DIY Tissue Garland Tutorial

February 27, 2013

You saw back when I revealed my home office a little snippet of the garland I had done to spice up the chalkboard wall a bit. I promised a little tutorial so here it is!

First of all, I found this project through Lindsey from Pillow Thought and she had a great video showing exactly how to accomplish this garland. Her steps are simple and very easy to follow. See her tutorial here.

I'm showing you the same way Lindsey did hers just with my own pictures and colors that were used for my office.

There you have it! Simple and easy, just like I said. From Lindsey's tutorial you'll see a few different ways to accomplish a tassel garland so go visit and see her options as well!

You can see the garland live in my office, here.

Another Goodbye to Elle

February 26, 2013

Saturday night I laid in bed with so many things going through my mind.

Elle wouldn't leave it.

That sweet baby girl molded so much of who I am today and it was such a blessing be able to build her little life around my love and encouragement. I knew being a nanny I would become attached to the child but I never thought it would be such a sting to my heart 10 months after closing that chapter of my life.

She's going to be a big sister in April and it's something I thought I would be around to experience with her. I thought it would be something I'd be able to show her again, unconditional love and how she could embrace a baby brother.

I've stalled deleting pictures of her on my phone thinking, maybe, if something didn't work out at the church I'd be able to move back into that family and hold her little hand again through another couple years of life. Here I am 10 months later becoming established in a design business and even more deeply rooted to our church home and I've come to realize, I'll never move back into Elle's life.

I haven't seen baby girl since September and I'll be honest, it was a struggle hearing from her mama learning they'd be accepting a son in the spring. I cried many tears thinking how I wanted so badly to be part of this chapter of life for Elle and I cried many more tears learning they've been through a handful of nannies since I left.

I feel it's my fault they've never found a good nanny to replace me. I feel if I had never left, they would be excited about this new baby and content knowing they have a great nanny who loves their baby girl and who will love their little man just as much.

But they aren't. Just last week they asked me if I'd come back because they still haven't found the right fit for them. And it broke my heart.

Saturday night I did it. I deleted all the pictures of her and I off my phone. Tears were streaming and they are now as I write this out but it's time to move on and know God has bigger plans for me and know He is watching over Elle and wrapping His arms around her.

So for one last time, I need to get a few favorites out before everything is also deleted off my computer. Before 742 memories are erased.

All posts for Elle, here.

Snap Shots

February 24, 2013

[cut by me!]
pooch cuteness

how was your weekend?

Friday Freebie!

February 22, 2013

I've found lately when noticing different parts of life that people try so hard to be someone else. Always trying to impress or do something another is doing because they like it. But where's the originality? Where's the sense of yourself?

It's been laid on my heart to really take this blog somewhere deep into the depths of my life, our Kinch life and I want that to be something you yearn to learn more about and yearn to connect with. I've seen all around the blog world giveaways, reviews, free stuff for a little exposure and that's all fine and great but I think it's time to be a little more selective here on this blog and to keep it in moderation. I have hopes that this blog will organically evolve into something inspirational and encouraging. Something that brings people back because they've connected with the authenticity of the content.

So today's freebie is a little reminder to choose yourself today, tomorrow and the next day. Don't shy away from your core, bring out that light and let people see your true colors!

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February 20, 2013

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I know I say this often around here but my husband brings so much joy to my life. He's blessed me beyond words by providing for me and for Drake, by caring and supporting in all ways he can. He has taught me to love life and to live life to the fullest daily. He's shown me integrity and character. He's shown me what hard work means and shown me how to persevere in those times. He's built our home around Christ and His word. He's given up time on himself to spend more time embracing our marriage and working at keeping our relationship growing. 

It's funny how times of a relationship are constantly blooming versus times being in stand still. Life happens giving us the power to really think only of the chaos but in those small moments of solitude you are reminded how sweet the love you have is. You're encouraged to grow deeper and stronger roots through your marriage. We have seasons of growth and times of truly deep connections. It's in those moments I lose myself to the emotions while my heart bursts with so much love for my husband. I know I can't explain it with the justice it deserves but I'm sure many married couples know exactly what I'm referring to. It's an unspoken trust and connection, a small moment of just "getting" each other.

I can't say it enough, Andrew is my best friend and he has a firm grip on my heart.

A Mexico Vacation

February 19, 2013

That video was the only way to start this post. It sums up our weekend pretty accurately since when we vacation to Mexico, our only expectations are a constant buzz, junk food and great music. Of course, I like to document it all and black mail the family who were a littttttle too intoxicated. My thinking is I'm just helping them remember all the festivities. Yes?

Living in Phoenix, we're a short 4 hour drive from Mexico so we tend to visit often. We stay in Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco if you want to get technical. Most of the time we take the trailers and stay at a park there, hauling our toys to ride around town. Some times we will stay in a resort but that's if we prefer a quicker, less relaxing weekend. If you ever have the opportunity to hit up Rocky Point some places you must visit are:

The Fish Market (shopping)
La Curva (best breakfast spot, ever!)
Max's (huge bloody mary's)
Wrecked at the Reef (bar)
JJ's Cantina (bar)
Boo Bar (bar at fish market)
Rodeo Drive (shopping)

Hope you enjoyed the picture overload! 
Can you tell from them, I'm completely in love with my hubby? He's just a charmer and I can't get enough of him. 
Happy Tuesday!