Being Intentional

February 22, 2018

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It's been a slow progression to learning more about myself as I've developed into a mom and evolved over those years. I'm finding doing things outside our home keeps things fresh and everyone in a better mood. I also know I'm introverted and don't like making the initiative to get out of our house or would happily bail on plans if the other party is feeling ehhh about them, too.

Not great traits to carry through life.

We live in a neighborhood filled with mamas and kiddos that are right around the same age as my kids. I've also had such an amazing opportunity meeting other like-minded, awesome women and moms through social media, all in our area! I was connected with West Valley Moms and now with Barre3 North Peoria and there's a whole niche of people who run the same circle. It's kind of amazing.

My goal this season of life is to step out of my comfort zone, meet those mamas for lunches, play dates, workouts and dance class. Be intentional with the time I have with the kids when our nanny isn't with them and make memories they'll cherish. I have vivid memories when my mom would babysit and we had the same routine of park trips with all the kids, summers running through the sprinklers, gym at the YMCA and t-ball practice on the weekends with all our neighborhood friends.

I want to be that mom who creates those awesome standards for my kids.

Hollyn Grace | 15 Months

February 20, 2018

After 12 months, it's hard to keep up with how old your kiddo is. I'm not the mom who says my little one is 34 months or 57 weeks. It was hard enough doing a monthly picture during the first year of Hollyn's life but I had to make that happen - mostly for her sake so she didn't feel inferior to Emery who has a 12 month timeline. Did you mamas do that for both your kiddos?

She's now 15 months old and has such a fun personality!


  • She started walking! It took her about a month from the time of taking steps to making walking her mode of transportation. She chose to crawl a lot more than walk for a while because she was able to keep up with Emery and Drake. It's real darn cute seeing those little legs waddle around every where now!

  • Sleep? That's a good joke! She's still up throughout the night at least once, if not twice. I do blame me for this. I suck at being consistent with her because I love my sleep. It's easier for me to snag a bottle at 2am and she passes right back out versus me fighting her for 2 hours to fall back asleep without a crutch. This is 100% me, and maybe I'll wean her eventually.

  • Speaking of bottle, yep, she still uses one. I can see you all silently judging me! But really, she's my baby and what baby wants, baby gets. No? ;)

  • Another crutch that should've been weaned a while back or not given to her at all? Pacifier. She's a wubbanub hoarder and has 3-5 in her hands at all times. It's freaking cute. I can't seem to take them away from her. She even sees one from across the room, bolts for it and literally throws her body on top of it giggling. I CAN'T EVEN.

  • She's still my tiny girl and finally upgraded to 9-12 months clothing. What a difference with her from Emery who was in 18-24 month clothes at this age. I have one girl who's tall and mighty and one who's petite and calm. The perfect kind of balance, though!

  • We did find she has eczema, just like me, so we've been swapping out some clothes to soft, cozy ones to help her throughout the night with scratching. Poor girl just itches and itches those little thighs, again, just like me, and it breaks my heart when she's in pain. We are progressively getting Clover Baby and Kids for jammies because they're so delicate on her sensitive skin. I also made an ointment for her with our essential oils and it's helped immensely! Shameless plug, I reached out to the awesome team at Clover Baby and Kids about their jammies and their customer support was incredible! We decided to team up for a giveaway very soon - be on the lookout!

You may not care about this little update, but I'm trying hard to get back to my roots with blogging and keeping it for documenting sake for our family with milestones, updates, and a way to remember all about our babies!

Happy Tuesday.

Creating a Happy Home

February 19, 2018

Let's go back to November 2016. Hollyn was born early November and I felt like we were in the swing of things quickly and seamlessly. Andrew went to Colorado when she was a few days old to celebrate his Grandpa's birthday, I was at church within 4 days and we were out running errands, living life as our family of 5.

Fast forward to February time frame. I was working more often than I have before, still trying to get adequate sleep, while maintaining a solid marriage, social life, and commitment to our church family. I began feeling stretched thin and run down. I was having more rough days than good days and it was something I wasn't totally aware of.

April comes along and it clicked to me. Everything was moving in slow motion. I was tired, fatigued, not wanting to do anything or motivated to make changes. I was crying alone, not talking about my stress, anxiety or uncertainty of my mood. May is when I decided to reach out to my doctor. I started an antidepressant dosage, Zoloft, and started to see a positive light.

I'm not one who likes to be dependent on medication. While I fully believe it's something that really only masks a problem or causes more side effects, it was helping so I felt like I didn't have another avenue. So time went on, I was feeding my body a prescription daily to help feel better and that's that.

Come July, we were moving again (because that's what we do! lol) and while I've been a Young Living member for a handful of months to help combat Andrew's nerve pain and support achy gums for Hollyn with teething, I wasn't using my kit outside of things I already knew. The team I had joined offered a lot of resources through Facebook groups so I started reading. All things hormonal, all things lady related, and all things I could do to help combat PPD naturally.

I ordered a handful of oils outside of the starter kit and I saw changes happen... and quickly. It's like a switch was flipped and I saw a light. While I knew the oils worked because it was helping immensely with Andrew and with our kids, I wasn't a product of the product. I wasn't using them to their full potential. But I started to and changes were made and our home is almost completely chemical free now.

Chemical FREE.

Talk about empowering. Natural deodorant, non-toxic household cleaners, laundry detergent that isn't laced with synthetic fragrances or candles full of junk. None of it.

It's a freeing feeling watching my kids fill their diffusers each night to support restful sleep. I love seeing my son grab for an oil and apply it daily for immune support. It's awesome watching my husband's hand feel better through applying oils, and personally, helping me find happiness outside of a pill and regulating my cycle.


These were our big changes of 2017 and while it's a project we're working on throughout 2018, as well, I want to invite you to make those changes. I want to walk alongside you getting your home free of toxins only doing harm. It really hit home to me when my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. Did you know a leading cause for breast cancer is from aluminum which is found in deodorant? Or better yet, have you heard of the app Think Dirty? Download it and scan your products you use daily, then come talk to me.

Rose Gold Hair Color - Yes or No?

February 14, 2018

Do you guys follow Kristin Ess on instagram? If you don't, you should. I love her style, personality, talent, and how she shares on her feed. It's all so lovely! She started sharing her expanding her current line which is exclusively sold at Target and I saw within that collection, was a Rose Gold temporary hair color. You spray it on and it will give you a subtle rose gold tone that last 2-4 washes.

I'm have an issue with committing to color. I don't like it. I'm a neutral person but this intrigued me because it wasn't a huge commitment. I could manage a week or 2 of this (because I don't wash my hair every day) so I went for it.

Guys. So much fun!

It was just the right amount of color to pop and make it fun, it lasted about 10 days for me with my washing cycle, and it was really easy to style with my outfits and what I normally wear. Win win win.

What's your vote? Would you do this for a little change? I also love this collection because she added a purple shampoo for us blondes to the bunch and it's incredible. Keeps me from looking yellow and brassy - shampoo HERE and conditioner HERE!

Your Words Are Powerful

February 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday! It's a rainy day in PHX today so after running some errands this morning and getting the house picked up, Emmy and I are snuggling in for a movie and popcorn while Hollyn naps.

Recently I've been receiving negative comment after negative comment and it's really bringing a new light to how the social world has evolved. I'm feeling so much like people are hiding behind a screen sharing what they think should be voiced when in reality, it's not serving anyone. It's blatantly degrading, negative, and is only hurting someone when spoken.

What's the point of that?

Why would be model that and show our kids that's okay?

Have you ever thought about it in that light? Never do I want my kids seeing me speaking down to someone as if they are inferior, or unworthy. Everyone is a Child of God. He spoke life into this world, He spoke this world into motion and we are all here to serve and better His Kingdom. I'm not here to make someone else feel unloved, unwanted, insecure, unworthy... etc. I'm here to show them they're valued, honored, needed, and there's no one else in this entire world like them.


That is powerful. It should make you as a person feel empowered!

I want to encourage you all today and the rest of this week to spend time thinking about it in that light. If you come across something negative, speak kindness over it or that person if it's someone doing something negative. It could be anything - something as simple as "You are worthy", "You are valuable", "God chose you"... whatever.

Would you do that with me?

3 Ideas for Valentine's Day

February 9, 2018

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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and while we don't typically celebrate as a couple in our home, it's still nice to acknowledge the day a bit. I say we don't celebrate because we both feel it's overly Hallmark but instead of making it a special day with chocolates and flowers, we're mixing it up!

Here are three things Andrew and I brainstormed and thought would be fun to do as a couple without being so set on the idea of all things love and overly priced teddy bears. ;)

Head to a resort in town or a lodge to take a night off from being parents - if you are parents - to focus on each other. The hustle and bustle of kiddos can take it out of you and create so much of a routine it's not always the forefront of our minds to invest in our marriage and intimacy. Take a break! Have some wine and yummy food and rekindle that romance while building and growing your marriage.

Go together to have a spa day. Pack up a bag with some books and magazines, your favorite slippers and a robe and spend an afternoon doing massages together, a facial or pedicure while your man gets a straight edge shave and hair cut. Something to pamper yourselves but do it together!

Go visit a place that brings back early memories of your relationship. Andrew proposed at a park by our first home and it's a great one to take the family. It has a dog park attached, a pond to feed the ducks, a huge playgrounds, tables for eating, and a library right next to it. Load up your bags with all the gear for a picnic, pack up some frisbees and a football and take the whole family. While you're at it, tell the kids about why it's a special place to you and your spouse. Teach them all about simple things and how you can invest from day one throughout your whole lifetime together.

February Mood

February 6, 2018

I'm slow to blogging lately and it's because my time and efforts are being focused on other areas the last... year? Oops! It's really just been a a busy season of life since Hollyn arrived. Although it's been easy and seamless, I've found myself committed to more, working more, investing more...etc.

So the random pop in's will have to do.

February is a month of all things love. While I personally think it's a complete Hallmark Holiday, it doesn't keep me from all the pink, flowers, girly makeup and sweet sentiments. Andrew and I have the understanding not to celebrate and it's been that way since we were married but since the girls joined the family, it's always fun to pull out the glitter and paints and make some Valetine's Day cards to send in the mail to all the family.

Who wouldn't want to get struck by cupid from those cute little girls?! ;)