Favorite Oil Swag

April 10, 2018

It's no lie if you following me on social media and the blog, you know oils have become a huge part of our lifestyle and household. I jumped into it for help with chronic pain and a teething baby and a year later, I'm hitting it hard with the business and, quite honestly, doing pretty darn well. I've made goals and hit rank after rank, I've built my team and have people jumping in linking arms with me on their journey to wellness, too. It's rewarding, empowering, and lifechanging.

I get questions all the time on what oil "swag" I love and use regularly outside the Starter Kit and Young Living, so here's a compilation of all those goodies! I also shop for the little roller decals on Etsy, the shop Flair and Festive. I hope this helps you!

Come oil with me and grab your kit, here.

April Mood

April 9, 2018

With April, I'm seeing all the muted, soft tones. Airy and open vibes with touches of neutrals to make things feel warm and inviting. I spent the weekend cleaning out closets, donating and making sure everything we have in our home is being utilized. It felt good. It also makes me want to check off details on the house that are pending. Light fixtures, kitchen backsplash, a better office layout for Andrew and I... you know. The never ending house list.

What's on your list for Spring/Summer? I do realize even when the current list is complete, it'll still grow. It truly is never ending. ;)

Blast From the Past

April 6, 2018

Happy Friday! My cousin tagged me on Facebook with these pictures the other day and they've been on my mind since then. I have the best childhood memories with my brother and cousins and it's just exciting for me knowing I'm giving that to my kids, too. They have siblings and cousins to grow up with and it's so much fun watching them build their little friendships and bonds

I'll leave these here for you today but maybe pull out some of your old photo albums and take a trip down memory lane this weekend? It could be a good excuse to clean out some closets and get started on that Spring cleaning, too.