Old Gems

October 30, 2015

I was on our laptop last night instead of my work desktop and found some sweet gems of Emery I never posted! This was at 3.5 months old and right about the time her face couldn't get any more round! ;) It's crazy watching these babies grow and develop and soon they're walking, talking and giving you a run for your money. Yikes! Hope you have a great and safe Halloween weekend! xo

crib sheet | onesie | headband | leggings (carters)

SOS- I killed my plant!

October 29, 2015

(horrible quality instagram picture) 

Back in September I was at Costco and came across the ever popular Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree which completely made me swoon and want to be impulsive and buy it on the spot. I didn't. I reasoned with myself and said I needed to research it and make sure I wouldn't kill the thing based on how needy it was. Well it seemed super simple and low maintenance so I went back a few days later and snagged the beaute.

Fast forward two months. I've basically killed the damn thing! SOS! Someone tell me what I'm doing wrong! I've read it needs sunlight so we've had it positioned by a window that is opened daily with all day light. Watering it once a week or when the soil feels dry- I've seen this is dependent on climate and we're very dry in AZ so I feel like I've giving it enough. I've been rotating the base to share the love on each side and slow but surely, leaves are falling and turning a horrid crunchy brown. Sighhhh.

Do you have any tips to revive my beloved tree? I'll do anything!

Fall Footwear Fashion

October 28, 2015

Back in high school, I had zero sense of reality and literally wore flip flops throughout every season because I was the typical Abercrombie & Hollister walking store. When it came to staying warm or having some idea of fashion while staying preppy, I was clueless. Since 2010-ish, I started investing in good Fall and Winter footwear and that's when I realized I was a huge lover of the seasons and how my style was spot on. I was a cold weather, fiend! Gimme all the Caramel Apple Spice and blankets because it was my favorite!

So this year, I splurged and got a few new selections from Rack Room Shoes to fill my closet and to really expand and make sure I'm right on trend for the Fall season. Thankfully, it's cooling in Phx now so I can wear rider boots and cute ankle booties! Hallelujah! I personally connected with Rack Room Shoes about Fall trends and what is up and coming so I wanted to share three big styles you know you can count on for this cold season!

Shall we?

tunic | vest | leggings | scarf (target) | boots

R I D I N G  B O O T S // These have always been a staple in any woman's closet because they truly never go out of style. Of course, they're constantly evolving with colors, textures, detailing but the simple silhouette has been sought out for years. I personally have wide calves so I've never truly found a pair I love and this wide-calf pair is everything! I still have a touch of room to wear jeans or simply pair them with leggings like shown above. Either way, I'm thankful to have ones that fit comfortably that I know I'll be grabbing a lot this season!

denim | sweater (target) | booties

A N K L E  B O O T I E S // Two years ago, I was working at my church home doing social media marketing and I was on a lunch break (at Target- duh!) and fell in love with some cute booties. I was never one who thought they would look good on me and I wasn't sure how trendy they would be in the seasons to come, but I went for it. I basically didn't take them off that whole season and the next so naturally, this time around, I needed to add another cute pair to the bunch! I am loving these booties and the strap detailing but even more the suede finish and how cushy the soles are! They are perfect for throwing on with a jeans and a sweater or leggings and a tunic. Also a great alternative for looking a touch more dressed up as a mama than uggs and sweats. Yes? They also come in black which I might have to snag as well!

P O I N T E D  T O E  F L A T S // Always trendy. Always classic. This particular pair sold me with the darling ankle strap to add detail. I'm also loving the laser cutouts and how they can breath but add a great textured element. Again, what a great way to dress up a mommy wardrobe with a tunic or an over-sized cardigan! I don't ever foresee pointed toe flats leaving us for anything better- because they are simply the best themselves.

What are some of your favorite shoes trends for Fall? I'm loving fringe and wedge booties too! Alyson Stanley is the buyer for Rack Room Shoes and she's been all over scouting out the latest trends to make sure you're always getting the best when shopping at Rack Room Shoes. Whether it's styles, quality, functionality or comfort she is key to making sure Rack Room Shoes is offering only the best to their customers (you and me!). 

Celebrating Emery!

October 26, 2015

The first year is done! Final. Not happening again. What a crazy thought! I think over the first year of Emery's life I kept having moments of wanting to go back and soak it up more and enjoy and cuddle and smell her sweetness and then I blinked and another milestone went by. Smiling, rolling over, sitting up, standing, crawling... and now we're on the verge of walking. It's crazy how quickly things go by and suddenly your tiny 5 pound newborn is 22 pounds and sassy. I told Andrew last night I'm relieved this first year is done so there's no more pressure of her monthly pictures and the stress of her birthday party but in reality, I'm so happy having done those to share with her when she cares... IF she even cares! ;)

SO let me share her party pictures with you! We had so many helping hands from the decor to the food down to the setup and tear down. What a blessing to have family and friends who are willing to spend the time on us! I had in my mind we would do a whimsy, rustic "woodland" theme but thinking more in depth, Andrew and I wanted this first party to be a reflection of her. It's always been my thing to sing her "twinkle, twinkle little star" when we're rocking together whether that's at nap time or bed time so we felt it would be the perfect fit. I started looking on pinterest for ideas and everyone who did this theme seemed to go with the typical gold and pink... of course. Not really the way I wanted to take it so we went a touch more natural with some glitzy pieces but I think it was a great happy medium between a gold explosion and being in a forest. You feel me?

picture overload... begins now! ;)

I couldn't have pulled this together without Christine of Two Chihuahuas. She and I chatted in depth about how we could make this lovely with just the right items and she custom made her "like a diamond in the sky" & "one" banner to match the invitations I made. She also made all the dangling stars and the adorable star picks for the finger foods and the star accents for her invites. She is an angel! What a help she was with both Drake and Emery's special days!

And sweet, Savanah from Unpolished & Pretty! She custom made Emery's smash cake stand! It was so so so perfect and I can't wait to use it again down the line.

Her flower crown (shown only once... side eye) was from Czarina's Project and it's even more beautiful in person! Something I'll definitely keep for her to use in the future since she wasn't having it for the party.

Lastly, we used FoxPrint to get all the instagram prints done. I used them to fill our Lucy Darling baby book too and love them. You can use code "8P3AJT" for 10% off until November 1!

T H A N K   Y O U   A L L !

serving trays- Bed Bath & Beyond | rustic tier and slab (borrowed) | sequin table cloth (borrowed) | balloons, paper straws and confetti- Petite Party Studio | "1" candle (I glittered it)- Target | cake (I made it) | birthday crown and bow headband- Presh Toast | cupcakes (my gam made) | chalkboards (borrowed)

Upkeep on a Whiter Smile

October 24, 2015

A rare weekend post, I know. But I was in the middle of getting ready this morning and Saturday's are my typical day I spend doing a little upkeep with spray tanning, a face mask, painting my nails and touching up my teeth whitening. I shared back here the product I was using which I still am and love so much! So I wanted to share another coupon code to shop their product so you can also experience the love I am of a brighter smile!

code "AUBREYKIT" to bring your kit to $29!
this is normally $299 so don't miss this smoking deal

And a picture to show the color of my teeth after using this product for about 3 months... coffee drinker & all.

Weekend Wear

October 23, 2015

This weekend is going to be crazy over here! Tonight we're having date night and actually going to my cousin's high school football game that she's cheering at. It's also Senior night for her so we're excited to be part of that fun! Tomorrow, we're attending a parenting event hosted by Dr. Randy Carlson with Andrew's siblings which is going to be such an awesome thing to experience and gain knowledge from- so stoked about that! And Sunday, we're celebrating miss Emery with our closest friends and family! I'm planning to stay comfortable but stylish and this dress (which is about to be steamed! (; ) with some booties, will be perfect!

Hope you have a great one, xo!

Happy Birthday Emery!

October 22, 2015

WHY is this post so hard to write?! I've been so excited for Emery and her special day turning one and I haven't been super emotional about it but sitting down to write this out, I'm feeling all the feels. I think it's the typical thing to say but man, this year went so quickly! I so vividly remember getting to the hospital and the whole labor process and then meeting our sweet girl. It was love at first sight and it's crazy how much my heart grew in that moment. It's even more crazy how much it's grown over the first year!! This little girl is my light and joy- she's made me a momma and it's something I'll cherish forever.

She may not remember this birthday or even her next but I want to make sure she has beautiful pictures to look back on in the years to come. Praise God for blessing us with her presence. She is our everything!

Happy 1st birthday, Emmy!

birthday crown- Presh Toast (tell her Aubrey sent you!)
harper dress- Belle & Rose Boutique | use code "AUBREY20" for 20% off & free shipping!

Chunky Baby Thighs & Socks

October 21, 2015

Can we discuss socks on chunky babies? I can't deal with the cuteness that happens and quite honestly, I feel like buying every pair of socks around to keep the little trend going on my babe! I started looking for shoes for Emery about a month ago and I came across Billy Goat Baby Gear who offers the cutest little box set of socks and shoes... you know I was 100% on board with those! We just got them in the mail and put them on right away- Emery was a little speed demon walking all around the house. They seemed to be super comfy and fit her pudgy feet well so I'm hooked! You can shop them, here!

socks & shoes- Billy Goat Baby Gear (use code 7XV9-Y9UWC3-USMW4M for 10% off!)| sweater- Little Citizens Apparel | headband- Presh Toast