House Hunting

February 24, 2015

I've mentioned it randomly our plans to move sometime this year and we've really been on a roll house hunting and getting excited about the prospect of starting fresh. Last Sunday, we went with our realtor and looked at a few homes for sale in our ideal area after a new build prospect fell through and we're now in this weird place. We loved the idea of building new (still do!) but it would put us in a home that's a house until the kids are out of the house. Loft area, office, huge garage, luxurious kitchen... the works.... the only down fall is our yard might not be as large as we'd like and HOA. All super appealing right off the bat and ready to enjoy but we face the challenge of one day moving again when it's just Andrew and I in the home.

Well, we saw a house Sunday that's foreclosed and is on a huge piece of land! The inside is a hot mess with a lot of fixing needing done to make it livable and then painting of course, so it's really cosmetic but it would give us the ability to build it how we want it, and it's smaller, single story so we could be there even after the babes are out of the home. You know, the long(er) term solution. It has land, a great deck - like huge deck - and would be lovely to build out a fire pit, BBQ area....etc. The rooms are just small and mater bathroom would take a full renovation but it's also very appealing.

So here we are, opposite ends of the spectrum now. Either we're going brand new and lovely or we're going shit show and building custom. What an adventure! We're off to see a few more model developments today and houses with land. Wish us luck!

The Sleep Details

February 23, 2015

sleepsuit | crib sheet (we have 2!) | jammies | bumpers | ballerina doll (on sale!)

Every time I post Emery sleeping or about her sleep routine, a lot of people ask me the tricks I'm using to get her sleeping through the night. I am by no means an expert and I feel we totally lucked out with an easy baby on her sleep but I wanted to share what I've found to work for us with her and her sleep schedule.

Let me start with some back story for you.... we went about 3 weeks of her not sleeping at all at night. Legitimately, she'd get about an hour all split up with a few minutes here and there. I struggled and cried and hated life and thought I made a huge mistake jumping into parenting but I prayed and talked to trusted friends and family and we figured out what was wrong. My supply. We then started exclusively pumping and adding formula so her bottles were larger and sleep finally happened. With that alone, she started sleeping 8pm-1am up to feed until about 1:45am and would then sleep until 6am. That to me was huge! Around week 5, I decided to start implementing a bedtime routine with books, bath, play time and bottle so she had consistency and when we did this, she switched to sleeping 8pm- 6am.

Fast forward 3 more weeks of consistency like this I was ready to have her moved into her crib from the bassinet in our bedroom. I knew I had to be gentle with myself because I thought it would take us back to square one. I started implementing her crib more and more at nap time so it wasn't foreign to her and stored the bassinet so I couldn't revert back to it in the middle of the night when i was weak... ha! We had 2 nights of 3am wake ups but then all clicked and she was again, sleeping through the night.

At 12 weeks old, I was over the swaddle because the only swaddle method that she stayed in was the Super Swaddle and that was just too much work for sitters putting her down or for when I wasn't home and Andrew needed to get her to bed. She was becoming fully dependent on me personally and I was really needing to find solutions to getting her routine more "user friendly", if you will. So I ordered the Zipadee Zip. Um, that was a nightmare. The problem is that she hates having her arms free! She would much rather be contained and tight probably because she feels most secure this way so the Zipadee gave her too much movement. I tried the Woombie, sleep sacks...etc and nothing was working.

I was then introduced to the Magic Sleepsuit from a mama on IG who happened to comment about it and I was desperate. I figured I've tried a few things so what could hurt? It arrived in record time, which was awesome and the first nap we tried it with was hugely successful! I had intended on introducing only for naps and about a week later, adding it at bedtime but we tried it the same day we got it and she slept 8pm-7:30am! I was shocked. Here we are, 5 weeks later and she's now sleeping 7:30pm-7:30am like a champ! She sometimes wakes at 6:30 when her brother gets up for school but I snag her and put her in bed with me and she falls right back asleep for an hour or two.

Basically, I was sold. I know how hard it can be navigating this parenthood thing and some things work for people while it doesn't for others but I've heard nothing but rave reviews on the Magic Sleepsuit so I felt it was definitely a must-share.


Doesn't she get hot?
This was brought up often on IG with people accusing me of not being a good mom because "clearly, she's overheating". Well, I'm not dumb friends, and I am her mom who gets to make the decisions for her right now, just as you are your babies mama and can decide what's right for them. Yes? 

End rant.

I have a child who runs so hot (those Kinch genes!) so I was worried about this and thought this through prior to ordering. I did opt to start putting her fan on low in her room but she still wakes up normal. Never warm or sweating, but just like she's cozy! I also keep her in her jammies while she is in this and it's never an issue.

What style did you get? Cotton or fleece?
I chose cotton! I felt it would be more breathable and better for our AZ climate. I mean, it's already in the 80's here so I'll only increase the fan speed over time, I'm sure.

Do you put her in for naps and bedtime?
Yes! I decided if we're doing this, I want consistency. Obviously, if she's napping in her carseat, she isn't in this but if she's at home or at grandparents where she's laid down, I send it with her or she's in it.

Is it soft and flexible for movement?
Totally! It looks like Randy from a Christmas Story (I can't put my arms down!) but she can move and squish and even suck her hands still. 

Are they sold in stores or only online?
I believe only online right now. You can order, here!

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There you have it friends. I tried pulling from all your comments and questions on IG about this baby because I really love it and feel it's worth ordering and testing for yourself! If there's something I didn't cover here, please comment and I'll get back to you (if you're a reply-commenter) as soon as possible! Happy sleeping!

Out with the Babies

February 20, 2015

EMERY // leggings | tee (on sale!) | headband
DRAKE // jeans | tee | shoes | hat
AUBREY // jeans | top (code AUBREY for 10% off) | sunnies

This last weekend when we had Drake, we went out and seriously enjoyed the beautiful weather AZ has been having. We're in the high 70's low 80's lately and it's amazing. I have to admit, it's a little bitter sweet because that means it'll soon be in the 120's and I'll be hating life again. BUT this summer I won't be pregnant and miserable so it'll be better than last summer, right?!

We just got our hands on the newest Buzz Xtra by Quinny as well and I am in love, friends! We seriously love our Zapp Xtra but the Buzz is like a dream. I don't plan on using this as a travel system but more for our walks and park trips so with that being said, I love the stability and smooth ride it gives the babe. She has fallen right asleep the handful of times we've used it already so I take that as a win. And the gray? It's so good! Perfect for being gender neutral down the line if we have another baby. I'm sure we'll be back out at the park this weekend with it before it gets too hot.

Have a great weekend!

Updates - Change - Whatevs

February 18, 2015

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So there's this thing called a baby... and that baby sort of takes up your whole life. Like you don't have time to shower some days until your husband is home and you can't pee without them screaming because you aren't holding them and you sometimes have to answer emails with a sleeping baby on your dead arm and it's just a disaster.

I assumed I would be a working mom when our family expanded. It's one thing having a child part time like Drake because the weeks with him were easy for me to slow down because the weeks we didn't, I'd be hustlin' and getting tons of work done in my office. Well, this newborn (now infant) thing throws you... like a lot.

I've been back to work since December after taking 6 weeks off when having Emery and I'm struggling hugely finding a balance of her and work with clients. I feel I'm not giving my best and that life with her is flashing before my eyes and I'm missing everything. I pride myself on making each an every project I work on passionate to me and I also have dreams of not missing a damn thing when my babies are growing up. So what do I do?

I've decided it's time to take a step back from work and really focus on Drake, Emery and Andrew. They are what's important and aren't going anywhere so it's right in my heart to break. I'm finishing out my current client list that's booked until mid-March and after that, I'm going to regroup with my services, cost, site and launch a whole new look, concept and ultimately, I'll simply book 4 clients a month. That's it. I will focus solely on their sites and branding in slow time to make it exceptional and I'll also spend my days loving on my kids. God has placed it on my heart that the things in life are just that.... things. I don't need to be working to obtain nice, materialistic goodies but I do need to be a present mother to my children and loving wife to my husband.

Amen and amen!

So where does that put the blog? No where! I'm sure you've noticed I've migrated to a lot more lifestyle posts and that's just simply where I'm at now. I love to still get all dolled up and share outfits here and there so those won't change either. I love being able to share and extend our life with others to lift up, inspire and encourage so during all those little naps I can get, blogging will be right here as a priority - and I do have so many fun, exciting things coming up here for you!

Thank you always for the love and encouragement throughout my years being exposed. It's rewarding knowing my work is wanted to beautify other sites and it's humbling having people invest so much into my family. You are the best!

Big hugs, friends!

My Valentine's

February 10, 2015

EMERY // headband- Elle Bowtique | leggings- H&M

It's official. I have the cutest Valentine's this year, do you agree? Probably not if you have your own babies or puppy or whatevs but I think mine are precious. I couldn't pass up being super hallmark-y and getting us matching shirts to sport this past weekend and I'm so happy I did. Drake was beyond elated to be matching Emery and it was a darling reason to snap some pictures of the two of them.


February 9, 2015

tee- The Shine Project | jeans- Target | cardigan- Target | hat- Old Navy | flats- Lulu's

So Andrew and I are ones who don't really celebrate Valentine's Day but recently we've decided we may not celebrate that but we can still have a day that's special for us regardless of the hallmark holiday. That being said, we are headed down to Mexico for the week and will be spending our Valentine's down there with our little lady in tow. In ode to that, I felt it only right to pull in a pop of pink to my ensemble I'll be packing for the trip. It's still cool down there so I'm thinking this outfit will be perfect for roaming around town while still being comfortable and sporting a little touch of the holiday with my tee!

Hello Weekend

February 6, 2015

jeans- Paige Denim | tee- Sweet T's Design | cardigan- Target | flats- Lulu's | watch- Kate Spade | bracelet- Alex & Ani | car seat cover- Covered Goods (use code AK5 for $5 off- valid until Sunday!) | stroller- Quinny | car seat- Maxi Cosi

Friday! Holla. I am so excited to kick off this weekend because it's going to be a gooooood one. Details on a house are working their way through, it's my mama's birthday tomorrow so we'll be celebrating and we have Drake this week so we're a big ole' family of love. Perfection.

Hope you have a great weekend and I hope we have good news to share Monday! Eeek!

Finding Frames with DAV/D K/ND

February 4, 2015

I will be honest here, I've spent a lot of money that I feel like I've simply lost when purchasing glasses online. It sounds appealing because it give you one less errands or office to visit around town and then boom, a few days later you have glasses that *hopefully* fit, look amazing and have an accurate prescription. Well, it never seemed to happen this way for me. Apparently, my face is too narrow and head to small because every pair I ordered didn't fit. I was stumped.

Enter DAV/D K/ND.

What makes them different? Um, everything! To get started, you get to fill our a style profile giving your likes and dislikes about frames, colors, width...etc. From there, you're paired with an expert stylist who sends you a whole box of glasses to try on at home. What? Yep, at home. They will send the frames you chose along with some recommendations of their own so when you get your little goodie box, it's so much fun to test them all out! 

You're simply required to leave all your little notes on the back of each card giving feedback and then you get to decide which pair wins. Simply send back your goodie box (shipping label is included!) with your prescription and your stylist will get them made and sent right back to you so you are free from hassle and you'll be rockin' a lovely new pair of DAV/D K/ND glasses in no time.

Totally cool, right?

I wanted to share with you my DAV/D K/ND glasses sent over by my stylist, Laura and that girl knows what she's doing because all the additional ones she sent from my picks were my favorite. Whew- it's a good thing I had her expertise. Am I right?

top | lipstick | nail color (on sale!)

So what do you think? All the styles were definitely trendy and cute, some bulky and some more simplistic. I ended up with.... option 5! They seemed to be right in the middle of the styles and I love the color tone in the tortoise they offered. All in all, if you're looking for glasses and are like me with trying and trying but never have any luck, it's worth getting connected and working with DAV/D K/ND I can promise you that!


Strolling with Quinny

February 3, 2015

It's one of my favorite things to take Emery and Drake and run around on block and get some outdoor time. He takes his bike and laps us about 10 times but it's such a breath of fresh air doing something fun and active like that with the kids. We've been using our Quinny Zapp Xtra stroller as a travel system with our Maxi Cosi Mico AP car seat and it's been a dream. Not only for the neighborhood walks but it's also perfect for popping Emery into the stroller when we're out and about running errands or doing a little shopping. Stay tuned throughout the next couple months and I'll be sharing even more of my Quinny favorites!