I ' M   A U B R E Y !

A 30-something year old living in the AZ desert with my husband, Andrew and three kids- Drake (18), Emery (9) and Hollyn (7). We share life behind the scenes, homeschooling, wellness, home decor and some of my favorite style picks. We vow to be vulnerable and share the high and lows of it all through parenthood, owning our own business, shepherding a teen and littles while keeping Jesus the center of it all.

I started my blog in 2011, a year after my husband and I got married as a simple place to store my thoughts and chronicles of married life. We didn't have a stitch of social media then so it was our capsule of all things life to share with family and friends and keep them updated. It slowly turned into a space where we came to glorify Jesus while doing life daily.

I don't claim to know it all (or even a little!) but I hope to leave you all feeling encouraged, seen, valued and inspired in some way. Thanks for being here!