Making a Statement in Your Family Room

October 16, 2017

Celesita Brown Traditional Rug- Well Woven | couches- American Furniture Warehouse | ottoman- Wayfair | poufs- Wayfair | throw pillows- HomeGoods | kid table- IKEA | lamps- Target | cotton garland- Potato Barn | Come As Your Are sign- Kinch Design Co | basket- AllModern | Peoria Pillow- Linen & Ivory

Rugs completely change a space. Like completely. I have always gravitated towards neutral and softer looking rugs with minimal color to easily change the spaces in our home throughout decor and pillows but I'm at the point doing the opposite is right on target.

When moving into our new home, I thought hard about making smart and curated decisions with our home decor to make sure what's seen throughout truly reflect our style and presence. We want our home to ultimately feel warm, inviting and comfortable so when we're entertaining, people walk in and make themselves at home. That's something I take pride in. Making sure it smells clean and cozy, and everything we have on walls down to throw blankets, pillows and rugs are something people find welcoming.

I chose to update the rug in our main family room to really make an impact! I went bold and a lot more colorful than I typically would go for and I don't regret it one bit. This rug from Well Woven is one I've had my eye on since I found the company on Instagram and couldn't stop thinking about it. I had a gut feeling it would pair our rustic, eclectic style really well and I was right! I perfectly fit into our space with our deep charcoal ottoman and navy poufs, down to the greige couches and faux fur detailing.

I just love how changing one little thing in a room makes a huge impact and gives a completely new vibe! I'm a rug snob, I think you all know this by now and Well Woven has definitely earned a repeat customer!

You can use code "Aybkhn20" for 20% off when shopping!

Happy Monday!

Restart Button

October 9, 2017

Mom and dad had a night without the babies! What an amazing weekend it was. It's been such a busy season of life lately and we've been finding it hard to sit and just breathe, just the two of us. Of course we have moments of hanging out as a family and connecting then but speaking over a crying 2 year old and squeaking 1 year old isn't easy and we needed some calm.

Last week, I talked to my mom who happened to call right in the middle of a breakdown I was having so Saturday night, she called and offered to take the babies for a sleepover. We jumped at the opportunity to send them to Nona and Papa's house! We ordered in pizza, drank wine (and beer), caught up on some shows and actually slept in and had breakfast out. We were able to talk without fighting over the babies! Yahoo!

It's so important as parents we spend time focusing and being intentional on each other. I know I want recognition from Andrew and vice versa and it was exactly what we needed to feel refreshed and hit the restart button.

Even after getting the babies before church Sunday, we had a long afternoon nap together, which never happens, and it was just so nice. I can't even express how much I needed that!

How was your weekend?

Recent Design Work

October 6, 2017

It's been a bittersweet process trickling down on my design clients to take on work with BLANQI but it's also something I have been excited about doing because my heart is with BLANQI. That said, I'm still designing for them with creative and while making that my main source of income now, I wanted to share some recent projects I finalized and closed out before shutting the shop down in August.


This particular client was going for neutral tones but using slate blue and navy
to compliment throughout the overall feel of her design.
From light, warm tones to the cooler pairings made for a whimsical vibe
but something still so chic and stylish.

Navy and pink were the perfect combo for this southern belle looking for something
sophisticated yet timeless. Nothing says southern more than
yummy donuts, pink peonies and the perfectly teased high ponytail.
And hunter boots? That sealed the deal!

Something I'm personally most drawn towards with the light peach and sage green combo
paired with rustic vibes of chippy whites and creams.
Add a cute little kitten, faded blue jeans and a milk braid and this board
transitioned to the most beautiful website!


Thank you to all my 2017 design clients!

Celebrating Baby Safety Month with Summer Infant

October 5, 2017

September was Baby Safety Month and although it's now October, I had this post on my mind throughout September. I was sent over an article with a detailed list of ways to keep your little one safe from Summer Infant and it was such a great read! Some things I had no idea about so I encourage you to check the list out and see if you have things you can adjust, like I did, to keep your little ones safer.

Here are three things we're doing around our home to keep Hollyn safe-

Now that we're in a single story home, I didn't think much of a baby gate but as I've established a work routine and as Hollyn has grown and started exploring more and more, it was apparent we needed something. Personally, I needed it to keep Hollyn in one designated space and my nanny needed it to help corral the kids into the main living space and away from the hallway, close to my office.

Not all baby gates are beautiful. To be honest, most of them aren't stylish and accommodating to home decor at all but Summer Infant recently launched this stunning Classic Home gate with white and wooden touches that perfect pair with our home and decor style. It's now a seamless piece incorporated that not only serves a great purpose of keeping baby safe in specific areas but it's beautiful too! I'm also loving this option!

Lately, I've come across one too many stories of babies losing their lives to a blanket around their head or suffocation in their bumpers and call me paranoid, but suddenly I removed it all. I didn't have a care in the world with Emery and I let her snuggle her blanket (or two) away while she slept peacefully but this time around, I nixed it all.

I've been a whole lot more anxious as a person in general since Hollyn was born so maybe that's my reasoning behind making this switch but I'm so appreciative of products like the SwaddleMe Love Sack allowing for comfort and warmth while keep baby secure and arms free as they grow. Hollyn isn't quite at the stage of really comprehending she can move her blanket or she can adjust if she's uncomfortable so this eliminates a lot of unease and keeps me peaceful while she sleeps.

Nurseries sure look cute and curated when the crib is decked out in an entire bed set but let's be open about that hazard- it's not safe. We use a crib sheets and a bumper at the top of the railing but nothing surrounding the bottom for her to nestle into. She does sleep with a pacifier that's a wubbanub with a little animal attached and that's like a comfort/security to her. She loves that thing!


What are some things you do around your home to keep your little one safe?