Another Maxi

April 29, 2014

dress | Crystal Feather Boutique, tote | Sammydress, bracelet | Forever 21

Can we talk about this poof?! I mean this hasn't happened where it actually sticks in about 6 years and it only did then because I was a dancer and the poof happened on the daily. I did go much blonder recently, much to my husband's liking so maybe that's why it's working with me again.... and I chopped 5 inches off! 
*insert shocked monkey face emoti here*

On a different note, I'm wearing a maxi again, a day after I said I was trying not to and I have to say it's because it's already deathly hot in PHX and I about melted away when I walked outside in jeans today. I had to change or I would've died. Can we all agree on this? This number came from Crystal Feather Boutique though and they're offering you babes 20% off with code "KINCHBLOG" that's valid for 3 days only so get to shopping, ladies!

I'll see you back Thursday with a lovely post about my not so lovely pregnancy acne... blah!

Spring Florals

April 28, 2014

tee | Old Navy, kimono | Kiki La' Rue, jeans (similar) | AE, sandals (similar) | Target, clutch (similar)| Marshalls, sunnies (similar)| Old Navy, watch | Fossil, bracelet | Alex & Ani, necklace | Miaearrings, lipstick | MAC Snob

I am so pumped on all the feedback I've received today on the new site! From texts and tweets to emails and comments, I'm blown away by the love and appreciation for my work and my move to grow with my brand! Clearly it's more me in the name, what else would be, but I'm also loving the simplified layout and clear imagery now taking front and center. I'll be tweaking here and there until I'm content but again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Today I also bring you the third installment with Kiki La' Rue on our maternity collaboration and I'm loving this kimono from their shop! They are all the rage currently and I have 2 black floral print numbers but this cream option has been perfect for grabbing this spring. I also snatched up these sandals yesterday at Target and knew they'd be the perfect combo with this kimono for a laid back day of errands and a Starbuck trip with Maximus and I'm thoroughly pleased with the way this outfit came together. I have to be honest, I'm really attempting to steer clear of dresses as much as possible in pregnancy right now knowing they'll be the only thing I'll survive in during a 120 degree PHX, AZ summer so I've been creative with jeans. These are the only one that will fit over my toosh and the hair tie trick is my jam right now... ;)

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April 27, 2014

Well here she is, after a long weekend of creating, coding and planning to get this baby up, she's here and shining, bright and new. As I said, the name is clearly cliche but it's something I can grow with over time and isn't too juvenile as The Kinch Life was becoming. I so appreciate all those who have followed along the journey over the last 4 years and look forward to inviting many more to this space of the internet!

Take a look around and let me know what you think; I have to say my favorite thing is the gorgeous slideshow above! Happy Monday! xx


April 25, 2014

Happy Friday, friends! I wanted to pop in quickly and share I'll be working on re-branding and launching the blog and design studio this weekend so things may look a bit off. There's a new name (nothing very exciting) and an even more simplified look. I'm in an effort to spring clean if you will and organize my life because of all the sudden I realized a baby will be joining in the blink of an eye and that terrified me for a minute, just to be honest. So I'll be back Monday with a new post, new look and new name! Can't wait to share- have a safe weekend and someone please drink alcohol for me!

Little Man Style

April 23, 2014

The day we found out we were pregnant I was already planning different ways to tell our families and Drake, I mean who doesn't think about that right away? We happened to find out the day before Drake went home to his mama house for the week so we decided to wait until the following week when we picked him up which gave me some time to order something cute to tell him. Enter my obnoxious Etsy shop searching for cute but studly T Drake could and would want to wear after it was gifted. 

I came across Revolution 46 and was loving their adorable Captain America styled Big Brother shirt. It kind of screamed Drake so I had to order right away! After chatting back and forth with the company I was quickly hooked on some other T's for Drake because they're simple, great quality and Drake about died over the ninja and they custom made the mustache shirt so they clearly had to happen! They're being so generous and offering 25% off purchases through May 31st using code KINCHLIFE25!

Also, isn't the little video of the babe so precious?!
When he says "FINALLY" I die.

Coral Crush

April 22, 2014

dress (sold out but enter your email for a notification when it's back in stock!) | Riffraff, jacket | Forever 21, wedges | Riffraff, necklaces (use code KINCH20 for 20% off your order) | Miaearrings, watch | Fossil, bracelet | Alex & Ani, earrings | Kate Spade, ring | Kate Spade

I have to be honest when I say that I've had a pretty miserable pregnancy so far and the whole idea of getting ready and dolled up is not appealing in the slightest since I've been throwing up all day, everyday. I resorted to a favorite boutique of mine, Riffraff and saw they just released this new maxi dress and I figure this has to be comfortable and stylish so why not opt for that and hope for days of getting ready not being so dreaded anymore. Well it worked, it's just a normal Tuesday over here where I'd usually be in my pajamas all day but I've showered, put my face on and even managed to dress this whole ensemble up a touch more with some wedges. That's progress, friends!

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Statement Necklace

April 21, 2014

dress | Kiki La' Rue, blazer | H&M, sandals | Target, necklace | Shop Bangled, sunnies | Ray Ban, watch | Fossil

Happy Monday! We are showing the second installment of the maternity collaboration I'm working on with Kiki La' Rue and I'm very excited to share! You can catch up here if you're unsure what I'm talking about! 

Today it is all about adding a statement piece while being comfortable. You probably think I'd never do this and you're right because it's very out of my comfort zone but when I pulled out my new Kiki La' Rue piko tunic, I thought I could totally jazz this up without being too overdone. I wore this to my 12 week ultrasound last week and it was total comfort while feeling stylish so I know I'll have to add a few more of the La' Rue Essential Tops to my closet very soon! I also have been grabbing this white blazer a few times a week because I feel like it's so springy and can dress up any outfit with just the right touch- what do you think?

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Current Loves

April 16, 2014

I have been loving all sorts of beauty products lately and wanted to share my favorites for spring and what I'm thinking I'll be using all through summer. I've also been working with Studio Mucci on a custom collaboration for their tassel garlands which will be shared soon but doesn't their Silver Sand one look gorgeous on this board? It's my favorite and is hanging in our master bedroom!

Since being pregnant I've had the worst dry skin and it's been a challenge finding the right foundation to compliment my new skin type so I recently reverted back to my Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation to see if it fit the bill and it's been a dream. The coverage is spot on for it warming up and the moisture it provides leaves my face polished without peeling throughout the day. So happy I started using it again and a plus is the SPF factor it offers!

I'm usually an Urban Decay obsessed chick but saw this amazing Bobbi Brown Sequin Shimmer Brick a couple months back on Pinterest and knew I had to have it. I am so excited for it to arrive (ordered it last week) and I think the blush and warmer tones are going to be fabulous. The current colors I've been wearing are cooler so I'm excited to bring in those golden, cream shades again!

Lastly, we all know I'm a huge nude lip fan and for a while there, it's all I wore. I did venture out of my comfort zone the majority of winter and wore warmer, deeper shades but as it's warmed up I'm finding myself constantly reaching for my nude lip again. By far my favorite is MAC Myth but you can see my other favorites, here from when I posted on instagram!

What are some of your favorite beauty finds right now?
I'm always up for attempting new things so do tell!

Cobalt Ruffles

April 14, 2014

dress | Kiki La' Rue, wedges | Kiki La' Rue, tote | Sammydress, watch | Fossil, bracelets | Alex & Ani, necklace | Miaearrings, earrings & ring | Kate Spade

I am SO excited to be kicking off the new collaboration I'm doing with Kiki La' Rue today! If you haven't heard about it already on instagram, then let me explain. They are being amazingly generous and fabulous by dressing me and this bump for the entire pregnancy of mine. Once a week you'll see them featured here on the blog and I'll make sure to be tagging them on instagram as well when I'm wearing any of their goodies because they are ROCKING it right now with inventory so I know you'll all love it. Also, these wedges are beyond comfortable. I was hesitant snagging them because I haven't been wearing a thing but flats lately but to my surprise, I held up all Sunday in them. That's a good shoe in my book!

So tell me friends, are you wanting to see anything particular out of this maternity collaboration? Shorts, dresses, tops?? ... what's your favorite and I'll do my best to accommodate those pregnant mommies who need some inspiration in the outfit and style department. It will be fun and the best part is Kiki La' Rue is so budget friendly so you won't break the bank getting a temporary wardrobe for your growing belly. Another #WIN if you ask me!

My Instagram Favorites

April 10, 2014

So it's no lie how much I love instagram and the community of it all while sharing bits and pieces of our lives. It's been so fun for me to find accounts that are uplifting and inspiring whether their family based or simply another blogger. I've also found a handful I love for all the amazing images they bring and the feed is too die for so I feel it's only right to share those with you all! Enjoy these beauties and don't forget you can follow me here: @aubreykinch

Pop Goes Baby

April 7, 2014

dress | Kiki La'Rue, sandals | Old Navy, sunnies | Ray ban

Well, Baby Kinch has popped! I seriously still debate there are twins in there and the doctor missed something because after starting to show at 6 weeks and only growing more rapidly, I feel like this is huge for being 11 weeks. It's most likely due to the layer of "fluff" prior to pregnancy that's now being pushed out but whatever- this body is changing and it's been crazy trying to adjust to all of it in the last couple months.

On another note, I got my new order of Laced Hair Extensions (I'm wearing these) last week and had them blended and chose to go a touch shorter this time around. I am loving the look and feel very Kristin Cavallari with this style. I think it'll be perfect for the next chapter of life. What do you think?

Little Cream Dress

April 3, 2014

dress | Riffraff, booties | Target, watch | Fossil, bracelets | Alex & Ani, ring | Kate Spade

We all know I'm a sucker for neutrals so when I found this little cream dress on Riffraff's site, I knew I had to have it! It's a the perfect mix of a light knit and sheer touch so I'm not sweating my butt off wearing it in PHX but it's still wearable throughout fall with some leggings and boots. I'm thinking it might be a staple piece this spring with my ever growing preggo belly... I mean if I'm being honest, any dress that gives a little will be a staple being pregnant in the dead hot of summer. Yes?