel me?! So in the meantime, covering it all up is my option until I figure out how to transition my belly to be the focal point. But who's really ready for that either? The gawking at my belly and people clearly staring at it when I'm out.... I'm not sure I'm a fan of that yet although it's already happening.