Emery + Friends

April 29, 2015

headband- Elle Bowtique | onesie- H&M | crib sheet in Shell- Serena & Lily | bumpers- RH Baby & Child

It's become my goal to get a little collection of dolls going for Emery and so far, I think we're doing good. I'm excited to snag some that are super unique and some that are just simply fun but mostly, I want her to have a connection over time to them and get excited for birthdays when we can add another to the bunch- this is one I'd like to add for her 1st birthday!. These are my favorites and the top is Little Mermaid from Cotton Candy Dollies! It's custom to her with the blonde hair and green eyes so I'm just partial to it. We have a couple more (this and this) but they're packed while we're temporarily out of our home.

Do any of you mama's have a little quirk like this going for your Littles?

Mother's Day with Minted

April 23, 2015

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I've always struggled on what to gift to my mom when the time comes. She is super picky (although she begs to differ) and I didn't want to be naturally mundane with the usual card, flowers and a candle or lotions. I thought this through more than normal this year and realized some lovely stationary would be perfect for her. She works a desk job and wouldn't ever think to invest in something beautiful to send notes with around the office or to jot down a to-do list so I figure it's a great opportunity to gift it!

I scoured around Minted.com as I knew they are a marketplace with independent artist designs and found the most perfect gold foil set with such a perfect floral print my mom would love! I also added another set that coordinated really nicely for a well rounded desk set. When I got them in the mail, I was completely elated because the quality is like...woah! I've ordered a lot of printed details online with other companies and thought they were great but I'm overly impressed by the structure in paper and the envelopes. Way to go Minted for investing in the right area!

And naturally, I'll still send these over with a big bouquet of flowers! ;)

Use code SPRINGFOIL for 20% off foil-pressed product
on Minted.com until April 27th!

Emery | 6 Months

April 22, 2015


This little princess is 6 months old today! I want to be super nostalgic with this month because she's lived half her first year of life which is just crazy to me. In some sense, I feel like we brought her home yesterday and in others, I feel like she's been in our family the whole time. She was our missing piece to the puzzle and her presence in our home is completely contagious. She's been so fun and interactive at this stage recognizing myself, Daddy, Drake and Brutus and even her auntie's, uncles and grandparents. She's a giggler and a foot muncher and doesn't stop rolling. We are stupid blessed with this little nugget and praise God for her everyday!

Happy 6 months, Emery babe!


April 20, 2015

Yesterday's service really hit home with me. We're in a series called Detox at our church and yesterday was based around comparison. I was awed over and over how much I related to all that was being said mainly because I'm in this "blog world". To be honest, blog world really is about what others have and giving people advice to spend the money and get the same splurge purse (so the other earns commission!) or to always have the fresh flowers in our homes or a starbucks in hand. We left yesterday, challenged to be thankful for what God has blessed us with and to be grateful for what matters and I fully intend to live up to that challenge. I just wanted to share the sermon with you if you have a moment and wanted to watch because I know I'm in that trap as a blogger and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Have a great Monday!

Glisten Fit | e-book launch!

April 17, 2015

When I first started blogging, I "met" Jess who at the time had Lovely Little Things going. Over the past 4 years, she's become an amazing fitness gal who's followed her dreams and set her mind and heart on something and today, I'm so excited to share she's launched her e-book! When she told me about this journey she was embarking on, I knew I had to jump on board not only to support her but to also gain some more control of my life and become healthy. She's poured her heart into this labor of love and it includes so many wonderful tips to coach you along to your fitness goals. You can see what all is included in this book and you can purchase it, here!

Today until April 25th, she's offering $10 off with code "GLISTENGIRLS" and we're beginning her 28 day challenge on May 4th so we can all do it together. I'm pumped to be starting this journey with someone I consider a sweet friend of mine and I definitely encourage you all to get involved too! I don't want to be obnoxious and cliche but I do plan to post my journey because over the last 2 months of getting back into the gym and a healthier lifestyle, I'm excited to see my body jump to the next level with her guidance.

Cosmetically Helping Migraines

April 14, 2015

Dealing with migraines isn't something easy and it's been a challenge even more so having a baby because I constantly have to be "on". I've been prescribed medication over the years to help dissipate the pain but it's always the hard stuff that finally works and then I'm left on a high that isn't safe when I'm in mom mode. Since having Emery, I've been really into finding alternative solutions to help the pain so I can maintain life and normality while struggling and I'm excited to have found something that's helped.

When I was trying to get pregnant, I met with my doctor and asked about options that were safe and he mentioned Dysport (or Botox) to help relieve the muscles that were tense throughout my head and face causing the migraines. I was totally turned off by this thinking why in the world would I do that to cosmetically change my look when I didn't have a lot of wrinkles just to get pain relief. Well, when it comes to your sanity and functioning, you give things a try! I had Dysport injected at LaVida MedSpa into some areas on my forehead and face about a month ago now and I'm shocked by the comfort I've gotten from it with minimal migraines.

The way Dysport works is to make the muscles relax where it's injected meaning wrinkles diminish and in this case, the tension I've been getting in my head with my muscles are softened. I haven't been needing to take Vicodin or even Excedrin since getting Dysport done, just a touch of peppermint essential oil on my temples when I get a slight headache and between that combo, I'm golden.

It's really exciting to me I'm not super dependent on hard medications at this time in my life and it's a bonus the small wrinkles I was getting have been replaced with great skin. Nothing unnatural to my appearance came of this choice and at the same time, I'm feeling great!

If you're in Arizona (Chandler, Tempe or Gilbert, ideally) I can't recommend Muschi at LaVida MedSpa enough. Give her a call about your needs whether it's some extra love with lip injections, a facial peel, wrinkles diminished... you name it, she can accomplish a multitude of things!

Baby Favorites

April 6, 2015

I can't help but share Emery on instagram basically all the time and I get questions more often than not about where her clothes are from and mostly her headbands. I wanted to share a few of my headband shops I always go to and pulled some clothes that are in constant rotation in her closet that I've admittedly purchased multiple times as she's grown out of the smaller sizes. What can I say? I guess J. Crew and Gap are my favorite. Also included are a couple items for daily routine that are a must, like Sophie because she really is laced with baby crack.


Whimsy Vibes

April 2, 2015

The last of the long hair. Some days I love the length it is now and some days I miss the luscious locks. I think that's because we all want what we can't have. Yes? Also, I don't miss my mohawk of roots. Ick,

I'm sure you know by now it's heating up in PHX so these boots have already been swapped for strappy sandals and the big tote for a cross body but I'm so looking forward to the warmer months only for the simple fact we're living with a pool the whole time. I am dreading the moving in the middle of July though,,,, that will suck in 120 degree weather. Make sure to stop by The Tickled Pink Boutique where I got this dress to see all their lovely new warm weather arrivals. Use code AUBREY for 10% off!

Spring Shoe Style | Mama + Baby

April 1, 2015

AUBREY // jeans, tank, kimono (similar), wedges

My little mini! Goodness, she's cute and adding a pair of baby converse is even cuter! Am I right? We snagged both our shoes from Rack Room Shoes recently thinking it was time to get something fresh and on trend for Spring and I'm so excited we did. With our move coming up and packing away every little detail, it was a treat getting a special box to open and not pack up! I was totally thinking with Emery's mint sneaks, they would be gender neutral for any potential babies down the line. I chose to pair my leather detailed wedges (on sale!) with a flowy kimono and I will admit, I've worn this outfit twice in the last week. Again... resources and moving. I'm limited, you guys.

Just a little note for those who haven't shopped Rack Room Shoes, they offer 50% off your second pair everyday. I didn't know this and now I'm stuck shopping from them all.the.time. We're officially penny pinchers over here! ;)