An Office Update

October 29, 2019

My husband is the sweetest. A couple weeks ago when I was looking at wallpapers for our office he made the comment that I'm the one in there the most and I should decorate and choose as I please. We share this space and while he is in here, it's not a ton so when he said that, I was pumped to be able to get exactly what I envisioned!

I love working. My job is the greatest and being able to have the designated space and a space I like to be in is even better. We had a custom desk built from our friend Mike at Dec1Designs and it anchors the whole wall so I went with the Vintage Peonies Wallpaper from Anewall. I was torn between this and this lighter wallpaper, but because we've not done a dark, bold wall, I went with it!

Our wall was a custom size so they made the mural to our dimensions and it shipped right away. They have three different options of finish you can choose from - traditional wallpaper, pre-pasted wallpaper and self-adhering vinyl. We went with the latter because we've used vinyl on our textured walls before and had good experiences with it. It's not recommended to use their products on textured walls but rather smooth surfaces as the texture can create air bubbles that expand. That said, you know I went with it regardless - best judgment here, friends!

I am linking as much as I can above and as we get things finished up in the whole room, I'll be back and sharing again! I need to shop and style a shelving unit, D1D is making a console table and oversized cork board for me and then a rug to top it off!

Happy Tuesday, friends.

Family Pictures 2019

That's a wrap!! We took our family pictures early this year to be able to check it off the list and it was a relief getting them all back to sort through and pick our Christmas card. You might have seen the debate here and I'm happy to say, they've been ordered and delivered and I'll share our final selection very soon!

Our photographer, Jenna, worked with Andrew at Discount Direct before he left and she's been our go-to for a few years now. The kids love her, she has such an eye and does amazing work with our natural, AZ desert! Plus, her galley she sends always has a slew of images so I have plenty to choose from. Girl knows I like options!

While Emery and Hollyn's dresses are both past seasons, I've linked below my dress, the guy's tops and some fun options for you planning for this holiday session and getting updated photos. Also, check out this post for some tips on coordinating for pictures!

Picking a Christmas Card

October 16, 2019

use code CHEER19 thru Monday, October 21 for 10% off your holiday order with Minted!

We got our pictures back from our photographer for our 2019 family session which means it's time to pick our Christmas cards! I always have the hardest time deciding and one year I even picked a few and then everyone got a different card in the mail. That was actually really fun and cool seeing different ones at friends and family houses during the holiday season.

This time, I have 9 favorites and am sitting on it about a week before I finally pick. If this was your card, which would you pick to send? The back we normally add a whole block of a yearly update but Minted has templates to add even more pictures, a cute pattern to match or something to tailor for you and your desires. We use them every year and love the variety they provide.

I'll be back later in the week to share our family pictures in a photo dump and some tips for shooting family photos. In the meantime, here is a post from last year with some tips that may be helpful as you plan your next session!

Happy Wednesday, friends.

Pumpkin Patch

October 14, 2019

Friday we went up north for the afternoon and did the pumpkin patch. Would you believe me if I told you we've never done this before? This is actually our first year doing this and while it always seems so daunting in my mind - we had a great time! It was the kids and I with some friends so daddy missed out while he was working this time but I know it will be part of our annual Fall Festivities each year to come. We have our Fall Bucket List from this post printed and we can finally check this off the list! Woohoo!!

We also celebrated Drake's 14th birthday this weekend and that just makes me feel so old. We will have an 18 year old in 4 years and that seems so close to now. He is such a special boy and someone I hold so dear to my heart. I couldn't be more proud of this son of mine.

Today we're making these pumpkin bars while my nephew is here playing and we did cinnamon rolls yesterday for Drake's birthday request. Check them out for some fun baking for your home!! Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

sweatshirt - The Ever Co | leggings - Lululemon Align (I wear size 8 in these) | sneaks - Nordstrom | hat - Nordstrom | sunglasses - Amazon